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Yes, Kiran, yes he is. 

At least show more emotion about it.

(I saw these on the opening screen, Alfonse, what is this, child, you look fabulous ///>.<///

Am I the only one who noticed this or?…) 

Also look at that Pretzel can draw but not really

You know what really gets me about Kings Rising though?

It’s how the first half of the book, you see that shift in Damen. Not just the ‘I am now the King’ shift but you see him so much more muted. and at one point you realize it’s because he’s sad. He’s mourning whatever he had with Laurent. THEN you have them do the bickering thing which is worse because now it FEELS like a break up. But then Laurent gets drunk and he says ‘I miss you’ and than suddenly it SHIFTS. 






The Infernal Devices- first and last lines

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hi, no. 24 with jinyoung asdfghjkl thank you very much!


Wedding Night


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Hope you like it! Please request from the drabble list! Remember to tell which list and what numbers thanks! 


It was your wedding night, and you don’t know whether to feel horrified or excited about the events that are bound to take place on this night.

You step into your room, dressed in a simple white dress, and your eyes are immediately drawn to the figure sitting on the edge of the king-sized bed in the middle of the room. Jinyoung looks up at the sound of the door opening, and a dark, mysterious look immediately crawled upon his features, sending an involuntary shiver down your spine.

He stands up, slowly sliding the black blazer off of his shoulders, tossing it to a random corner of the room, making his way towards you in the process like a stalking animal looking for its prey.

His eyes were almost predatory as he drank in your appearance, but the hands that slid around your waist were gentle, almost tentative, and you smiled inwardly. He was still the loving, caring boy that you fell in love with.

Leading you towards the bed, Jinyoung’s fingers danced against the material of your dress at your waist, a nervous habit of his, and his eyes sent a silent question.

With small nervous smile on your face, you reached behind you, and ever so slowly undid the zipper at the back, letting the dress fall naturally away from your body, a blush rising to your cheeks at the feeling of being so exposed.

A hand came up to cup the side of your face, and you let Jinyoung lead you into a slow, passionate kiss. The two of you fell onto the bed, his hands instantly reaching for your waist.

Soon you both were naked, your bodies pressed against one another, Jinyoung’s arms beside your head as he eased a finger into you, your head thrown back as you gasped at the touch.

Slowly he thrusted his finger in, kissing and sucking up the side of your neck, and when he heard your moans grow louder, he eased a second finger into you, curling his fingers.

You bucked up into his touch, trying to get to your release but he pulled his fingers out, sucking them clean, knowing that you were ready.

You sent him a nervous nod as a signal for him to push himself into you. As you did, you cried as the pain stung through your lower area and through your whole body.

His thrusts were slow and gentle, passionate as he made love to you, his member reaching your sweet spot each time. His hand traveled down your neck and onto your chest, massaging your breasts gently and softly as his hips moved against you. He thumbed your sensitive nipple bud lightly, making shivers and goosebumps go up and down your spine. You couldn’t help but moan a little louder from the pleasure.

Your fingers clawed into Jinyoung’s back, holding yourself onto him as his thrusts quickened. You held in your moans as hard and quietly as you could, feeling the hairs on your body raise up as you were close to reaching your orgasm.

‘Jinyoung .. I’m close!’ You whimpered into his shoulder as he just kissed you lovingly, saying upon them, ‘Let go baby …’

He thrusted into you a little faster, your back arching as your orgasm took over your whole body, your fingers scratching down his back harshly. You held on to him for dear life, your bodies so close and wrapped around each other.

You both lay there in silence, both trying to catch your breath. Jinyoung’s head laid upon the crook of your neck before leaning up and capturing your lips, you moaning softly as he did.

He chuckled, pushing your hair back and out of your face, ‘I love you so much Mrs Park …’

You giggled softly as he pulled you into his arms, nuzzling your face into his neck, kissing it, ‘I love you to Mr. Park.’

hq DANCE AUS??KAGEYAMA HAS HIS OWN STYLE LIKE ANON SAID ANd he’s a dance prodigy an all, and he does the choreography too. he’s so good that suga lets him choreograph for Karasuno even though suga is more experienced. at first it’s terrible and kageyama is really bad with communicating (he used to have a dictatorship over kitagawa; now his confidence is shaken but he’s trying to work with karasuno.) then he and hinata have this connection, together they’re amazing. Thanks to this the team clicks because Hinata is the only one who can understand kageyamas style and his terrible communication, and so they bring the team together (even though they have to explain dance moves not only with motion but with words like “whoosh” “bam”)


The style of the dances the create together are explosive and powerful but give every team member a time to shine (their own solos are met with great appreciation). After being in disarray, their dance team is finally ready to face the others in the national competitions. 

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Hi! Could I request a scenario where Mark makes a surprise visit on Christmas evening? You guys haven't seen each other in a while. Lots of fluff please? :D

“Merry Christmas!” You and all of your friends and family cheered as you celebrated Christmas in your tiny apartment this year. It was kind of weird seeing your friends talking to your aunts and uncles, but you got used to it after a while. (Although you weren’t so sure about your aunt giving you friend, Jackson, that look.) However, you were a bit disappointed that Mark wasn’t going to spend Christmas with you.

Of course, you were happy that he was going back to America to spend time with his family, but, of course, you were going to miss him like crazy. You figured it would be best not to get too worked up about it because he wouldn’t have wanted that. It’s been a while since you two have spent time together though because of his busy schedule.  The last time you were able to see him was about three weeks ago when you dropped him off at the airport.


As the night progressed, most of your relatives began to leave and more of your friends started entering. Soon thereafter, all of your relatives left, and you were surrounded by your friends. Now was when the fun began.

“Alright!” Jinyoung clapped his hands together. “Now it’s time for our secret santa gift exchange!” Everyone cheered as they put their presents in the middle and sat around the pile in a circle. “Alright, who wants to go first?”

“Oh! Me! Me!” Bam Bam said raising his hand and waving it at Jinyoung. Jinyoung nodded at the Thai prince to go. Bam Bam cheered as he pulled out a small cubic box. “I was the secret santa for— Jaebum hyung!”

Everyone cheered as Jaebum smiled and patted Bam Bam on the shoulder as he reached over the circle to get Bam Bam’s small gift. Jaebum quickly unwrapped it and practically died from laughter after opening the box. Jinyoung ran over to see what Bam Bam gave and also fell to the floor from laughter.

Jinyoung, still recovering from his laughter, pulled the box from Jaebum and flipped it upside down, revealing thousand of Bam Bam polaroids he took of himself with drawn hearts all over them to Jaebum. Everyone looked at Bam Bam who smiled and shrugged.

“Alright, alright, my turn,” Jaebum said trying to calm himself down. He stood up and walked over to the foyer. Everyone was curious as to what Jaebum’s gift would be. The room was filled with loud gasps and eager yelling as he carried over a TV-sized box back to the living room. He placed it down and leaned on it. “Jackson-ah, take your gift.”

Jackson’s eyes lit up and he tackled Jaebum with a huge hug to the ground. He excitingly knelt in front of the box like an excited puppy. “Hyung, you shouldn’t have!” He tore the paper and opened the box and was surprised to find another box. He removed the smaller box and place it in his lap. Jaebum hid behind Jinyoung as Jackson found yet another box. This box was small and light, making Jackson glare around for Jaebum. As Jackson opened the last box he fell onto his back and tried to contain his laughter.

Everyone peaked over to see what was in the box and all looked at Jaebum who was dying behind Jinyoung. “Merry Christmas, Jackson-ah!”

“Hyung, I can’t believe you got me underwear!” Jackson cried out, unable to hold himself anymore. The room was filled with laughter once more.

You were enjoying your time with your friends, but you couldn’t help think that it would have been better with Mark here.

“Alright, alright, my turn!” Jackson said, wiping a tear from his eye. “Unlike the last presents,” he began to say as he glared at Bam Bam and Jaebum, “mine’s an actual present that I’m sure my receiver will love.”

Jackson stared straight at you and raised his eyebrows at you. “Wait, me?” you asked as you pointed to yourself. Jackson nodded as he got a blindfold from his pocket and walked over to you.

“I’m not going to do anything stupid, don’t worry!” Jackson smiled as you finally gave him permission to tie the blindfold around you. “My present’s so big that you need your eyes to be fully covered. Oh, could you also cover your ears? The sounds might give it away too.”

A bit worried and a bit anxious, you covered your ears as you awaited your gift. “Yah, Jackson, this better not be one of your lame gifts like I got last year.” You heard gasps around you, but no snickering. You assumed he got you an actually nice gift.

Suddenly, your blindfold came off, and you covered your mouth in amazement as your eyes began to water up.

“I hope I’m better than the lame gifts you got from Jackson-ah last year,” Mark snickered as he sat right in front of you. You automatically jumped forward into your boyfriend’s arms as everyone began to ‘awwww’ at the sight.

You pulled back to hold his cold cheeks. “I thought you would be in Cali until January!”

“I thought so too! But Jackson called my dad and planned a flight back so I can make it in time to be your present,” Mark smiled as he showed you the gift bow on top of his winter hat.

You quickly pecked his cheek as you showed an extremely pleased smile at Jackson. “Jackson— I don’t know what to say—”

“You could say, ‘Jackson, you’re the best!’” Jackson began as Jinyoung lightly hit his shoulder. Jackson laughed. “Nah, it was nothing. I just knew Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our Dimsum hyung.”

Mark swatted at Jackson as you laughed at the situation. “I’m glad I was able to spend time with my family away from home,” Mark sighed.

“Um— I hate to be the one to break this reunited love thing, but that chocolate fountain is calling my name and I would like to keep this Secret Santa thing going,” Youngjae coughed as everyone laughed.

For the rest of the night, you stayed close to Mark as he updated you on his family and all the adventure he had with everyone back in L.A. He might have been away from quite some time, but you were more than thankful that you were able to spend your favourite holiday with one of your favourite people.