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Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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“Green are the leaves I leave in Mirkwood.”

Fred Armisen met Prince when he played on the show (SNL). Earlier in the evening, when Armisen had asked Prince if he was okay with the impression, Prince had rubbed his arm and said, “It’s cool.” Then later that night, Prince held a private after-party.

“It was really not fancy,” said Armisen. “Just a buffet and a D.J. He was sitting alone at a table and eating macaroni and cheese, and I went up to him and sort of was like, “I think you’re the greatest.” And I did it in the way that people say things when they want to hear a compliment back. And he turns to me and goes, “You know what else is the greatest? This macaroni and cheese.”

- Fred Armisen, Vulture (2011)