Castiel, Prince of Hell. It’s catchy. It rhymes.

I warned y’all that this speculation might piss people off, so I’ll just go ahead and throw it up there in the title so that way you can skip it if you so choose.

We know we’re in for a hell of a cliffhanger this year. (”You guys are going to hate me.” - Mark Pellegrino. Or something like that.) I mean, we always are, because that’s what the show does… but how about more of one than usual? 

Could Cas be next season’s Big Bad, as a Prince of Hell?

Yeah, yeah – I know. Many of you are just gonna smile politely, nod, and whisper to each other about that one lady yelling about glowing eyes again. (I do yell about eyeballs a lot. Have I mentioned that I like glowing eyes today? Well, if you didn’t know - I dig glowing eyeballs. That said, there’s way more to this than glowing eyeballs.)

But hear me out if you have the patience, because I have a bunch of words here explaining why I’m seeing this (even though I’m gonna say there’s like… a 7.3% chance of this actually happening, just because I like pulling totally random stats out of my butt). I already know @mittensmorgul​ does NOT see this happening at all. But if/when it doesn’t happen, maybe somebody will be inspired to write an awesome canon-divergent fic over the summer.

So, if you’re interested, surge on ahead.

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Title: The Jealous Knight 

Authors@jhoomwrites and profound-boning (jhoom and profound-boning)

Artist: @unforth-ninawaters

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Castiel/Jimmy, Dean/Castiel/Jimmy

Word Count: 36,933

Rating: Explicit

Summary: All his life Dean’s been a dragon trainer, but necessity forces him to accept a new job as personal guard to Princes Castiel and Jimmy. It’s not all bad though: the pay and benefits are great, he still has time to spend with his dragon Impala and brother Sam, and he’s been friends with the twins for years. When Dean learns that the twins are actually together, well, that’s when things start to get interesting.

Aside from being in a relationship, the twins also have a friendly rivalry going. Every time foreign nobles and dignitaries come to visit, they compete to see who can seduce them first. Which is fine, it’s none of Dean’s business anyway. He’s certainly not jealous. Of course not. Okay, maybe a little.

Once the twins realize Dean returns their interest in him, they can abandon the competition and the solution for their pining becomes obvious: seduce Dean Winchester.

Created for the @dcjbigbang

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if you want to get laid, go to college. if you want an education AND to get laid, go to the library. (7.6k)

Chapter 1: dean doesn’t date guys. he even says so. in italics.

Dean doesn’t date guys. He likes guys. Thinks they’re hot, even. He’s man enough to admit that. Dating them, though? No way. Absolutely not. Too much work. He made that decision a long time ago. But when the guy is a librarian with messy hair and blue eyes, he might just have to rethink his life choices. With a little nudge from his friends, of course.

Read the full version on ao3

Hey guys, guess what? Remember that thing I’ve been writing for almost two weeks now that I said was gonna be a nice little college!au. Yeah. It’s getting chapters now. It got a little outta hand. Enjoy!


Dean blinked and looked up from the book he was scribbling in, which wasn’t his, obviously. It was the library’s. And the librarian just caught him.


Castiel Novak was standing over him, thick, tan arms crossed over the chest of his stupid rock band t-shirt, with a raised brow and a deep frown.

“What?” Dean groaned, leaning back in his chair and swinging his arms out wide. He wasn’t going to feign innocence this time. What was the point?

“You’re vandalizing library property, that’s what.” Cas snatched the book off the desk, holding it away when Dean reached to grab it back.

“Dude! I need that for this essay and it’s the only copy you have. C’mon!”

“This is the third time I’ve caught you writing in the books, Dean.”

“Okay, one, pull the stick outta your ass. I’m writing in pencil, so you can erase it if you want to. And two, they’re just notes! It’s not like I’m drawing dicks in the margins or something.”

“Take your notes in a notebook like everyone else. Stop scribbling all over things that don’t belong to you.” Cas snapped the book closed, effectively losing Dean’s page. “I should kick you out this time. I’ve had to tell you multiple times–”

“Okay, but what if someone else needs those notes? Some things in that book are wrong! I’m just helping the next poor sap that needs to use that outdated bundle of kindling.” Dean perked up. “Like Snape, you know? I’m the half-blood prince.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot is what you are.”

“Are you gonna kick me out, Cas, or can I have the book back?” Dean leaned forward and batted his eyelashes up at Castiel. “Pretty please?”

Castiel’s mouth fell open and all Dean could do was smirk as a flush bled into Castiel’s cheeks. Cas thrust the book back at him, wrinkling up his nose in disgust.

“Fine. But stop writing in the books. Just… stick post-its in if you must annotate.”

“That’s a waste of paper, Cas. I thought you were all about the environment? What with your riding a bike everywhere and the bee pins on your bag.”

Cas rolled his eyes so hard that it went through his entire body. “Shut up,” he snapped, turning on his heel and going back over to the front desk.

Dean snickered and opened the book again, flipping to the page he’d been on before Cas interrupted him.

New naga!Dean Verse fic~ ♥

Through the Rain by SillyBlue

Since the war between angels and the Naga had ended, very little happened at their shared border. Rains Landing, one of the major outposts that guarded the realm of the angels against the snake-like creatures, hadn’t seen a single Naga in 30 years. There were some monsters, but most of all there was rain, rain, rain.

Prince Castiel could hardly believe his ears when he was told that a small group of Naga soldiers have accidentally invaded the land of angels. Deciding to strike up a conversation instead of demanding retribution, Castiel learned that the leader of the group is none other than THE Dean of Winchester, the fabled warrior prince Metatron had been so afraid of.

Finding Dean to be an easy-going man, Castiel suggests that their two countries should at least try to entertain friendly relations. Unbeknownst to them, their parents seem to have reached the same conclusion. And what would bring two countries closer than an arranged marriage?

Tags: Arranged Marriage, Cultural Differences, Misunderstandings, Angel Castiel, Naga Dean, Prince Castiel, Prince Dean, Creature Dean, Omega Castiel, Alpha Dean, Alpha beta omega dynamics

Rating: Teen and up

Wordcount: 6.7k (wip)

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 Destiel Reverse Bang Art Masterpost

Fic: A drop of gold

Artist: @jdragon122

Author: @randomdestielfangirl


On a stormy Winter’s night, Prince Castiel of Preterra disappears mysteriously. His distressed parents, King Michael and Queen Naomi announce a reward for their only son’s safe return.

Half the Kingdom.

Among the slew of other hopefuls is the son of one of the Palace guards, hoping against hope that he finds his missing best friend and lover.

Yay! The fic for my DRB piece finally posted! The story was lovely, thank you @randomdestielfangirl!!! Everyone go check it out!

You’re Now Mine

Title: You’re Now Mine (Persephone Drabble)
Summary:  Fulfilling a request for @lets-personofinterestontumbir! – “Could you do a drabble for the Persephone AU I don’t know If you’ve seen once upon a time but the episode 1x07 reminded me a lot of this story when the evil queen ripped out the huntsmen’s heart if you could do something like that it would be awesome. Thank you.”
Words: 1,546
Warnings: DARK AF, Emotional/Mental abuse
Author’s Notes: Okay, Castiel tag people, it’s *not* Castiel, but it’s Castiel’s vessel?

Masterpost || Persephone || Part 2

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Runaway Princess (Sleeping Beauty AU Part 7)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1, 367

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: OMG You guys I finally got this out lmao!!!!! I am so so sorry it took me fucking forever. After much ( and I mean much ) harassment from @oriona75 here is your next part of the Sleeping Beauty AU :D

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Originally posted by sammyssoul-archive

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Prince AU

Hey there, people! As you may know, me and Admin A decided to close The Box for awhile a) ‘cause we don’t want you to have to wait the answers for too long and b) ‘cause we need once in awhile some time to read all the possible fics so that we got something new to rec to you. That’s the long story short: I wanted to read something completely new and browsed through all the tags I’ve listed but still haven’t read. And there it was: a freaking prince AU! How fan-damn-tastic (thank you Dean for the awesome line)! I’m like the biggest sucker for all movies and books that are about medieval times or 19th century or something related to that. They’re amazing! I love the polite way they talk and all the drama and costumes and all. That’s a perfect AU for me. I mean, Destiel plus that, must be a perfect combination! – Admin J

Title: Swept Inshore

Author: Marthypie

Rating: Explicit

Words: 123,766 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I loved the beginning of the story and I was expecting so much of it, but then it turned out so… casual. Seriously, I know how stupid this must sound, but one of the biggest reasons I love these stories and movies and all is the thing that they’re so different than our age. I mean, the language and way to talk to people. I want all those “my lord”, “my king”, “my lady” talks, even if you’re talking to your friends or family. But the good things: there was a horse Balthazar. Like what the hell! That was epic!

Summary: Castiel knew that as Prince of the Oceanic Kingdom , it was his duty to serve his King and country, and that he should feel honoured that his father had chosen him to bear the responsibility. Yet,  whenever he thought about it, his heart would sink like an anchor to the bottom of the sea. Never in his life had he dreamt that his Father planned on selling him off to the Inlander nation as if he were merchandise.

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Title: Betrothed

Author: fangirlsupreme

Rating: Explicit

Words: 98,667 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I liked the young Sam in this one and the idea of the Novak clan to be alchemists, but this one too was too casual for me. I need more of that ancient feeling when I read these. Seriously, authors, if you write historical things, please, do it properly! Please! (Maybe I’m just a huge history geek, but this is kinda important for me!) There was nothing else wrong with this one but that!

Summary: In order to seal a contract between the kingdoms of Novak and Winchester, each king has agreed to marry off one of the royal family. What begins as a duty for both Prince Dean and Prince Castiel soon becomes a journey of self-discovery, freedom, and love.

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Title: Consort

Author: Valinde (Valyria)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 130,581 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Okay, so what can I say about this one? There was all that “my lord / lady” talking and the entire feeling was there for me. Once again Valinde did it. I loved the words she’d used and even though it was once i awhile too realistic (it’s not that cool to read Cas practically raping Dean) it was real ‘cause that’s how things were back then. I need more prince fics like this one! 

Summary: When King John of the West Saxons forms an alliance with a neighboring Christian kingdom, his eldest son Dean ends up playing a role he never expected.

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I need more of these with all the politness and things like that. I won’t rest until I’ve found all the best prince fics. Or maybe I should keep going on… There might be some knigh fics or dutch fics for me to find. Hmm…

The Prince & The Falcon

Castiel’s dream is fulfilled when he is cast as a face character at Disney World, playing the first “Gay Prince” in the company’s history. Too bad he’s paired with Dean Winchester.
 Written for supernaturallynoble as part of my 1K fic giveaway (thank you so much for your patience). Partially based on this prompt


Castiel sits in the waiting area of the Disney World Casting Offices, twisting his sudoku book between his fingers. Since he was three-years-old and set foot on Main Street USA for the first time, Castiel has wanted to work at Walt Disney World. He didn’t care if it was as a cashier or a ride operator or the guy who cleans up the puke outside Space Mountain, he just wants to spend every day at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

Hell, it was the reason he moved to Orlando in the first place.

Playing a Face Character though, was the dream, and when he heard about Disney’s first “Gay Princes”, he knew the role he wanted.

“The Prince and the Falcon” had, of course, been a major hit: A love story featuring the first openly homosexual couple in an animated Disney film. The story was rich and in-depth and the characters were flawed but ultimately likeable. There had been some backlash from family groups, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the film’s success.

Castiel had scoured Disney’s casting site for months, hoping soon the notice would go up for either of the princes, Maurizio or Pietro. He’d almost given up hope when Gabe had showed up with a newspaper announcement.

He had prepared a song, just in case (“Go the Distance” from Hercules) and found a Beckett Monologue. His first audition was relatively basic, just a cattle call-style audition in front of a camera with a single scripted scene.

The second one was more extensive, lasting almost two hours, in which Castiel received actual direction. It also required a lot of improvisation since he was given no script for that round.

When he got his third callback, his roommate Gabriel had preemptively shoved a paper bag in his face in case of hyperventilating or vomiting.

Unlike the first two rounds, the waiting area this time is empty, save for one other guy. He looks much different from Castiel, with lighter hair and freckled golden skin. Castiel finds himself strangely fascinated with the guy. He’s has the good looks that you expect in a prince, but there is a rough edge to him as well that you see less often.

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Prince Castiel and the Quest for 100 Orgasms by luchia

Summary: Castiel knows gladiators can win their freedom by winning 100 fights, so Castiel has decided to operate under the assumption that if Dean has 100 orgasms, he might let Castiel go.

Comments: 10/10. Hilarious crack. There’s actually no smut in this despite the title, which I am very impressed by. This is absolutely hilarious though, and it ends with a happily ever after. Cas’s brother wrongfully took his throne away from his and sent him to King Dean to be in his harem, Cas is determined to earn his way out of it. Dean falls for Cas and it’s really hilarious.

You’re Now Mine (Part 3)

Title: You’re Now Mine (Part 3)
Summary:  I’ve decided to continue the drabble request into a three part series considering the requests to write more of it!

“Fulfilling a request for @lets-personofinterestontumbir! – “Could you do a drabble for the Persephone AU I don’t know If you’ve seen once upon a time but the episode 1x07 reminded me a lot of this story when the evil queen ripped out the huntsmen’s heart if you could do something like that it would be awesome. Thank you.” “
Words: 1,467
Warnings: DARK AF, Emotional/Mental abuse

Masterpost || Persephone || Part 2 || Part 4

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pretttypadalecki  asked:

Hmmmm megstiel?

werewolf: Meg | hunter: Cas
mermaid: Meg | fisherman: Cas
witch: Meg | familiar: Castiel
barista: Meg | coffee addict: Cas
professor: Meg | TA: Cas 
knight: Meg | prince: Cas
teacher: Castiel | single parent: Meg (rough around the edges and a little too protective of her kid. yesss)
writer: Meg | editor: Cas

(I stole Datne’s way of doing this bc it’s so much neater, sorry!)