prince & 3rd eye girl


Guitar shopping this week in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - a suburb of Toronto and Canada’s 6th largest city (by population…).  These goodies were found at the Mississauga Long & McQuade store:

  1. Four fabulous Firebirds
  2. 1975 P-Bass (reasonably priced at ~$1700 CAD), but weighs at least 10 lbs!
  3. 1978 P-Bass close up
  4. I was in Windsor, Ontario (across the River from Detroit Michigan) last week and this old steam locomotive was so awesome!
  5. Custom Shop ES-Les Paul (see the f-holes!)
  6. Gold sparkle PRS Starla - on of two ordered for Donna Grantis, who used to teach guitar at this locations.  She took the one with the black pickguard and left this one behind.  See below for a taste of Donna’s playing.
  7. One of the last new “Select” Teles we are going to see - they have been discontinued.
  8.   I love this Les Paul with the thickness of an SG!
  9. Still surprisingly heavy though considering how thin it is!  

Donna is on the left (NOT playing a gold sparkle Starla though…) 

I totally get goosebumps at 2:42!  :D


And every time I  post shots of my special order PRS Starla Hardtail, I also  have to menition my favourite Starla player, Donna Grantis of 3rd Eye Girl.

In the words of His Immortal Purpleness (at the 2 minute mark in this video), “Donna!  Help me out…Come on!”:

PRS…er, I mean… “PS”:  this performance gives me even more respect than I already had for Prince.  The band is f*cking rocking!  

PRS…er, I mean …  "PPS": Anyone know what kind of guitar he’s playing here?