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Primum Non Nocere

We live in the silence of our shattered hearts,
Like broken bottles they can never be filled,
The contents seep through the cracks and we are left with remnants of the past,
Corroding the surface that holds it,
We are all bathed in the sea of a world that knows not how to nurture,
Hammered by the waves of humanity’s judgement,
Expectations designed by the “Flawless Saints”,
Moralities engendered to shame individuality,
For we must all fall in line with the beliefs of the masses,
Conform to popular opinion of theology,
It matters not that the mantra resides in scorn,
Preaching love through screams of rage,
There is but one virtue we need seek to fulfill,
An ideology that encompasses the very definition of humanity,
Primum Non Nocere,
First Do No Harm.

By The VirtuousMiscreant

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        So maybe, just maybe, she’d known this was a truly
        terrible idea even before acting on the urge to just
        follow through. Being in the same, too bright room
        for so long had felt too exposed. A damaged nerve
        right on the surface, making her all the more panicked 
        until there’d been no more avoiding the need to run.

Of course the others would panic. They’d barely turned their
backs and Jemma had found a way to sneak off, her room
long since not her own so going to the next place she could
think of. Hiding out in Fitz’s room in hopes she at least had
a while until they figured it out, waiting for the click of the
door to give away someone had come to find her.

                                               Voice still painfully raw from
                                              the lack of use-    “Hey.”

Ficlet #26

(Continuation of #25.)


Better Times


Short answer: yes.

Better answer—the Wookiee and dark-haired Human male who operated the store apparently had an enviable collection of tea. To which Barriss gratefully cradled a mug of an Alderaani herbal blend in her hands and breathed its light, bright scent while Ahsoka scooped up a wide red mug and wended her way through the still-milling crowd.

Ahsoka—no surprise—marched up to the top level and secured a booth overlooking the skylane outside, set close to the windows Barriss had taken note of earlier. Barriss followed more slowly, taking note of the inset shelves along the walls, filled with everything from Suulustan poetry of the Choelistic Period to a collection Besalisk mining shanties.

Barriss wondered briefly how a store could come up with this many works—or stay in business—but Ahsoka seemed to read her thoughts, even as she settled into her seat. “That Wookiee down there—you’d probably like her. She’s the daughter of some famous record-keeper on Kashyyyk. Chairman Papanoida said she was a literary connoisseur.” She shrugged. “Apparently, love knows no boundaries, because she and that human married and started up this place.”

Barriss very carefully did not think of what she knew of Wookiee courtship rituals. He’d have to have been a very resilient man.

“I’ll have to bring Rex and Fives here, sometime,” Ahsoka said, curling both hands around her mug while she watched the traffic speed by outside. “Maybe not Fives,” she amended. “Too tame for his tastes.”

“Fives,” Barriss said, tasting the name with a sip of her tea. “I don’t remember him.”

Ahsoka’s eyes crinkled with good humor over the rim of her mug. “Believe me, if you met him, you’d remember.”

“I think I remember hearing about you and a certain barracks.”

Ahsoka, predictably, sputtered. “It was just sabacc!” Barriss relented with another half-smile, and Ahsoka—again, predictably—rolled her eyes. “You’re evil.”

“I should hope not,” Barris said, although an unusually easy humor colored her voice and she wondered how long it had been since she’d laughed. Probably her last comm-call with Ahsoka, come to think of it. “So what brings you back to Coruscant this time, anyways?”

“The Gathering.”

Barriss’ eyes widened at that, and at Ahsoka’s knowing smile. “Truly? Who?”

“A pretty big group. Umm—” Ahsoka set down the mug and counted off on her fingers. “Katooni and Petro—those two are the oldest.” Barriss nodded; she recognized those names. “Byph and Gungi—he’s the one who made me think of this place, actually—and then also Ganodi and Zatt.”

Six was a surprisingly large group. Barriss took another, longer sip of her tea as she considered what she’d gathered of those particular younglings during her occasional turn as an assistant within the Teaching halls. “Byph has the makings of a fine healer.”

“Oh?” Ahsoka’s interest was genuine; she may have been a fighter at heart, but the Togruta had always been an attentive—even avid—listener to Barriss’ ramblings about her own studies.

“Petro is far too rash; Katooni too timid. Zatt is quite brilliant with technology.”

Ahsoka’s smile was wry. “Anything I should know about Gungi and Ganodi?”

Barriss’ answering smile stretched her face. “I’m sure you’ll manage.” She took another sip and noted it was cooling rapidly. “It’s quite an honor, to lead a Gathering.”

Ahsoka shrugged. “I think Master Yoda has an ulterior motive.” She froze, as if realizing how very insulting her words could’ve been. “But I am grateful to have been chosen for it.”

Barriss watched her friend. “Your last mission was on Onderon, correct?”

“Hmm.” Ahsoka didn’t say anything further, turning to watch the traffic again, and Barriss recognized the rare sign of a closed topic.

“Remember your Gathering?” Barriss finally asked, breaking the sudden silence and surprising even herself.

Ahsoka’s laugh was short and self-deprecating. “It took me the entire day to find mine. I scraped all the skin off my hands sliding under the ice at the door.” She grimaced. “Still not exactly sure how I did that.”

Barriss could well-imagine a much-younger Ahsoka sliding full-speed across the ice, determined to get out before the caves froze over. “Mine was in a wall,” she said, swirling her mug and watching the red-tinted dregs swish. With a brief pulse of the Force, she interrupted its movement and watched the tiny eddies across the surface, remembering how the ice had given way before her mind in the same way, all those years ago. “I spent hours moving it, bit by bit, through the ice toward me.”

She’d enjoyed the task. To this day she still remembered the joy of finding her crystal—how perfect it had felt in her mind and in her hand, how right it still was.

A small chill wrapped her spine and she took her last gulp of tea, unnoticed by Ahsoka, who had turned her attention back to the outside traffic as another police speeder sailed by. “Sounds like you, Barriss, actually. Determined and tenacious.”

Barriss’ snort was soft. “Do I dare ask where you found yours?”

Ahsoka laughed. “Leap of faith, I guess?” She cradled her mug and her chevrons darkened noticeably. “There was this stalactite, and my crystal was at its tip. I had to—” Ahsoka’s brow furrowed at the memory. “Had to just jump out over this—I don’t know, it looked like a gorge, but it was so black—and anyway, I had no idea if I would just fall and die or get my crystal and then fall and die.”

“Wait—you still fell?”

Ahsoka shrugged. “Obviously, I didn’t die.”

Barriss twisted her lips in a wry smile. “Thank goodness for that.”

Ahsoka’s grin was, as always, unflappable. “Glad I’d be missed.”

A commotion, from below, turned them both toward the ground level. It only took a moment for a string of a chant to sound out through the tapcaf.

No more clones!”

The milling crowd made its true nature known, and Barriss wondered which university they were from. As she and Ahsoka watched, the chant grew—to the consternation of the tapcaf owners—but at least the group seemed inclined to take their aggravation elsewhere.

Likely the Temple steps, Barriss realized, watching them surge out the door and into the night.

“Protesters,” Ahsoka growled, and when Barriss glanced at her, the Togruta’s scowl was as dark as the patches of shadow beyond the windows. “They have no idea what the Separatists are capable of.”

Barriss chose her words carefully. “Here on Coruscant, it’s hard for most people to understand what the war is like.”

“You’re not defending them, are you?”

“No,” Barriss said quickly. “But as Jedi, we must view a situation from all sides. They are tax-paying citizens, on which the burden of the war is heavy.”

Ahsoka stared at her, then at the remnant of the group, below. With a frustrated sigh, she sat back and lifted her caf to Barriss in something of a mock toast, made more ironic by the fierce furrow between her eye-markings. “Then to the end of the war.”

Barriss lifted her empty mug in response, but hid her immediate thought.

It could never be that easy.


Title:  Primum Non Nocere
Author:  Jetsfanforlyfe
Word Count:  27,837
Chapters:  3 + epilogue
Pairing(s):  Kurt/Blaine
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  After Kurt breaks up with him, unable to handle a long-distance relationship, Blaine finds himself re-evaluating the path he’s been on, and what he wants out of life.  Eight months later, Blaine finds himself on a pre-medical track at a private college in the Midwest, defying everyone’s expectations for his life after McKinley.  Applying is tough, getting in is harder, but surviving medical school?  It’s going to take everything Blaine has to give.  Throughout his journey to medical school and beyond, he learns a lot about himself, and along the way reconnects with the person he’d thought he’d lost forever.

Primum Non Nocere [Llaara, Dag, Bo]

S'easy,” Dag insisted, grinning from ear to ear in excitement. “All ya gotta do is steal somethin’ from one of the people here." 

For a skilled thief like Llaara, even pickpocketing a stranger, in the middle of a market, in broad daylight would be a breeze. But that wasn’t the end of his dare, oh no. Dag had to add a little extra if he wanted it to be really fun.

"Ya also gotta slap their ass,” he added, his grin growing wider. He held up a hand before Llaara could object, and began looking for a potential victim.

The Imperial by the food stand? No, that’d be too easy. He wasn’t even paying attention to anything but the woman behind the stall. Maybe the Bosmer selling meat? No, he didn’t have any customers, that wouldn’t be fun.


“Gotta do it to that guy,” Dag announced, pointing smugly to a tall, muscled, and tattooed younger man. “The one with the tats ‘n shaved hair. That’s who ya gotta steal from – and smack his ass. Not a little pat neither. I wanna hear it from over here.”


Ficlet #42

Characters: Barriss Offee, OMC

Era: TCW, fourth season

Word Count: 499

A/N: Segment of Primum Non Nocere

“Ah, Master Offee. We meet again!”

The pale-haired Human stepped close and captured her hands with no regard to propriety or her status as a Jedi.

Padawan Offee,” Barriss corrected, managing a tight-lipped smile. For all that they had served together at Ord Cestus, the man radiated a fierce wall of forced cheer, as if her arrival outside his office was a study of inconvenience.

“Oh, my dear. My apologies.” Dr. Efrim Sakke was all ebullience and flashing teeth, although she did not miss his sharp-eyed gaze or the stiff hunch to his shoulders. Sakke gave her hands a hard squeeze. “I’d thought surely after–”

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