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[TRANS] ToppDogg Interview in e-Pop Magazine


Q: This is the first time ToppDogg has come to Malaysia. What are your thoughts on Malaysia?

P-Goon: Yes, this is the first time we have come to Malaysia and it’s also the first time we’ve come to a country with a tropical climate! While we were sitting in the car, we were admiring the view outside. We feel fresh especially seeing the flowers and grass that are beautiful because it’s rarely seen in Korea. Malaysia has left us with a good impression! Besides that, we’re also touched because we never thought we’d have so many fans in Malaysia. We’re thankful for the support of the fans! After we’ve reached Malaysia we took a stroll and took some pictures at KLCC!

Q: How are your feelings a year into debut?

Yano: Within a year… (Jenissi: Don’t cry~) We realize that it’s not easy to enter the entertainment industry, whether it’s for music or art.

Nakta: It’s been a year since our debut. Compared to when we first debut, we feel much more free now. But we’re always worried on thinking of ideas to make our group even better! In this aspect, our members have different opinions. So we gathered all the ideas of the members to produce something fresh in our work. We will come out with a new album this year so please anticipate it!

Q: Can you tell use each member’s characteristics?

Yano: In the eyes of fans, Nakta is seen as someone who is polite, tall and handsome! But honestly, he’s a 4D prince. His thoughts are different from others. He’s really funny, not handsome at all, haha…

Nakta: Fans may think that Jenissi is cute, but he really has a big mouth! What’s great is that Jenissi knows how to twist facts a lot. He’d be a great seller if he runs a business!

Jenissi: A-tom is someone who has a strong stance, it’s because he’s the group’s rapper. He always has to look cool! I think that fans should know his realistic and dark side. He needs to shower a lot!

A-Tom: Hojoon isn’t really tall, but his fans think that his body proportions are good. Maybe its because he has a small face, he looks like a model, haha… but it’s all because of his insoles!

Hojoon: P-goon is the leader. It’s not that his behavior is bad but he takes his responsibilities seriously. He’ll lose patience if we don’t listen to him! His temper will explode once his patience is gone! Till now, he hasn’t beaten us yet haha… But I believe that one day he’ll eventually beat us because his responsibilities are too heavy!

P-Goon: Hansol loves laughing. His laughing tone is nice but it’s really loud till it makes others sitting next to him uncomfortable.

Hansol: Kidoh is a producer and rapper. He really likes playing and sometimes injures himself. Like today, his left hand got injured because he played too much. His mom must never know this. Please take note.

Kidoh: B-joo has small shoulders, but he really fits wearing any type of clothing. He always knocks his head and when he does it, you’ll hear the sound “Kong Kong”. God is fair; he’s good looking but has an empty brain!

Hansol: Hahaha…

B-Joo: Fans think that Xero is someone who is calm and cool. There’s a reason why he’s so quiet. It’s because he’s not a good speaker and has a short tongue!

Xero: I wanna tell everyone that Gohn is really talented! He’s good at composing songs and doing things related to music. While we were filming MV <Annie>, he styled (comb) his hair to the front. A lot of people think he’s scary and fans are afraid of him, but he’s really a nice person!

Gohn: Haha… thank you! In the eyes of fans, Sangdo is really nice, bright and likes to smile. He’s honestly the scariest in the group! Every time he’s “emo-ing” or facing something bad, he turns really scary. Sometimes P-Goon would also turn scary. But he does that for the sake of the members. So we would usually listen to his orders. But if Sangdo gets angry, we’ll feel like the end is nearing! Haha…

Sangdo: Yano is the maknae and he’s really cute. He just turned into an adult and you could see that he’s changing bit by bit. He’s looking charismatic nowadays but he’s still so stubborn till we felt that he’s being way over… he makes us feel tired. For example, he likes the colour grey, so all his stuff including his shirt would be grey! We really can’t stand him!

Q: What do you wish to achieve this year?

Hojoon: For us, music is like air! This year, we’ll promote in a lot of countries and gain more recognition. Next month, we’re going to the US to promote so that more fans would get to know and like us. We’ll work hard to produce new music and show everyone our different sides.

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[Q] Including your trainee years, it’ll be the first time in 10 years you’re releasing an album with your own name. When is it that you begin thinking about this?

HS: It’s about 3 years ago when the CEO asked me ‘Wanna give solo a try?’ Yes, though I said I want to do it, but because of the CEO let me to prepare it myself, I don’t know where to start so I put it on hold and many time has passed. During last year summer when I was in a musical (Bonnie & Clyde), he contacted me once again. The official preparation time should be around June. Thinking about it now if I started that silo activity 3 years ago I would have a lot of regrets. If at that points of time I did it there will be many inadequate places.

[Q] What changed during that period of time?

HS: I understood that it’s not just obediently training in the practice room that will make you do well on the stage. In a song of Block-B sub-unit BASTARZ, there’s a line that I emphasize with very much - 'Playing on a stage without manner is the answer’. We have to appropriately let go ourselves and play to let the song and the stage seems more natural. Understood how is it like meeting people and chatting, listening to good songs, developing some unseen feelings (compared to like physical improvements that you can see) this kind of thing is very important too.

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