I don’t care if it’s not Friday in your country but it’s Friday everyday in my world so ssssssh and just accept it.

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I haven’t made a follow forever in months, so i thought i would spend my afternoon doing this!

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Thehangingmockingjay and Primkats to JLD! Their blogs are perfect, and they both edit like queens. So go and say hi to them because they’re both lovely.

Thanks to everyone who applied. We had way more applications than we had anticipated, but we could only choose two out of you. It’s nothing personal, as you all had flawless blogs, and it took us a hell of a long time to decide.



msrue asked:

beige white and pink heh

Hi Rebekah! :D

Beige: What is your favorite dream?

Is this dream as in dream that I’ve had while sleeping or dream as in thing that I want to happen? As far as while I’m sleeping, I almost never remember most of my dreams, so I’ll have to say one of my Naruto-related dreams. I pretty much never have fandom-related dreams, but I did when I was into Naruto. And on top of that, it was about one of my favorite pairings. It had to do with the two of them breaking into a house and then babysitting some kid, the kid peeing on the floor, and at the end they were laying together in a hammock or something….? It was weird man.

But as far as dream for the future, I don’t…really know that either…… Living on a sheep farm? Moving to Iceland for a few years? Visiting Silence?

White: Who was your first kiss?

I’ll let you know.

Pink: What is the meaning behind your url?

Okay so when I lived in the UAE my dad made a ton of mix CDs (he’s started doing that again but he did it a lot back then). A large portion of the music on those CDs were covers (although he did have like an entire one of the Beatles that was pretty cool), so it was pretty much a hit-or-miss for whether the song was good or not. At the time I was in 6th grade and learning about the ocean and sailing and stuff for a big part of my schooling (pretty much everything but math), which was a lot of fun. I don’t know if my dad did it on purpose but there was one song called Six Months on a Leaky Boat and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. One of the lines in it is “Rugged individual”, and I have no idea where or how or why I came up with that name, but it became my penname on to this day. Then I guess when I made a tumblr I decided I wanted to associate this account more with my account than my dead deviantART account, and. Here we are. I’m pretty sure I’ve never changed my url once, and I don’t really plan to. :’>

msrue asked:

hi! the links to the jlaw movies are completely virus free. putlocker is a very clean site, that's why it's so hard to find good links to movies and tv shows to it. i'm just letting you know so you don't miss out on watching them. :]

Omg yes I can finally watch The Beaver

Thx for the reassurance bby

P.S. I love your icon so fucking much ok.