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You Talk Too Much

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Request: “Hello! Could I request an imagine where the reader is starting their first day as a new member of Uma’s crew. Uma has left the reader with Harry to show her the ropes of the ship but while he is rambling on about the ship, the reader gets bored and snatches Harry’s hook to get him to shut up haha…thank you!”

Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

Notes: This took so long to write because I love Harry Hook so much and I wanted to make it perfect!!!

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Friends With Benefits (Part 2)

(Part 1)

AU: Jughead never went to Riverdale High and never became friends with Betty and the gang the way they were supposed to. Archie, Jughead, and Betty were close in middle school, but once they parted ways and Jughead followed in his father’s footsteps of becoming a Serpent, their relationship was never the same.

Note: I have plans for a part 3 and possibly a part 4 if you guys want it, just let me know! 

Betty glanced up from the heavily pencil-marked notebook paper resting on the mahogany desk, the exasperated eye roll resting patiently behind her eyelids threatening to take over as she squinted at the scribbles and lines in front of her. 

“Jug,” Betty called to the leather jacket-less boy standing by the floor to ceiling window with a wooden pencil tucked behind his ear. “You have got to be kidding me.” 

“What?” He feigned innocence as he turned away from the view overlooking the courtyard and took a step closer to the golden-haired girl sitting hunched over one of the massive desks with a look of annoyance written all over her face. 

“I know you don’t expect me to read this chicken scratch,” Betty mumbled, shoving the paper in his direction and leaning back in the rolling chair with an irritated huff. 

“Bets, it’s been scientifically tested that brilliant people such as writers have significantly worse handwriting than most people in their age and gender demographic,” Jughead pointed out, placing the paper back in the center of the desk with a sense of pride overtaking his expression. “Don’t diss a literary genius for his hastily executed penmanship when he chooses to spend his time creating eloquently crafted stories instead of taking his time with his handwriting.”

“I’m pretty sure that test had numerous inconsistencies,” Betty teased, pushing herself out of the chair and taking a few steps closer to Jughead to place a delicate hand on his chest. “Besides, you’re just making excuses for how you can’t handle writing with plain old pen and paper instead of being in front of your laptop to get a story done.” 

“Oh really?” Jughead quirked an amused eyebrow down at her as she sidestepped his attempted embrace and hopped up to sit on the desk behind him in one swift motion. “If that’s the case, then maybe you should give me a handwriting lesson. Since you’re such a pro and all.” 

“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Betty agreed, pushing him back with one hand as he attempted to close the gap between them. “And after that I’ll teach you how to reign in the egotistically asinine backtalk you’ve gotten so good at lately.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Jughead teased, reaching up to gently pry her hand from his chest and taking it in his grip. “Seems like you could learn a thing or two about that yourself.” 

“Is that right?” Betty raised a challenging eyebrow at him as he positioned himself between her legs dangling off the edge of the desk, leaning in so close that the tip of his nose brushed against hers as his hands slid down her arms to rest comfortably around her waist.

“Definitely,” he breathed, her arms snaking around his shoulders as their lips finally met for a soft, but passionate kiss. 

As Betty’s legs wrapped around Jughead’s hips and his hands slipped underneath her knitted pink sweater, the gentleness disappeared and the passion took over the way it always did when they were together. Just as they adjusted their body weight to lean back onto the table, a booming knock coming from the front of the room startled them into sitting upright, nearly kicking a stack of dictionaries onto the tiled floor from the unexpected movement.

“Knock, knock!” 

The couple pulled away from each other and Betty flung herself off the desk, reaching out to steady herself on Jughead’s shoulder as she struggled to regain her balance. 

“Cheryl!” Betty gasped, frantically pulling down on the hem of her crumpled sweater in her attempt to straighten it out as much as possible. “What are you doing in the Blue and Gold room?” 

“Fear not, my significantly less attractive and far less remarkable Lois Lane and Clark Kent,” Cheryl greeted them with a fake smile, her ruby red lips glowing an ugly shade of burnt orange in the harsh fluorescent lights of the classroom. “I haven’t come to take over your little craft corner of a newspaper room in the valiant effort to put it too far better, far more interesting use just yet.”

“Okay, then why are you-” Jughead started to ask, but was promptly cut off by Cheryl shoving a perfectly pointed fingernail up to his lips in her attempt to quiet him. 

“Wait a minute,” she smirked, tossing her long red hair behind one shoulder and taking a few more steps into the room. “That’s exactly why I’m here. The River Vixens need a better locale to prepare for football games, sans the repugnant odor the girl’s volleyball team leaves behind after their practices. Your sorry excuse for a newsroom will make for an adequately sized dressing area don’t you think?”

“Forget it, Cheryl,” Jughead shot back. “How could you possibly think that we would give up the Blue and Gold room so your cheerleading squad can primp and polish yourselves to scream at a bunch of football players from the sidelines?”

“Because you Southside garden snake,” Cheryl snapped, her eyes narrowing to glare in their direction as if they were scum on the bottom of her overpriced designer shoe. “I have dirt on the two of you that would break a certain ginger-haired stallion’s heart if anyone were to leak such information over to his side of football field.” 

“You don’t know anything,” Betty muttered, her fists curling up into two angry balls as she felt the overwhelming fit of rage bubbling up inside of her that was all too familiar. 

“Oh don’t I?” Cheryl fluttered a set of dark lashes at Betty as she reached into her leather handbag to pull out her phone. “Then showing Archie this picture of you two locking lips borderline NC-17 style would be acceptable?”

With one click of a button, the image of Betty wrapped up in Jughead’s arms blinked onto the screen, the intimate moment thought to have been shared only by the couple, showing much more than either of them would have liked anyone else to witness.   

“You were spying on us?” Jughead gaped at the redheaded deviant in complete and utter disgust. “Cheryl, that’s low even for you.” 

“No, what’s low is that wench of a friend of yours, Veronica Lodge, thinking she can take over my squad a get away with it,” Cheryl spat, tugging the phone away from their view and sliding it back into her purse for safe keeping. “Scoring the Vixens a new dressing room will win the girls back from her villainous talons once and for all. Then all will be right with the world yet again and we can all move on with our lives.”

“There’s no way Principal Weatherbee would go for this,” Betty reminded her. “The school has set aside a budget for the newspaper, not to mention that it counts as credit hours for-”

“Oh, he’s already signed off on it,” Cheryl informed them, a devious smirk creeping onto her lips as she took in their bewildered expressions with a sense of accomplished delight. “Mommy promised to fund the next three school-sanctioned events if he agreed. The only glitch is that he can’t forcibly remove you from the paper and ask you to give up your credit hours. That’s against school policy. But I assured him that all it would take was a little persuasion on my part and-”

“You mean blackmail,” Jughead corrected her, his voice so low that it nearly came out as a vehement growl. 

“Call it what you will,” Cheryl sighed, pulling at the sleeves of her dark red mini dress and smirking unapologetically. “But regardless, it seems as though you have a tough decision to make. Risk the friendship with your BFF of nine plus years by revealing the betrayal of epic proportions or relinquish your rights to the Blue and Gold for good.” 

“Forget it, Betty,” Jughead whispered, turning to her with concerned eyes and a deep-set frown. “You don’t need the room to run a newspaper, we can ask your mom if we can use the Register’s resources and-”

“Au contraire,” Cheryl crooned, taking a step closer to Betty to place a firm hand on the wooden surface of the desk in front of her. “No more Blue and Gold room, no more Blue and Gold. Mr. Weatherbee’s rule. It was a dying art form to begin with. He decided it was best to cut his losses in the long run, if you were to sign off on it of course.” 

Betty whirled around to face Jughead with pleading eyes, the hopelessness in her expression giving him the urge to reach out and comfort her, but knowing better not to. 

“You have 24 hours to make your decision,” Cheryl announced. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have fabric to buy for the velvet lounge chairs I’m planning to put in that corner over there. The decor in this place is seriously depressing, I can’t wait to work my magic. Later, losers.” 

With one last flick of her luscious locks behind her shoulder, Cheryl turned on her heel to make her grand exit out of the room, leaving Betty and Jughead to stare opened-mouth at one another as they tried to comprehend what just happened. 

“She can’t do this, Bets,” Jughead told her, reaching out to place a reassuring hand on her elbow. “We won’t let her.”

“She’s a Blossom, Jughead,” Betty reminded him. “They have all the power in this town and in this school. We don’t have a choice.” 

“Yes, we do,” Jughead assured her. “We tell Archie about us before Cheryl can.” 

“We already talked about this,” Betty mumbled, backing away from his touch and crossing the room to stare absentmindedly at the cluttered bulletin board displaying various school news and activities. “Telling Archie isn’t an option.” 

“Let me get this straight,” Jughead muttered, his brows furrowing together in confusion as he tried to wrap his head around what she was saying. “You would rather give up the one thing you’re most passionate about in order to keep our relationship quiet from the person who cut me out of his life as a result of something my father did, than end all the secrets and lies once and for all and just come clean? Is that about the gravity of the situation or did I miss something?”

“You don’t get it, Jug,” Betty whispered, the tears beginning to spring up in the corners of her eyes as she lifted her chin slightly to meet his gaze with an agonized whimper. “Archie was there for me when Polly left town and I was at my lowest point. I owe it to him to be there while he’s going through everything with his Dad. I’m telling you, it’s just not the right time.” 

“Are you sure it’s not something else?”

Betty knitted her brows together, shaking her head in confusion as she wracked her brain for any information that would hint at what he could have been referring to. “Like what?” 

“Like you’re ashamed of being with a pile of Southside trash like me,” Jughead spat, the words falling off his tongue as if it were physically painful to utter them. 

“Of course not, Jughead, you know I could never think that,” Betty assured him, taking a few steps closer to place her hands on the smooth skin of his cheeks. “I love who you are, every part of you.” 

“You’re just not in love with me,” Jughead concluded, wrapping his hands around her wrists and pushing her away. “Maybe that’s it. Maybe you can’t feel anything real for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks so you keep him close enough to get in his pants but push him far enough away to avoid feeling a real connection with him.” 

“That’s not true and you know it,” Betty breathed, the hot tears welling up in her eyes and beginning to fall onto her cheeks as she struggled to keep herself from screaming or collapsing into a heap on the titled floor or simply running away from everything altogether. 

“Well it doesn’t matter anymore either way,” Jughead muttered, his expression hard and stony as he held up his hands and backed away from Betty entirely. “I’m done. I’m done with the Blue and Gold. I’m done with this friends with benefits bullshit. And I’m done with you.”


“We could have had something special, you and me,” Jughead informed her. “We could have had the real deal. But you chose keeping your friendship with Archie over keeping anything with me. I hope you’re happy with that decision, Betty. Because now you have no boyfriend, no newspaper staff, and no newspaper. Congratulations.”

With one last disappointed glance in her direction, Jughead crossed the room in just a few bounding steps and left the Blue and Gold room for what could have been the last time, slamming the door shut behind him so hard that the plaques hanging on the wall by the chalkboard shook in protest. Sliding down the hard surface of the desk where she and Jughead had just shared an intimate moment together not ten minutes ago, Betty let the tears come hard in fast as she wondered how, and if, she would ever be able to fix this. 

Happy Birthday to You (Bucky Fic)

Pairings: Bucky x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Almost smut.

Blurb: When Stark embarrasses you by springing a surprise birthday party on you, you have a few too many drinks and confront Bucky about his hate for you; only it’s not what you think.

Word Count: 2,600+

You’d been at the Avengers tower for about six months now, and in that time you had become pretty good friends with all of them.

You loved talking to Steve about the past and history, what really happened as opposed to what was written in the books.

You and Tony loved to try your hand at building things, although you were usually more there watching than actually helping. He did let you try on his helmet once, which was awesome.

You always went to Bruce when you had a science-y question, or just wanted to chat, he was probably your favourite person. In fact, you did sort of have a crush on him, if only he was a little younger or you were a little older – or you know, if he didn’t have eyes for Nat, who could kill you with her pinkie finger.

You and Nat became really good sparring partners; you loved how she pushed you to be better, without screaming at you and making you hate physical exercise.

Clint was teaching you how to shoot arrows and throw knives. And skulk around the tower and scare people, like he does.  

Sam and Peter were basically like the two annoying brothers you never had. Constantly pushing your buttons. You loved the goofballs though.

Wanda was your roommate for a time, when you first arrived, she said she knew what it was like to be the newbie and to feel alone, and she wasn’t going to let that happen to you; and since then you’d become good friends. You often stayed up into the wee hours of the morning in either her room or yours, wrapped up in blankets, talking or watching TV.  

Thor was so much fun; you loved spending time with him. Especially when he talked about the realms and the stars and Asgard. One time you got him to talk to you about his favourite place in the entire universe and you drew it in your sketch pad, when you were done he was so happy about how perfect you captured it, he bear hugged you until you almost passed out. He reminded you of a giant Labrador, so full of love and happiness. Despite being the God of Thunder.

You hadn’t really had much to do with Vision or Rhodey though, but they seemed like nice guys.

And then there was Bucky. He wouldn’t give you the time of day. Never said hello, or smiled – did he even know how to smile – when you had to spar with him, he didn’t hold back. Often you left the sessions hurting, bruised. If you came into a room and no one else was there, he got up and left, if someone else was there he pulled them into a deep conversation until you left. If you said you were going to one of Stark’s parties, he either didn’t show up, or showed up for ten minutes and then left with some hot piece of ass.

You only wished you knew what you did or said to make him hate you. You weren’t a bad person, you were friendly, you talked about anything, you made a mean coffee cheesecake, and you were up for any kind of adventure – sitting watching Netflix, hiking, going to the beach. You just couldn’t fathom why someone hated you so much, with every fiber of their being, like Bucky did.


You were having the most wonderful dream, when your phone blared its annoying text tone, to alert you that you had a message. You rolled over in your bed, blinking and trying to wake up. You grabbed your phone, and with one eye open, you clicked it on and read a message from Tony.


Party with the Avengers!!!

@ The Avengers Tower


No RSVP Necessary

- Tony Stark

You grumbled. Normally you didn’t mind Stark’s parties, but after your latest encounter with Bucky you were in no mood to party. Yesterday you’d been sparring with Nat when she was called away, and Bucky was asked to step in, he basically knocked you off balance, yelled at you for being so easily knocked off balance and then stormed out of the training room.

Your cheeks grew hot with embarrassment and you ended up going back to your room and crying in the bottom of your shower like a little child. Bucky just pushed your buttons.

Did you really have to go to the party? Would Stark even notice? You kept trying to think up ways to get out of it, but nothing came to you.

You got out of bed and went for a shower, it was already one o’clock, you’d slept in; which was great, but also bad, because now you had even less time to mentally and emotionally prepare for the party.

After your shower you decided to head to Wanda’s room and grab her, stopping on the way to grab Nat, if you were going to the party you were going to look and feel hot, but you were going to need all the help you could get.

You knocked on Nat’s door.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” Nat said.

“I need your help, can you go to my room and wait for me, and I’ll be back in a second.” You said, turning away. Nat agreed and was already heading to your room.

You got to Wanda’s door and before you could knock she was already opening it.

“I knew you’d come, as soon as I got Stark’s text, what’s up?” She asked, smiling.

“I need you and Nat to make me pretty for the party, and help me pick a rocking outfit.” You said.

“You’re already pretty Y/N” Wanda sighed, “but we’ll see how we can highlight that” she winked.

You and Wanda were just turning into your bedroom when you noticed Nat had already laid some clothes on the bed, some yours, and some hers. You would swear, she was a mind reader. Wanda went to your wardrobe and grabbed a few other bits and pieces and put them down too, before running back to hers and Nat’s room and grabbing the makeup bags.  

After hours of primping and polishing you were done. Nat and Wanda had butted heads on a few things, and you flatly refused a few as well, but between the three of you, you came out with a rocking, biker chic outfit, killer boots and makeup that would have models jealous.

“Oh my god, I love it! Thank you so much you guys!” You smiled at them in the mirror.

“Hey, the foundation was already there, we just added to it” Nat said, smiling and then leaving the room.

“Every guy in that party tonight is going to want your number girl! And maybe half the ladies too, you look hot!” Wanda winked, giving your shoulder a quick squeeze before she too left to get ready.

You were actually in awe of your outfit. It was the perfect combo of street style and girly chic. You had a slinky black dress with long see through lace sleeves, and a daring V-neck cut, courtesy of Wanda, which you paired with thigh high black leather boots, courtesy of Nat; a leather jacket with lace in the back and sleeves, which you were proud to say was your own pick. Then you just polished the outfit with a nice choker necklace, and some rings.

Your makeup was fierce, cat eyed eyeliner, dark smoky eyes, and bright cherry red lips, again courtesy of Wanda. That girl loved her red. You did one last check in the mirror before heading out of your room.


Guests had started arriving at four, it was crazy. By six when the party actually started it was booming, loud music, hot bodies dancing, and alcohol in every hand. You shouldered your way through until you were at the bar.

“Hey Steve” you half yelled when you saw him sitting alone.

“Hey Y/N– wow! You look, you, ah. You look really beautiful” he smiled. You and Steve chatted for a while, until Sam and Thor came over, something about a darts challenge, you weren’t really sure.

Just as you signalled the bartender for another drink you noticed Bucky enter. Along with every other woman in the place. He wore a tight black button down, black skinny-ish jeans and his signature combat boots. He’d brushed his hair and put it in a little bun.

Your breath caught for like two seconds before you realised he was staring at you. You quickly turned and downed your drink.

When you thought it was safe to glance back over your shoulder, you did, only to see Bucky still staring. Just as you were about to make a run for the door, Stark came in and told everyone to shut the hell up. The room went dead.

“Now, unlike most of my other parties … Okay, unlike all of my other parties, this one actually has a reason behind it!” he yelled, everyone looked puzzled and started whispering back and forth. You took another chance to scan the room, eyes automatically falling on Bucky, who was still staring.

“This party is sort of a welcome, for our newest Avengers,” he glanced at you, then at Peter, and T’Challa who’d only recently agreed to be a fully fledged Avenger, “it’s also someone’s birthday, and I do love birthdays” he continued.

Before your brain could respond, Stark was pointing at you, and a spotlight came on, lighting you up like a Christmas tree.

“Let’s all give up for Y/N on her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Tony yelled, before the crowd started singing happy birthday. Your cheeks were burning. You looked up at Stark, and glared. He only winked at you.

You looked back into the crowd of people, Bucky was, smirking.


You’re not sure how many drinks you had after Tony’s announcement, but it was definitely more than your average two. You were past tipsy, and heading straight into crash and burn territory. But not before you did something incredibly stupid that you would definitely regret tomorrow.

You hoped up off of your stool at the bar, pushed past everyone and sauntered straight over to Bucky and slapped him right across the face. The resounding slap making the whole room silent.

Thor who was mere feet away was standing with his mouth hanging open; Steve had stood up from his chair, but was unsure of how to react, you didn’t know, or care where the rest of the team was, and Bucky, Bucky actually smiled.

“You’re a real piece of work ya know that! I can see it in the way you stare at me, you don’t think I am worth your time; you won’t even take the time to get to know the person I might be, no matter how nice I am to you, or how friendly I try to be, you could care less. And it’s bullshit! You treat me like shit on your shoes, you push me harder in sparring than anyone else, and you just about break my back every time we train! What, the actual fuck did I do to you? Huh?!” you threw your arms up in the air, giving a quick circle before turning back to him, “Did I take your favourite coffee cup without asking? Did I take your spot on the couch? Did I offend you in any way? Please for the love of fuck tell me! Because I would really fucking love to know!” When you had finished yelling and realised that everyone was staring at you, whispering, the heat started to come back to your cheeks, and Bucky was still smiling.

“You know what; I’m done trying to be nice. FUCK YOU!” you spat at him, and for a split second, his smile wavered, before he steeled himself. You stormed out of the party, stomping your feet every step of the way to the elevators.

The elevator dinged and you stepped inside. Just as the doors began to shut Bucky shouldered in. He waited for the doors to close, and then hit the emergency stop button, before turning and walking right up to you, backing you into the wall, and put his hands on the wall, either side of your body. You tensed.

His crystal blue eyes bore into you.

“I don’t hate you” he whispered, so soft you barely heard it.


“I. Don’t. Fucking. Hate. You” he said, making sure to enunciate every word.

“Oh yeah? Then why do you treat me so shit, huh?!” You tried to get past him, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Because I like you, you intrigue me, you, you’re something else.”

“WHAT?! You treat me like shit because I interest you? Because you like me? What are we, in second grade?!” You were screaming again.

“I treat you like I do, because you’re the strongest person I know, and I know you can take it, anyone else would’ve given up a long time ago, trying to be my friend, but you didn’t, anyone else would’ve punched me in the face for pushing them so hard in training, but not you, you took it and came back for more, it’s exciting.”

You rolled your eyes and groaned. He was being childish. I like you, so I treat you like shit.

“Ya know, a better, more adult way, of treating someone you like is to, A, tell them you like them, B, act like a human being with them, you know smile at them when they smile, say hello when they say hello, not just grunt, and C, maybe once in a while tell them something looks nice; like oh hey Steve love the new hair cut! You know, be a person.” You grumble.

“Okay,” he whispered, taking a step closer to you, the heat radiating off his body, his breath warm on your skin. “Y/N, I like you,” he smiled, “I will endeavour to say hello to you, every time you say it to me, from now on, and also, you look fucking gorgeous in that dress tonight doll face. You give a man all kinds of ideas.” He winked.

Between your thighs got hot and you could feel the pooling in your panties.

You went to push him away, he was clearly drunk and didn’t know what he was saying, but before you could move, he’d pinned your arms above your head, and his lips crashed into yours. It was a deep, hungry kiss. His body was pressed so hard against yours; you could feel him getting hard.

His lips left yours and he started trailing down your neck, until his head was right at the base of the V-neck, just above your breasts. You moaned and he looked up at you from under his lashes and smirked.

“Good to know the feeling is mutual then” he teased. Before making his way back up to your lips. You kissed him again, harder and more hungry than before. Your legs shot up and wrapped around his waist and you rolled your hips against him to get some friction.

“You know I didn’t get to ask, what with you yelling at me,” he said in between kisses, “what do you want for your birthday?”

“You” was all you could croak out.

“And so you shall, as many times as you want, birthday girl.” He grinned.

With that, Bucky let your legs fall back to the floor, which made you whimper; he slammed the button to your floor and when the elevator arrived he pulled you by the arm until you were in your room.



Inspired by the song “Like That” by Bea Miller, specifically these lyrics:

Can see it from the way you looking at me
You don’t think I’m worth your time
Don’t care about the person that I might be
Offended that I walk the line

So what if I’m not
So what if I’m not everything you wanted me to be?
So what if I am
So what if I am more than you can see?

When you treat me like that, when you treat me like that
It’s pushin’ me harder, it’s pushin’ me harder
When you breakin’ my back, when you breakin’ my back

anonymous asked:

Just curious, but are you still working on that un controlled jack whos being whored out? And gabe not knowing but jack not allowed to say anything, wen i read the little wip drabble you had on it i was hooked

Hi, Anon!  I haven’t given up hope of completing that story, but currently it’s stuck and I’ve been working on other things, so I can’t promise anything.

But in the meantime, I can share what I’ve got so far.  Subject to change, of course, but here you go!

“Gotta get pretty for the bosses?” Gabriel teases him—mocks him, really, these days—whenever he catches Jack getting ready for a sub-committee meeting.

It’d be better if Gabe just pulled a gun and shot at him, honestly.  Every time, it comes out a little nastier, Gabriel only growing more bitter with every passing day.  Jack knows he’s slowly losing his friend, but his lips are sealed.  They’ve got him bound in gag orders and carefully unspecified threats.  He can’t even explain to the man who most deserves to know that all the primping and polishing is under orders, let alone that the position Gabe’s eating himself alive over has become…this.

Nothing Gabe would want, that’s for damn sure.

He knows the figure he cuts as he strides through the halls of the Geneva Office, blond hair and brass trim gleaming, UN-blue coat swaying around his calves, ballistic ceramic-coated boots ringing against the marble floors.  The armor stays off for a formal meeting, but the boots are part of the uniform and they lend a sense of ‘active duty’ that adds a certain something to his image.  People step out of his way, turn to stare as he passes them.  He walks with a measured stride he’s perfected with long practice, brisk but unhurried, exuding confidence and calm.  Overwatch Strike Commander Jack Morrison, on his way to answer to the chosen representatives of the people of the world.

The small amphitheater is one of the smaller 'cozy’ meeting spaces in the building.  Even at that, it’s sheathed in understated splendor, paneled in carved tropical woods and beaded mosaics in homage to the cultures of Oceania.  Jack walks down the ramp to the crescent shaped floor in the center and turns to face the 15 members of the United Nations Sub-Committee on Oversight of the Overwatch Initiative.  The Chair is the only one sharing the presentation space.  The others occupy the first two levels of chairs surrounding them.

“Strike Commander Morrison,” the Chair acknowledges him, the ring of his Belgian accent flattened by the carpeted, sound-baffled room.  It’s not Gabrielle Adawe, anymore.  She’s moved onward and upward as a liaison to the Security Council these days.  This would never have happened on her watch.

“Sir.”  Jack snaps to attention.  The committee may be made up of low-lifes, but disrespect to them is punished.  He made the mistake of telling them exactly what he thought of them when they first started this.  The lesson they gave him was memorable, and then they warned him that they’d take it out on his people if he did it again.

“We have discussed your latest report,” The Chair says. “You have been inventive, recently.”

That isn’t a compliment.  Jack grits his teeth and braces for the follow-up.

“You seem to need reminding of who you belong to.”  The Chair spreads his legs and points to the floor between them. “On your knees.”

Jack takes the few steps forward and sinks to the carpet, sweeping his coat tails out behind him.  The Chair grabs Jack by the hair and pulls.  "Suck, Strike Commander.“

Jack closes his eyes, ignores the contempt, and lets his mouth fall open, unresisting as he’s tugged forward to meet the Chair’s dick.  The picture of obedience, that’s what they want from him.  With his eyes closed, they can’t see how badly he wants to draw his sidearm and blow them all away.

My Plus Size SB must haves

So I’ve literally been hustling for the past few weeks, doing so in my vanilla job (40 hours + a week ) , SB research (this is a constant for me, I enjoy reading so I’m always on the prowl for useful literature ) and my body (both physically and cognitively …building self esteem as I build my muscles )

- SPANX SPANX SPANX, Macy’s has occasional sales and so far I’ve just been buying the tummy slimmer and thigh high silhouettes. Personally, I prefer them in black but tan and other colors are just as effective. 

-Pencil skirts -these should stop a little above the knee for me, if not they tend to ride up and  make me uber self-conscious about the wind and sitting 

-Hair - I’m new to the wig game but I have gone on dates with protective styles - braids, Bantu knots and others and I get the sense that these DC politicians are not into it, maybe in Atlanta or Cali the vibe is diff, but for my DMV girls, these old white men have been with the shits 

-Contacts - I wear glasses on a daily but for dates, I slip in contacts, I like that it’s literally like a whole new persona and that I could pass he/she on  the street and them wouldn’t even know it 

-Patience - at this point idiots and slut shammers simply get reported and blocked …I just don’t have time to respond to men who get their jollies off of wasting my time. I have scholarships and grants to apply for in the same breath so responding to trash is just wasteful…get your money and let them stay mad.

-Finally, I have been whitening my teeth lately and been keeping up a daily primp and polished routine. For me, gel acrylic nails and a pedicure (once a month for now …but when I go back to DC they might have to be every 3 weeks )just add to the image . I’m not obsessive about my looks but I do take care to check myself after eating, doing strenuous exercise or anything that you may feel warrants a quick run to the bathroom to freshen up.

I am trying to avoid a burn out by making the process to be the perfect sugar baby about my self-esteem and self-image. Any and everything I say and do to these men is always well thought out to warrant a specific response that I have already come up with an answer to. I literally see this as a game of guiding a man into thinking he needs YOU in his life. I never come off too desperate and I will check a bitch if he tries me :). Also, to those bisexual sugars, sugar moms are on the rise, last wee I met a woman who had been through 3 divorces and just wanted to vacay for a while with a woman who gets her. I was all for it but I have no way of explaining that shit to my parents and I'm kind of in debt with my school at the moment and the matter requires me to stay here until my balance is paid off. My goal is to return to school this August, so with that deadline in hand, I really can’t afford to live it up right now.


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It’s Always Been You PT.3

You and Bucky had instantly clicked as soon as you arrived at the Avengers Facility, and soon became best friends. He trusted you implicitly and ever since heard you sing, he felt himself falling faster as the days rolled on. So when you start to pull away from him, he feels betrayed and upset. Thinking it’s something to do with him and his past.

Little did he know that it was nothing to do with his past, but your shame in your body, your feelings of self-loathing and your ever growing love for your best friend.

Bucky + Plus Size Reader

AN: Hey Dolls! Thank you for the overwhelming response I’m receiving for this story! This instalment isn’t the best, but it’s important as it’s setting the tone for the next. Also, who doesn’t love a good makeover? Am I right? No? Ok, I’ll let you carry on then! 

Tags are still open and as always my inbox is always open for requests!- Rae xo

Word Count: 2016

STORY TW: Weight Issues, Fat Shaming, Swearing, Violence, Smut (Maybe? Idk yet)

CHAPTER TW: Weight Issues, Low self-esteem, Swearing

Part 1 Part 2

3: “As I’ll Ever Be.”

               “Nikki, this is so kind of you, and I really appreciate it,” you chewed your bottom lip, trying to find the right words to say, without hurting the stylists feelings. “But-“

“You don’t like it, right?” she nodded towards the outfit, and you meekly nodded in return. “You’re right to, there’s just something that looks off isn’t there?,” she bit her nails in thought, “Well this is all I’ve bought with me, so it looks like we’re going to HAVE to go shopping!” she turned around to her team of unbelievably good looking women, “Girls, take a break, get a coffee or something. We’ve got some shopping to do!” she giggled like a schoolgirl before practically pulling your arm out of it’s socket, dragging you out the door

 Your feet hurt from walking, your arms were weak from carrying the ags full of clothes, shoes and whatever else Nikki had decided to treat you with. You bundled into your room and slumped down on the bed, the only thing you had on your mind was a nap.

 “Hey Sleeping Beauty, get your ass up, you’ve got to go get all pretty and shit” you were rudely awoken with a vigorous shake from the one and only Natasha Romanoff.

 “Ok, I’m up, I’m up. What are you doing here?” you asked, trying to stifle a yawn

 “Well, I’m here for a free mani-pedi, obviously. And to get you to the hair stylist, you’ve got to take care of that mane some time.” She laughed as you put on your very best, I’m shocked and appalled face.

 “What’s wrong with my hair?” you laughed

 “When did you last have it in anything apart from a bun Y/L/N?” she raised her eyebrow at you. 

 “I don’t remember…” you trailed off, looking at the floor.

 “Well, then that’s exactly what’s wrong with it.” She smiled at her own joke, “Now, I don’t want to see you until you’ve been all dolled up” At that, she was up and getting the nail technicians attention.

The stylist waltzed into your room with all the equipment that she needed, and sat you down on her chair.

“So?” you asked the lady as she was running her fingers through your hair, scrutinising the ends with microscopic precision.

               “Oh no no no, you’re not allowed to know. I’ve been told you’re not allowed to even get a peek until we’re all done with hair and make up” you sighed, this was Tony’s doing, and you knew it.

After around 3 hours of primping, polishing and styling, you were about to go and get your outfit on. You walked to the closet where Nikki was making the final touches to your outfit. You looked at it nervously.

“Don’t worry, it’ll look amazing. Here, go put these on.” She threw all sorts of under-garments at you, bras, panties, even stocking and suspenders. You held up a corset and wondered what the hell it was for, you gave her a quizzical look, “It sucks everything in, trust me. You’d look amazing anyway, but this, this is what seals the deal. Just in case you had your eye on anyone special” She winked and you turned a light shade of red. “Now, go and get dressed, you don’t have long” She hurried you into the bathroom where you proceeded to dress in the undergarments you’d been given. As you were about to leave, you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror for the first time and didn’t recognise the person staring back at you.            

 Your once straight Y/H/C, lack lustre locks were now healthy curls of deep red that hung just below your shoulders, your feathery fringe stopped just above your now perfectly groomed eyebrows. A blended, soft brown shadow was sitting in the crease of your eye and an inky black flick was on your eyelid, your eyelashes were thick and wispy, you blinked, fluttering them, making you aware of your lack of them up to this point. The lashes tickled your cheek and that made you laugh, causing your attention to change from your eyes to your lips. They looked soft and plump, covered with a deep blue-red lipstick and lip liner that made your teeth look whiter than they were before. Your face had been sculpted nicely, with a shimmery highlight bringing out your cheekbones. You felt amazing in the sexy lingerie that had been picked out for you, and turned your attention to the dress that had been picked out for you. You stepped into the dress and pulled it over your hips, the black velvet hugging you like it was made for you. The deep V in the front accentuated your ample cleavage and the way material ruched across your abdomen and down made it even more flattering, as it hid anything that you were self-conscious about, but showed off your hourglass figure, that you didn’t even know you had, perfectly. The black heels with the red bottoms that you had fallen in love with fit you like a glove and made your tanned legs look positively divine. You added your accessories, added your new perfume and with a satisfied smile, you stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom. With your head held high and your shoulders back, you were finally ready to face the room full of expectant professionals.

               You felt a wave of self-confidence wash over you as you posed for them, you smiled and laughed as they cheered and wolf whistled you. A small blush appeared on your face and you thanked them all. Without them, you wouldn’t feel anything close to how you felt right now. You felt beautiful, and that was such a rare occurrence for you, that you were so very grateful to everyone who had helped you get there. As soon as Natasha and Wanda had heard the commotion, they had practically sprinted to see your ‘Transformation’ as they were calling it. They stopped dead at the door and both of their mouths were hung open, at a loss for words.

“Well, what do you think?” you raised your eyebrow, hoping for a positive review from the only other girls in the house.

“You look so good Y/N, I’ve never seen you smile so big before!” Wanda came over and hugged the living daylights out of you, “You look amazing.” She whispered into you, you smiled and returned her compliment. You looked at Nat, preparing yourself for whatever she was going to say.

“Well shit, it turns out you’re hot as fuck. Good job Nikki” she looked at you and gave you a wink and held her fist out to Nikki to bump. “Are you ready?” she looked at you and you froze, were you ready? “He’s not going to be able to take his eyes off you.” She gave you a knowing look.

“What? Who?” you played dumb, hoping that they wouldn’t press the issue any further. The rest of the team left to clean up, which let you to have your discussion alone.

“You must think we’re stupid Y/N. We’re talking about Bucky.” You opened your mouth to protest Wanda, but she raised her finger before you had the chance to say anything. “And don’t you deny it. We see how you look at him”

“He sees me as a friend” you didn’t necessarily lie, you just didn’t tell them that you wished he saw you as more than a friend. Wanda sent you a look, and you didn’t need to say anything else, she knew.

“And? What do you see him as?” Nat pressed. Boy, she really wanted to hear the words come out of your mouth.

“I mean, of course I like him, who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous. He’s kind, and funny. He’s charming and protective. I mean I should be so lucky right?” you finally admitted it to Nat, just not to the extent that you liked him.

“Well wearing that hun, you’ll be getting very lucky, if you know what I mean” she sent you a wink and you exploded with laughter. You picked up your phone from the charger and noticed a text from Bucky.

Limos have arrived. Time to board your carriage, Cinderella.

You made sure you had everything you needed, and headed out the door.

“Y/N, you go last, so you get the grand reveal.” You rolled your eyes at Wanda, ever the romantic.

You ascended the stairs behind Nat and Wanda, and you could hear them being wolf whistled and clapped by everyone. You took a deep breath and nervously turned the corner looking out at the crowd of people. It became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Everyone’s mouth was hanging open in a similar way to Nat and Wanda earlier. Your eyes searched the room for those familiar ocean blue orbs. When you found them, your heart started racing, and you could feel your smile widening. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo, his long hair in a slicked back style that made you want to run your fingers through it. He looked you up and down, and there was a brief flash of something that you couldn’t quite figure out in his eyes. All of a sudden, all of the men were rushing to you, reaching for your hand, fighting to help you down the stairs. All of them apart from the man who you really wanted to be there. He kept his distance, keeping his gaze on you at all times.

“Here, Y/N, let me help you.” Steve extended his hand to you, ever the gentleman.

“Hey, shove off Cap, I asked first” Sam pushed Steve’s hand away, replacing it with his own. You blushed harder, not used to all the attention you were now receiving.

“I think we all know, I was there before both of you.” You heard Tony move through the crowd and he took your hand and escorted you down the stairs. He leant into you and whispered “You look stunning Siren. Who knew right?” you slapped his arm playfully and laughed. He can be an ass, but him footing the bill for this make over made you feel very thankful to Tony, for everything he did for you tonight.

“Thank you Stark.” You looked at him, he picked your hand up, and planted a small kiss on top of it.

“Go get ‘em tiger.” He raised his eyebrow and as soon as he’d said it, he was off, talking to someone about something far beyond you level of expertise. You made your way over to Bucky, who’s stare you were painfully aware of the whole time you’d been stood in the foyer. Your eyes met his and he smiled at you and the dancing butterflies in your stomach were at it again, why did you react like this with him?

“Hey Buck. You don’t scrub up too shabby,” you mentally cursed yourself at your nervous laugh that followed.

“Neither do you, Angel.” He took you in his arms and you pulled him close, giving him a chance to feel your curves, you blamed your new found confidence at the sudden need for his attention. He didn’t complain, as he picked you up and span you around. He placed you back down and whispered into your ear, “You’re simply captivating, Doll” Your heart was hammering away so fast in your chest, you felt it could jump out at any moment. You felt your breathing hitch as he studied you, you glanced up at him, his eyes darkening with something you couldn’t quite place your finger on.

“Come on Guys! I want to party!” Sam called from outside. You hadn’t even noticed the foyer empty, leaving only you and Bucky stood on the logo in the entrance hall. Bucky placed his hand on the small of your back, the small touch sending a shiver down your spine.

“You ready Doll?” his low voice made your knees weak, and you could have jumped him there and then.

“As I’ll ever be.”

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jayisanerd  asked:

I've always wondered how the cast of dr1 would prepare for something like a prom or masquerade ball (I bet they'd all look fancy in suits or dresses :3)

Makoto: Makoto oh my god he’d be so cute he’d wear his tux and try to tame that wild pile of fluff on his head… he’d have his mom do his tie because he doesn’t know how, and he’d drive his date to the dance really nervous and quiet.
Byakuya: He’d buy a custom-tailored tux, pay someone to do his hair, have a limo on standby for him and his date, and make a huge scene when they arrive and draw as much attention as possible.
Kyouko: Kyouko would keep it simple and elegant, light make up, hair neatly up. I can see her in a long, dark dress, nothing flashy, but absolutely beautiful.
Chihiro: I can’t decide whether Chihiro would feel confident enough to wear a tux, or if he’d stick with a dress…. I definitely think he’d get ready by himself and meet up with a group of friends at the dance.
Mondo: Mondo would wear a horribly gaudy tux, I’m talking lime green or something. He’d show up with a crew of male friends, probably also wearing bright ugly colors, and just generally be loud and obnoxious.
Kiyotaka: Ishimaru would make sure his hair was perfectly in place, tie perfectly straightened, and I think he would read through all of the rules of the prom beforehand and make his date completely aware of them. He would probably annoy his date at the prom by acting more like a chaperon than a student.
Junko: Junko would find the sexiest, barely dress-code appropriate dress she could and then spend hours on hair, makeup and nails. She would probably demand that her date pick her up in a limo and present her with a corsage before the dance.
Hifumi: Hifumi would spend hours trying to get that unicorn-horn thing he has on top of his head (what is that I don’t even) to stay down, eventually I think he’d just slick his hair back and look like a complete dork. I think he’d buy his date a corsage but leave it at home. He’d be really awkward and would mumble a lot when asking his date to dance.
Touko: I don’t really know if she would go to something like that, when I think of Fukawa at a prom, “Carrie” comes to mind…. She might go just to stalk Byakuya, but I doubt she would dress up much for the occasion.
Sayaka: Sayaka would wake up at 6 AM to start getting ready for the dance, which is at like 6 PM or something. Primped and polished in a big puffy pink dress, she would be the girl crying in the bathroom because another girl wore the same dress.
Leon: Leon would be really handsome like unf, he’d probably wear a nice tuxedo, Spike his hair up as usual, and pick his date up in a really nice car. I feel like Leon would be the one to try to spike the punch, though.
Celestia: Celestia would hire a group of people to prep her for the dance, and maybe a group of guys to trail around her and attend to her every wish. She would don a big black ballgown, and the most exquisite jewelry she could get her hands on. 
Sakura: Aoi would give Sakura a complete makeover, style her hair, put a dress on her, do her makeup. I feel like Sakura would be really uncomfortable with the whole thing, but since Aoi’s having fun, I doubt she’d really mind. 
Aoi: Aoi would spend most of the prep time helping Sakura get ready, and then she would get dressed and do her hair herself. I could see Aoi having her hair in a simple bun, maybe a small tiara, and like Sayaka, a poofy dress. Aoi would take Sakura as her date regardless of whether or not she had a boyfriend / girlfriend.
Yasuhiro: Yasuhiro really wouldn’t prepare at all, and probably would be the one not allowed into the prom because he’s not wearing formal dress. 
Edit: the reason why Mukuro is not included is because I feel that I do not know enough about her character/personality to write headcanons or imagines for her personally. The other mods may be able to do so c: I just don’t want to portray the character wrong ~ Mod Bunny

Mukuro: Having no experience whatsoever in formal things, Junko dresses her up as she sees fit. The Ultimate Soldier is pretty much her little doll, and Junko takes every opportunity to try out different styles. Mukuro ends up going to prom in a rather simple, pale aqua dress with a subtle flower of the same colour in her hair. Being of a rather shy nature, she spends prom accompanying Junko wherever she goes, diverting her gaze from others sheepishly for she feels pretty uncomfortable in such a feminine dress. ~ Mod Narii

The Man in Black: Dan Howell

Hi so this is a bit different than my other imagines. It’s an AU (Alternate Universe) so it’s Dan but he’s not like Dan. Idk. I just got the idea and I went with it. yay for creative freedom. 

warnings: language, violence, the feels

I walk hand in hand down the city streets with my boyfriend, Zach. We are on our way to a nice dinner with his boss, so I’m primped and polished to be his arm candy while the men talk business. My lips, stained red as blood, are pulled together into a scowl—I am resenting this dinner. Just like all the others, I will sit quietly next to him, nodding when spoken to and smiling when the big man makes a joke. I am just a prop, I am just an object. Zach brings me to these meetings to give him credibility and it’s fucking degrading.

But the likelihood of me expressing my feelings towards them are little to none. Who wants a girlfriend who always complains?

So, we walk down the deathly grey sidewalk, him telling me how important this is for him, and me flashing him a week smile in acknowledgement. We near a cluster of people, circling a street performer. The performer enthusiastically walks around the circle, drawing people in. Zach and I decide to stop and watch, as we were early anyway.

“Welcome one and all,” said the man yelled, “I am here today to show you what spectacular looks like.”

He is adorned head to toe in dark clothes, black as death. His hair is swept over his face, but his dark eyes were visible even from where I was standing. His tall figure was intimidating, yet mysterious and I was immediately intrigued. His eyes meet mine for a split second, and I was so startled I felt my hand drop from Zach’s.

The Man in Black, I call him in my thoughts, begins his show by pulling three knives from his belt and juggling them. They jump and dance off his hands and into the air. My heels lift off the ground to make sure I could see everything. Next, he pulled out a target, and he threw each knife at the bull’s-eye, like a gun right on target. My heartbeat was accelerated just watching the spectacle.

“For my final trick, I will need a member from the audience,” he began, looking around with an eyebrow raised. Nobody spoke. “Anyone? How about you sir?” the Man in Black spoke, pointing to a young man to his left. The man nodded his head, backing away.

“I’ll do it.”

Suddenly, everyone’s heads turned to me, and their concerned eyes burned into me. My mind caught up to body, and I realized it was my mouth that spoke the words of confirmation.

“Y/N What the fuck? You can’t go up there! The jackass could kill you!” Zach yelled from next to me, but his voice sounded muffled and far away.

No, my attention was focused on the extended hand and two dark eyes inviting me up. Yet again, I felt my mind handicapped and my body taking action, placing my hand in his.

“Very well, welcome to the show, Miss.” He said with a laugh. Up-close, I noticed his features to be quite attractive, and his dark nature turned playful almost. I felt his hands at my shoulders, positioning me in front of the target, his face inches from mine.

“What’s your name, love?” he said, quiet enough for only I to hear.

“Y/N,” I choked out, my eyes locked on his.

“Do you trust me, Y/N?” he whispered, as we positioned an apple atop my head.

“I-I don’t know,” I stuttered in fear.

“Well, you better start now.” He winked at me and I felt my entire face flush. If I thought my heart was beating fast before, now to its extreme. I saw the man in black introduce me to the crowd, but I heard nothing. All I could hear was my heart beat and erratic breathing. My entire body felt numb from adrenaline, but my hands shook at my sides.

“Are you ready, Y/N?” the Man in Black asks me, and nod my head carefully, aware of the apple on top of my head.

He positions the knife aside his head, and his eyes lock with mine. It seems as if the world has slowed down, my tunnel vision only seeing on the pair of dark eyes twenty feet from me. Our eyes focused on each other, neither blinking, afraid that if we did the other would vanish.

Then, in a split moment, the corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk and he shot me a quick wink before the knife came hurtling at me. I felt my eyes squeeze shut and my mouth release a shriek.

But as quick at the movement began, it had ended just as fast.

The ringing in my ear subsided and the sound of applause arouse. I slowly opened my eyes to see the Man in Black take a large, theatrical bow. He gestures over to me, a signal for my bow. I simply wave, as a great smile grew on my face. I felt myself giggling in excitement and I looked over at the target, where the knife split into the trapped to target.

After the applause, people began to disperse and Zach came running up to me. “Y/N! Are you fucking insane?! You could have been killed! That could have been your head!” he screamed.

“But it wasn’t, I’m fine.”

“Come on, we are leaving. I can’t believe you would embarrass me like that-“ he said, aggressively grabbing my arm. “Shit! Zach that hurts!” I yelled at him.

“Hey is there a problem here?” The Man in Black approached us, appearing from nowhere. He looked at Zach, then to the hand connected to my arm, and then to me. His eyes lingered on mine, and it seemed as if his playful aura was lost.

“Get the fuck out of here.” Zach said, releasing me and puffing his chest out at him.

“Hey, mate, I’m not looking for any trouble.”

“Well obviously you are, throwing knives at my girlfriend.”

“At least I wasn’t intentionally hurting her,” the Man in Black said, cocking his head a bit and looking over at my hand rubbing my forearm. Zach follows his line of sight, and sees my hand rubbing my new bruise.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean to-“ he starts

I took a step away from him, “Zach, go home.”

After a few more pleads, he stubbornly walked off, probably even to that fucking dinner. I looked around, wondering how the hell I will get back to my flat.

“Are you alright?” I heard from the Man in Black say from beside me.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you, by the way.” I said.

“Come on.” He said, turning and walking away from me. I felt myself running after him.

“Where are we going?” I said, falling into step with him.

“I’m going to give you a ride home.” He said, simply. Great, I mean, not great. I don’t even know this guy. I could never get in a car with him.

“What did you say your name was again?” I asked.

“I never did, but its Dan.”



explicitretain  asked:

"Tch, I hate her... always so... primp and polished, thinking she's better than everyone. Lets see her try to take on Megatron while a thousand undead soldiers are rushing the field." A femme huffed and growled some to herself as she moved past some trees, looking at the wildlife that was around. "So... where am I? Ugh, I really want to go back to the firehouse."

The sound of roaring engines were heard miles away in the forest until it was starting to get louder and louder as it was coming closer by the second. A car of colors of red and gold that matched the fire itself zoomed past the peaceful forest until it passed the robotic femme. Immediately the car hit the brakes and swiveled. The car, despite being a few feet away, roared its engine at her.

Mulan Lyric Meme
  • "This is what you give me to work with? Well, honey, I've seen worse."
  • "We'll have you washed and dried, primped and polished til you glow with pride."
  • "Trust my recipe for instant bride."
  • "You'll bring honor to us all."
  • "Wait and see, when we're through, boys will gladly go to war for you."
  • "A girl can bring her family great honor in one way."
  • "Men want girls with good taste, calm, obediant, who work fast paced."
  • "We all must serve our emperor who guards us from the Huns: a man by bearing arms, a girl by bearing sons."
  • "When we're through, you can't fail, like a lotus blossom soft and pale."
  • "Beads of jade for beauty, you must proudly show it."
  • "Ancestors, hear my plea. Help me not to make a fool of me."
  • "Scarier than the undertaker we are meeting our match maker."
  • "Look at me, I will never pass for a perfect bride or a perfect daughter."
  • "Can it be I'm not meant to play this part?"
  • "Now I see that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart."
  • "Why is my reflection someone I don't know?"
  • "When will my reflection show who I am inside?"
  • "Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns."
  • "Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?"
  • "You're the saddest bunch I've ever met but you can bet before we're through mister I'll make a man out of you."
  • "Once you find your center, you are sure to win."
  • "You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot and you haven't got a clue."
  • "I'm never gonna catch my breath!"
  • "Boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym."
  • "Be a man."
  • "We must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire."
  • "Mysterious as the dark side of the moon."
  • "Heed my every order and you might survive."
  • "You're unsuited for the rage of war so pack up, go home, you're through."
  • "For a long time we've been marching off to battle."
  • "Like the pounding beat, our aching feet aren't easy to ignore."
  • "Hey! Think of instead, a girl worth fighting for."
  • "I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars."
  • "My girl will marvel at my strength, adore my battle scars."
  • "I couldn't care less what she'll wear or what she looks like. It all depends on what she cooks like beef, pork, chicken."
  • "Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer."
  • "I'll bet the ladies love a man in armor."
  • "What do we want? A girl worth fighting for."
  • "My girl will think I have no faults, that I'm a major find."
  • "How 'bout a girl whose got a brain who always speaks her mind?"
  • "I've a girl back home whose unlike any other."
  • "Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother."
  • "Baby I knew at once that you were meant for me."
  • "Deep in my soul, I know that I'm your destiny."
  • "Don't think so much, let your heart decide."
  • "I see your future and its tied to mine."
  • "I look in your eyes and see your searching for a sign."
  • "Don't be scared of what you don't know."
  • "You must be true to your heart."
Hello Beautiful Salon

488 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Get primped and polished by the go to ladies if you want to change up your hairstyle, get some nail art or are just in need of pampering. The nail art salon, by artist Jessica Tong, is my go-to place for spiced up manicures. The décor and design of the space is super welcoming. At the front of the store there’s a mini retail shop with fun accessories and apparel. The friendly staff will make sure you leave feeling more glamorous than you’ve ever felt before.

#306: 'The Story Of Us Now'

How Long Will I Love YouThe Story Of Us Now- One Shot #306

+past one shots

Click the (***) as you see them, to add some visuals to your reading experience. 

Song: Story Of My Life- One Direction 

Harry wrapped his hand around his coffee cup, mindful of the sleeping baby cradled in his arm, and padded around the concrete studio floor, with a camera over his shoulder. “Are you ready for your debut, little one?” he cooed down to chunky baby in his arms. He looked around at all of the different sets for the revamp of the ‘Story Of My Life’ video on its, a little later than ten year anniversary. While the concept for this video was a mirror image to the first, the five boys that had grown into men, and with those ten years, came a wave of new moments that had, thankfully, all been captured on film and emblazoned into shiny photo prints.  

The studio was buzzing with activity, as five different sets were being put together and everyone was being fitted in wardrobe and primped and polished in hair and makeup. There was crew milling around, directing all of the family involved in this version of the video. He could hear the twins howling with laughter as Louis chased after them, and the scamper of little feet against the slick, sealed concrete. Harry winced, hearing their giggles and praying to a higher power that they wouldn’t fall and bang up their knees.

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Some pictures of the final, finished product! Last photo prolly NSFW and definitely 100 percent shameless in every way.

My Silklace (with a touch of Rocaille) cosplay, Holly’s Cotton Cat/Eastern Girl cosplay, and Mandy’s Sentimental/Cytonik cosplay.

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kc + “The advertisement did not do you justice” au

Klaus fiddles with the settings of his camera on autopilot, eyes sweeping around the studio where they’re shooting the print ads for Burberry today.

Everything is laid out exactly how he’d ordered it, from the red velvet couch down to the kraft table heaving with model appropriate snacks. He always liked to be organised on his shoots, found he worked better when everything was arranged in advance and he didn’t have to worry about meeting last minute demands from spoilt supermodels.

Speaking of which, Caroline Forbes was running late. Considered the current darling of the fashion world, he’d not had a chance to work with her yet. He’d seen countless campaigns that she’d shot, and had seen footage of her in action on the runway, but hadn’t actually met her face to face.

He’s not sure what to expect. Photographer friends of his that had worked with her were quick to point out that she was a genuinely nice person, very down to earth. That was rare enough in this industry, with the level of entitlement that usually came along with getting paid upwards of $10,000 a day.

His assistant is glancing at her phone, noting the time. They were scheduled to begin shooting in twenty minutes, and Caroline still had to do hair and makeup which would take at least half an hour.

The brief from Burberry had been a natural look to compliment the classic pieces that Caroline would be modelling today, but depending on how much makeup Caroline needed they could be there for quite some time making sure each shot was perfect.

The door flies open suddenly as his gaze is drawn towards the other side of the room. Caroline Forbes stands on the threshold, slightly out of breath and dressed down in a simple leggings and blouse combo that’s miles away from the couture that she usually models on the runway. Despite the casual wear, there is a reason behind it, so her clothes won’t leave any marks behind on her body should she have to show more skin than normal.

She picks her way across the room towards him, pausing in front of him. He certainly doesn’t miss the way she gives him an appreciative once over, eyes lighting up with barely contained delight.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, the traffic was absolute hell getting here. I know that it’s not an excuse and it’s very unprofessional of me, but I hope you won’t hold it against me too much.” Caroline begins with a bright smile, holding out her hand to him. “It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you Klaus; I’ve been dying to work with you for awhile now.”

He’s struck dumb, barely able to form a coherent answer in response as his assistant takes over for him, quickly introducing herself and ushering Caroline over to the hair and makeup table, where she’s immediately descended on by a team of three who primp and polish her to absolute perfection.

Twenty minutes later she’s striding out in front of the backdrop dressed in a sky high pair of heels, and a camel coloured trench coat worn over a striped shirt. Her hair is straightened, her crystalline eyes sharply defined with liner.  

“Alright let’s do this.” She calls, trying out a few positions quickly before draping herself over one of the white cubes that he’d dumped into the set.

He moves into position, and they begin.

He really wishes that he could say that he remembered every second of his shoot with Caroline Forbes with startling clarity, but in reality the whole thing passed in a blur.

You see the thing is when two incredibly talented people at the top of their game are in a room together, there’s a tendency to sink into a zone and just get it done.

Caroline it turned out, needed very little direction, an absolute natural at the whole modelling thing as she changes outfits every couple of shots and lets the hair and makeup people adjust her look as required.

When he next looks at the clock around three hours have passed and he would have amassed upwards of 500 photographs easily. He passes his memory card over to his assistant, who immediately plugs it into the closest computer and begins pulling the photograph’s up on the flat screen monitor.

They’ll pick the best six photographs to send to the client, who will then give the final sign off before they begin resizing for print.

“Do you mind if I have a look?” A soft voice next to him forces him to turn, his body accommodating Caroline’s as she slips in beside him, staring at the screen in front of her with a strange look on her face. “It’s always strange to see myself so made up.”

She’s changed again, into jeans and a leather jacket, makeup noticeably lighter than what it had been during their shoot. Despite the stripped down look, she still looked positively radiant.

The advertisements and the runway shows certainly hadn’t done her justice at all.

He studies her for a long moment before clearing his throat, turning his own gaze back to the screen. It’s so tempting to ask her out for a drink, but he’s punching way above his weight here and there’s no chance in hell that she’d ever say yes to someone like him.

“I like that one.” Caroline points to a particularly playful shot of her mid laugh, head thrown back and hair falling down her back.

“I do as well. I can send you a copy if you’d like? For your portfolio?” He phrases it like a question, unsure if Caroline even has to present a portfolio for jobs anymore considering how in demand she is.

“That would be fantastic, thanks.” She flashes him a grin, the silence stretching out between them for a moment. He coughs into his hand a little awkwardly. Caroline shifts from one foot to another with a soft smile on her face.

“It was really lovely working with you Klaus. I hope we get to do so in the future.” Caroline says softly.

“You were fantastic for the record sweetheart. Probably the easiest shoot I’ve done in a long time. The advertisements don’t do you justice.”

Shit. Shit. He just said that out loud.

An amused smile plays at Caroline’s lips for only a moment.

“I’m glad you think so. Are you doing anything right now? I could really use a drink after today.” Caroline remarks bluntly as he blinks back at her in surprise. 

Did she just ask him out?

He chances a glance over at the digital team, who are all very much pretending like they aren’t hearing what is unfolding right in front of their very eyes.

See the thing is, Klaus knew he was good looking. And he knew that his good looks paired with his accent were a winning combination where women were concerned. And this wasn’t the first time that he’d been asked out by one of the models that he’d shot, but he’d always refused them for the sake of professionalism.

He didn’t want to garner a reputation for sleeping his way around the industry. And a part of him wanted to spare Caroline from that as well, but he was far too selfish to say no to her.

“I think I have a few hours free sweetheart. Let me just pack up and then we can get going.”

Caroline seems content to wait for him patiently, and he really has to wonder just what the hell he’s getting himself into.