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Role reversal speculation

So something that I loved about 6x10 and am crazy excited for in 6x11 is the role reversals. Despite everyone being a part of this world and each character still being in their respective parts, I also think there’s a shifting back and forth between everyone. I don’t necessarily mean just personality wise, but roles played in the story.

Emma as perfect princess Snow White before her bandit days.

Prince/knight Henry following in his grandpa’s footsteps

and then we have Regina which is where I think the role reversal gets really interesting.

She’s basically dropped into this reality to play a plethora of parts in this story. The believer, trying to be the hero, thrust into the role of villain in order to accomplish her mission. She has to inspire belief from Emma and remind her of the savior that she is (very reminiscent of S1 Henry), she has to take a page from the villains handbook and act as Evil Queen out of necessity (A means of reminding characters and audience that we actually need the Evil Queen in this family perhaps?) and then we have her as Snow White…

cavorting with dwarves Ridiculously happy to have the dwarves around…

going to great lengths to fulfill their task… including accepting help and a deal from Rumplestiltskin

and accidentally incurring the wrath of the now reigning ruler of the kingdom.

Now what it looks like we’ll be getting going into 6x11 is Regina on the run from a vengeful King Henry who’s hunting her, “out for blood” for what she’s done…

… that’s got bandit Snow White and the Evil Queen written all over it.

And Outlaw Queen (who would probably be Snowing in this situation) I assume will be trying to navigate their way through this world together as outlaws and wanted criminals. ‘Outlaw Queen’ just got very literal.

Now obviously I don’t think all of these parallels are/will be literal and/or exactly intentional, but I think the narrative intent is there the same way they were in the Heroes and Villains AU. I think there’s a lot more going on in this AU than just paralleling for funsies. As with Emma in 6x10, I think a lot of this is going to be intended as a learning experience for both the audience and characters showing how different each character could be depending on their upbringing. Or how similar they turned out to each other when faced with similar circumstances. Seeing these characters walk a mile in each others shoes so to speak.

While this may be a twisted reality, I think the moral will be that this family needed each other and all the bad that existed to create the circumstances that brought them together and made them who they are. The Evil Queen included in that.