primordial organisms

Solange Pessoa’s mastery of form and material bowls me over. Her work is so much of what I love that I can’t believe I only just encountered it. Pessoa’s visceral, biomorphic sculptures and installations suggest distended human forms, sacs of viscous liquid, stretched hides and primordial organisms. They are pregnant with pathos and uncanniness. In a way, Pessoa seems to combine two of the greatest artists of all time (in my book): the fleeting, process-oriented experimentations of Eva Hesse mixed with Louise Bourgeois’s exquisite use of craft and eye for the semi-abstract, semi-abject body. In this work here, the bulbous forms hang together, jostling and squishing each other as their contents seem ready to burst outward, the line they are draped from stretching precariously under the force of gravity. The objects look like scrotums, breasts, placentas, intestines, and other viscera, and yet there’s also a compelling ordinariness to them, almost comically bland in their beige monochrome and cheap fabric stuffed with god knows what (*update: dirt and sponges*). It is precisely this ability to find the strangeness in the everyday—one of the most important legacies of surrealism—that makes Pessoa so brilliant.

Solange Pessoa, Hammock, 1999-2003

Accessorize Industrial Collapse

In the future we will all have to learn to code and spearfish 
and I will be able to name many types of dirt but never my friends 
and we will all live by the sea because everyone will 
and eventually not even the dirt. 

Gender is an unsustainable technology in this really literal way where we will run out of oil and lube and signifiers and it will have nothing to stick to or into, and yes, it’s older than oil to us, but that doesn’t mean it knows how to masturbate, gender engenders gender, but not asexually. I hope this is peak gender, the othered body of the Hubbert curve. Life is precious quotes, capitalism is bad quotes, gender is performative quotes.

54 gender options, because go hard or go home, plant reproductive morphology, codified taxonomic diversity is neoliberalism I think I’m a boy sometimes even though there is no such thing. ‘A “perfect” flower has both stamens and carpels.’ Feeling dysphoric about my consumer demographic, gonna change my body by covering myself in glorious petrochemical mud from the Thames estuary and singing Taylor Swift songs backwards. It’s like somewhere between a vision quest and market research. Trying to build an alternative to gender out of salvaged wood and gaffer tape and bicycle inner tubes because I go to art school and have a lot of free time. Frying onions and listening to black metal, replacing every instance of identity with body or practice it will be okay I promise. Meditating on biochemical processes, I don’t think abolishing language will help, kissing is a conversation about violence. Theory bro, swollen ulcers on the top of my mouth bro. ‘Even the most beautiful flowers are spoiled in their centers by hairy sexual organs’ - that was Bataille slutshaming orchids. The cultural phenomenon of trypophobia [fear of holes], law enforcement bodies, testosterone after the fall of man. 

On dark days I remind myself gender is an unsustainable technology because parent cells can only ever divide to become equal daughter cells. ‘Tumtum is not defined as a separate gender but rather a state of doubt.’ Magical nihilist abstract sex biodigital microfemme praxis, sexting deep ecology a critique of the ways in which it has historically neglected to honour inorganic matter with the same level of agency and patient mediation as the geographical anthropomorphised Other. 

More crypto-prophecies. In the future nobody will ask ASL, we will ask AVM - animal, vegetable, or mineral? Spit-and-sawdust internet cafe, the beings who have decided not to be people, linguistic post-humanism, the revolutionary potential of the intersex friendly ghost, chaotic good dragon kin, deaf transatlantic mermaid, ALL GODS NO MASTERS, the post body is the most body, be a dragon and a queen. In alchemy the dragon is the beginning and end of the work, which dates alchemy to a time when work had a beginning and an end - dragons against post-fordism. Life in the primordial vegan soup, ‘organic genderless gingerbread figures’ are gentrification, I don’t want my gender to be legible to people from Clapham. Daydreaming about a self-identified fun place to work open plan office space with free smoothies for content providers and a Keep Calm and Carry On poster being torn apart by dragons.

A rainbow ending at Canary Wharf, civilised death, a patch to make corpses decay more realistically, smoothen the transitions between worlds and servers, ensure minimal glitching of bone and sinew, send funeral invites to all the right people. LinkedIn, purgatory, LinkedIn, purgatory, etc. No future, a copy of Cosmic Communist Constructions buried to rot deep inside a tumulus burial ground on the outskirts of an industrial estate, trypophobia exposure therapy and recovery, the explanation for all of this.