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Alan Rickman and his Co - Stars

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (”The January Man”, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”), Juliet Stevenson (“Truly, Madly, Deeply”, “The Search for John Gissing”), Sigourney Weaver (”Galaxy Quest”, “Snow Cake”), Emma Thompson (”Love Actually”, “The Song of Lunch”), Kate Winslet  (“Sense and Sensibility”, “A little Chaos”)

Diamond in the Rough|| Closed with @alexxanderhxmilton

Ten million rubbles was a lot of money. A lot could be done with that kind of money. Of course, you couldn’t just get that much money for nothing. It was a reward, offered to anyone who could find the missing prince, Alexander. John, Hercules, and Gilbert were all sure the poor prince had most likely met the same fate as his father, the tsar, and the rest of his family. But that didn’t stop them. John had seen the prince once, a long time ago, and was sure they could find a lookalike to pass off as the real prince. And so they looked, for a very long time. No one had ever quite looked right for the job, and the men were starting to give up hope. But then one day Hercules caught sight of a guy who had somehow found his way into their hideout-a guy who looked exactly like the prince.

Gilbert and John agreed that he was the perfect lookalike, and Gilbert made his way over to him. “How did you get in here? Is there someone you’re looking for?”