Castiel is so helplessly in love with Dean Winchester and it kills him that he can’t see it.

Even though Cas has literally given everything up for Dean, he won’t accept it because he is so sure that he can never have anything good. 

And Cas is the epitome of good, he’s an Angel of the Lord, so there’s no way he could love Dean Winchester. 

But Castiel does love Dean Winchester, he loves him more than he loves himself, and he’s tried to show Dean more times than he can count. 

One day Dean’s going to see that, because Cas has had enough of this, he’s done waiting and he’s done pretending it’s okay. 

He’ll grab Dean and make him look him in the eye and he’ll tell him how much he means to him, how worthy he is of everything good and beautiful in this world and more.

And of course Dean won’t accept it until Cas’s eyes flash so much hurt that it breaks his heart in half and he decides to be “selfish” just this once

And he pulls Cas to him by the lapels of that damn trench coat and kisses him with everything he’s been holding back for 8 fucking years

And it’s everything he’s never let himself hope for and more when Cas kisses him back

canon divergent deancas au

human/graceless!cas freaks out when Dean is injured on a hunt

For an anon

The ghost is gone.

Sam, Castiel, and Dean are alive.

They’re all a little banged up though; Sam has a cut over his eye, Castiel has bruises up his arms from falling, and Dean has a sharp pain in his side that, oh, is an open wound.

Dean looks down at the blood seeping through his shirt and sighs, it’s one of his favorites and now he’ll never get the stains out.

They’re all picking themselves up, getting themselves back together, when Castiel notices.

“Dean!” He gasps, rushing over with his hands outstretched.

“I’m okay, Cas. I’m fine.” Dean tries to ensure him. It doesn’t work.

Castiel’s hands are at the hem of Dean’s shirt before he knows it, pulling it up to inspect the wound with no regard for Dean’s attempts to assuage his fear.

“Oh,” Castiel says, distressed, “Oh, oh no.” He touches the edge of the cut timidly, then pulls his hand back quickly.

“Cas, I’m alright.” Dean says again, laying a hand gently on Castiel’s shoulder, “It’s not deep. I’ve had worse.”

“We’ve both had worse.” Sam says, joining the duo, rubbing at the cut over his eye, “We’ve always come out fine.”

Castiel shakes his head, and his face starts to contort into a grimace. “I can’t do anything.” He whispers, “I can’t help. I- I can’t help.”

He’s blinking rapidly, his bottom lip is quivering.

Castiel has been struggling a lot since the loss of his grace, in a lot of different ways. Mostly he keeps it to himself, but one thing Dean knows that really bothers him is the fact that he can’t heal anymore.

“Cas, I promise it’s okay.” Dean murmurs, giving Castiel’s shoulder a squeeze.

Finally, the tears start to spill from Castiel’s eyes. He pulls in a ragged breath and shakes his head again. “It’s not okay, it’s not okay-“

It breaks Dean’s heart, and he hates for this to happen in front of Sam because he knows that Castiel will be mortified later. He has to fix it, he has to soothe the pained look from Castiel’s face.

Dean presses closer to Castiel, wrapping his arms around the man and pulling him into an embrace.

“Hey, I got you.” Dean says into Castiel’s hair, not thinking about the fact that Sam is right there and he doesn’t actually know about the change in Dean and Castiel’s relationship yet, “It’s alright, sweetheart, I swear. I’m here, i’m gonna be fine.”

He rubs his hand in small circles on Castiel’s back, presses a kiss to his temple. “We’re all okay. We’re all okay.”

Castiel’s fingers are clenched in the fabric of Dean’s shirt, his face buried in Dean’s shoulder. It takes a minute to coax him back out, but when he does, his face is wet with tears.

“Hey there,” Dean whispers, reaching up to thumb away the moisture from beneath Castiel’s eyes, “I missed you.”

Castiel rolls his eyes, “I’m not a child, Dean.” He grumbles, but he doesn’t move away.

“I know,” Dean says, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to Castiel’s down-turned mouth, “I know.”

It’s only after the kiss, when Castiel’s face is sliding into something softer, less devastated, that Dean remembers Sam.

He looks up to find his brother standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows practically ascending into his hairline.

“Is there something you guys want to tell me?” He asks, a little condescending.

“Uh,” Says Dean.

Castiel turns quickly in Dean’s arms, eyes wide. “Sam! I-”


“That’s- i mean-”

“We’re sort of-”

“Yes! I mean- you go. Sorry, Dean. Go ahead.”

“No that’s- it’s okay, but I-” Dean clears his throat, takes a breath, and says, “We’re, um, sort of… together?”

“Is that a question?” Says Sam.

“We’re together.” Dean affirms, “You know, in a- like-” He clears his throat again, “romantic sort of… way.”

Sam rolls his eyes, and Dean thinks that must be where Cas picked it up from, “You know I actually figured that, what with the kissing.”

Dean huffs, frowning at his brother. “Then what’s with the third degree, Samantha? We’ve got shit to do.”

“Not like you were doing it anyway.”

“There was a situation!”

“You’re a situation.” Sam says pettily, but he goes to start picking up their dropped equipment.

“I knew.” Sam says later. They’re in the car, headed back to the bunker. Castiel is sleeping soundly in the back seat.

“Huh?” Says Dean.

“About you and Cas. I knew.”

“You knew? No way.”

Sam huffs. “Okay, I didn’t know for sure, but I had a hunch. When were you going to tell me?”

Dean sighs. “I don’t know, Sam. It wasn’t like it was a secret, exactly, we just… Cas is having a rough time and… it just seemed like a good idea to keep everything kind of quiet. We’d have told you soon, I swear.”

Sam frowns, but doesn’t argue.

“How’d you know?” Dean asks after a while.

“A couple of weeks ago, I came into the kitchen and Cas was cooking breakfast in only boxers.”

“So what?” Dean wonders.

“They were your boxers.”