Stop changing your clocks!

Sometimes it feels a bit like groundhog day – here we are again, changing all our clocks and trying our hardest to remember how to change that clock in the cooker again. Didn’t we just do all that?

Make today the last time you change your clocks and get a radio controlled clock. Take a look at our range of seven clocks that change themselves or our best seller with 23 great reviews!

This is an…

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A slightly different leaving card

A slightly different leaving card

It’s always sad to say goodbye to someone – today Moira is leaving us after three years to move to the other side of the world! This is the card we gave her!

Thanks for everything and good luck!


Cat works in the marketing team and is responsible for online marketing, social media and the newsletter.

She spends most of her time reading about a variety of interesting facts, such as oddly named…

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New addition to the Primrose staff

Please join us in welcoming Red, the latest addition to the marketing team at Primrose.

He’s not the first four-legged companion around the office, but will be joining Billy who has been in the office for years.

Together they will fulfill their contractual duties of looking cute, lying in the way, lying by the printer so everyone walking past gives them attention, and glaring at anyone who dares…

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