primordial buddha

Our true nature is identical with the Primordial Buddha, but due to our obscurations we have forgotten our true nature and so wander in samsara. The example is often given that our true nature is like the sky-open, spacious, unending and unbeginning. Our mental defilements and obscurations are like clouds. The purpose of the tantric Buddhist practices is to remove and transform the obscurations so that we rediscover and realize our Buddha-identity.
—  Terry Clifford, Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry.
Samantabhadra: The Primordial Buddha

O great being, listen to me!
My nature is like this:
I am just one unitary whole
and yet revealing, I reveal two aspects,
and emerging, I emerge as the nine lifestyles,
and integrating, I integrate into natural perfection,
and abiding, I abide in the spaciousness of reality,
and existing, I exist as pure mind,
and shinning, I shine in the sky of pure rigpa,
and embracing, I embrace life-forms and environment,
and manifesting, I manifest as matter and energy.

Yet revealed, I have no concrete attribute,
and I cannot be seen as an objective entity,
and I cannot be known in verbal expression,
and since my nature does not follow from a cause,
I am free of all verbal imputation.

To understand my nature with certainty,
take the sky as the illustration,
“unoriginated reality” as the definition,
and the elusive nature of mind as the evidence.

As “sky-like reality”
it is indicated by the simile of sky or space;
as “nonreferential reality”
the impossibility of its objectification is indicated;
as “inexpressible in words,”
the expression “inexpressible”
shows my nature to be without reference.

This concise teaching serves to clarify my actuality,
it should be enough for you to realize my reality.
If this does not suffice,
then no matter how I speak of it,
we shall not meet,
and straying from me, obfuscating my nature,
you will fail to realize the heart of reality.

– Samantabhadra

The Buddha, sitting in one land,
Appears reflected in all lands;
Bodies of millions of varieties, pleasing,
Pervade the reaches of the cosmos.

From one hair of the Buddha light beams
Emerge, annihilating the afflictions of the world;
The elemental particles of the land may be counted,
But the number of those light beams cannot be known.

Sometimes they show buddhas imbued with supreme characteristics
Turning the wheel of the highest teaching;
Sometimes there appears the lord of humans, pure and calm,
With his most excellent, unsurpassed, conduct, in other lands.

The Guide is seen in the abode of happiness,
Dying there and so coming to Earth,
In the womb, thus in millions of lands,
Or seen being born there in the land.

The Guide, going forth for the sake of the world
And becoming supremely enlightened,
So turning the wheel of the Dharma,
Is seen in millions of lands.

Just as a magician versed in the arts of magic
Shows many objects for people,
So does the Teacher, versed in supreme knowledge,
Show all bodies to the people.

Empty, quiescent, essentially signless,
The nature of things is equal to space—
The enlightened Teacher, by ultimate truth,
Shows the exalted sphere of the Buddhas.

As is the essence of the buddhas,
So is that of sentient beings—found in the nature of things.
Signs and signlessness are equal in that way—
All things are ultimately signless.

Those who seek enlightened knowledge Abandon assumptions, notions imaginations;
Aware that being and non-being are the same in essence,
They will quickly become supreme human leaders.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 787, 788

Note on the image: Samantabhadra yab-yum, the primordial buddha.

My new friend. His name is VAJRADHARA THE PRIMORDIAL BUDDHA but asked me to call him Jack. He is gifting me with a place to begin cultivating loving-kindness. EDIT: For those who have been commenting, it’s a 1 gallon bowl and he’s rather tiny. I have a great camera lens that made him seem a lot bigger.