prince :(

Looks like someone is trying to steal your partner Keith, what will you do?

Familiar Enemy takes place in a witch academy where young witches are sorted with their familiars. Lance is suppose to be the next great sea witch, but gets sorted with Keith (a flame demon) instead of a traditional siren. They both have to deal with this odd sorting and learn to fight as a team or fall apart.

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How to get me in little space:

🌸 Play with my hair

🌸 Pile me up with blankets

🌸 Dress me up 👗 

🌸 Spray your cologne/ perfume (or my favorite scent) on my pillow

🌸 Talk about something you genuinely enjoy

🌸 Watch a cute movie with me

🌸 Dom voice 😳😳

🌸 Hold my hand

🌸 Sing a song 🎶🎤

🌸 Tell jokes

🌸Give me pet names

🌸 Tell me about yourself

🌸 Give me a task to complete

🌸 Take me out

🌸 Do each other’s hobbies together

🌸 Help me name my stuffies 🐻

🌸 Talk to my stuffies 

🌸 Buckle my seat belt

🌸 (Bubble) baths! 

🌸 Get me my favorite snacks

🌸 Put me in your clothes

🌸 Cuddles

🌸 Pinching my cheeks (either set of cheeks works…) 💥💥

🌸 Coloring 

🌸 Putting your hand on my thigh 

🌸 Letting me sit on your lap

🌸 Commands

🌸 Counting 

🌸 Dance parties

🌸 Tea parties ☕

🌸 A newly cleaned paci

🌸 Warm sweaters

🌸 Anything cute

🌸 Colorful items 🖍️ 

🌸 Shiny things

🌸 Tying my shoes for me

🌸 Cold rooms (Idk, that’s just my thing) ❄️

🌸 Night lights 

Anyone have any more?? 🌸🌸🌸