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Can I get a S/O scenario where she comments on how Tsuna/Hibari/Enma look so much like Giotto/Alaude/Cozart? Bonus points if she make an off-handed comment on how handsome the first generation are. Please and thank you!



“…Either you and the others dyed your hair for this portrait or I’m looking at the people you guys are reincarnated from.” You stared in awe in front of a giant painting of seven men, each bearing a striking resemblance to your lover and his male guardians.

The amused smile on Tsuna’s face grew as he walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on the top of your head. “They’re the founders of the Vongola, dear. The one in the middle is Giotto, Vongola Primo, my ancestor.” He pressed a kiss on the top of your hair and took in a strong whiff. The scent of peonies engulfed him and he took note that you switched shampoos again.

You cocked your head to the side, taking in the portrait once more with a better understanding. “You know,” you mused aloud, “since you look so much like your ancestor, that means you would pretty handsome with blonde hair.”

Tsuna hummed, preoccupied with slowly pressing kisses down the side of your neck, nipping occasionally. “Are you saying that my great-great-something-grandfather is more attractive than me?” he murmured into your skin. That exact spot was a weakness of yours and he damn well knew it too.

“N-no,” you whimpered as you felt him bite down gently on the spot. “I’m just saying that you would look just as attractive with blonde hair. Primo is handsome, but I like your brown hair just fine, Tsun-ah!” You let out an embarrassingly loud moan as he began to suck on your skin, your knees buckling underneath you.

He lifted his head up, whispering harshly into your ear, “I’ll show you that I’m far better than Primo.”


You watched from you and Hibari’s shared bed as the man prepared himself for bed. “You know, Kyoya,” you began, “you look a lot like the first Cloud guardian Alaude.” There was no real emotion behind your words, you were only stating a fact after all.

The Foundation leader gave you a glance before returning to his previous activity. He was slowly removing his suit, getting ready to change into his night clothes. “So I’ve been told,” he replied neutrally.

“I wonder if he was just as handsome as you are, that’s all.” Common sense dictated so, right? Surely the only difference between the two were their coloring despite having two different nationalities. “He must have also been quite the looker during those times.”

Hibari turned to you, half naked with an annoyed look on his face. “Is there something you want to say, little one?” He wasn’t jealous per se, he was just confused as to why you were so insistent on this particular topic.

You smiled at him before falling backwards onto the bed, letting out a loud sigh. “No, I’m just making an observation, that’s all.” Closing your eyes, the only sounds for the next few minutes were of Hibari’s clothes rustling and then the sound of the light switch clicking. You heard him crawl into bed and you turned away from the sound.

Arms wrapped themselves around you, tightly pressing you to his chest. It was a bit tighter than normal, but you didn’t comment in it. Instead, you placed your hands on top of these arms, rubbing them gently. “Good night, Kyoya.”


The young Shimon boss jolted in place as you plopped yourself next to him on the couch. He held in his hands a thick, worn out book lent to him from Tsuna. A relic from the Vongola archives, he said, something he found when looking for more information on the friendship between Giotto and Cozart.

“Whatcha looking at, sweetheart,” you asked as you looked at the leather bound book. “Looks ancient.”

Enma moved the book so you could see better. “It’s an old journal from Shimon Primo’s time. See?” He turned the pages, pointing at the slanted cursive. “Tsuna found this and thought I should take a look. There’s even a picture of Vongola Primo with my ancestor.”

You stared in awe at the preserved sketch of Giotto and Cozart. It was a rough sketch at best, but you could see the resemblance between the current bosses and the founders of the Vongola and Shimon families. Running a finger along the side of the picture, you smiled at Enma. “I can see where you got your good looks from. Those are some pretty strong genes.”

Blushing, Enma ducked his head down to press a kiss onto your lips. His hands settled on your waist, his thumbs rubbing circles. He pressed harder into the kiss, gently biting your bottom lip for entrance.

“Although,” you pulled away, breathing heavily, “to be fair, Shimon Primo must have looked just as handsome as you were. Kind of makes me feel pretty lucky to have landed you, you know?” You ran your hand through Enma’s hair repeatedly, one hand holding his cheek.

He pursed his lips, eyes furrowing in confusion. “Is that your way of saying he’s more handsome?”

“Don’t be silly, I’d choose you over him hands down,” you smiled as you initiated the next kiss. Knowing you had caused him a little bit of self-doubt made you feel horrible. What better way to tell him otherwise than to show him?

Important Headcanon
  • Since the rings were buried with Cozart’s body and the knowledge was hidden away from his descendants, I believed that Cozart intended to be the first and last Shimon Boss. Since its odd if he intended differently, because Cozart’s family and Enma’s family were the only two families to use the rings. And Enma’s family found it after the earthquake revealed the rings to Enma and his family. 
  • I also say that he had a pact with his guardians that when he died the rings were to buried with him. It was a secret that died with the Guardians.