So there is so much going on in this photo.
We went up and I was like
“Okay since Jared couldn’t get on my back earlier we want to hold Misha across us.”
Jensen bursts into laughter and has to walk away.
When he comes back he’s like
Jensen- “Everyone wants to hold Misha!!”
Me- “We can hold you if you really want.”
Jensen- “No, no it’s just no one wants to carry him they all want to hold him all gently. “Oh Misha.”“
2 seconds later Misha jumps into my arms with no warning.
That man is heavier than you would think, he’s gripping me tightly and his face looks so pleased.
Jensen didn’t wanna help us carry him.
The photo is so candid, I couldn’t ask for a more unique photo or story


“people   were  staring   at  lucien
because,  i  imagine,  he  was  so
beautiful. i asked him why people
were  always  staring  at  him.  he
said, “they’ve always done that.”
there  was  no  way  to explain it —
actually, people do stare at lucien.”                                                                                                                             — jack kerouac in a letter to allen ginsberg

Kannao Mundane Activity

The plan was Kanji only but HELLA!

Itchy butt, itchy butt, it must be the seaweed, must be the seaweed~

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