primitive knife


How to make an Otzi the Iceman flint knife.

from Shawn Woods


Sheath for my primitive Neo- tribal kiridashi  .

The friction fit sheath was made from a mountain sheep leg bone from Snowdonia National park mountains .

Sun bleached then aged brown with potassium permanganate  wrapped with 3 strand braided sinew and added beads in bone, buffalo horn skulls from Nepal and ship wreck found copper nail eyelets  scavenged from my local beach on the Jurassic coast .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


This camp seax blade is available! If the blade is gone see what else we have in stock! I add new things almost every week! 

Vegvisir - is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather.

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Alien rebellions are no place for children...

AU where Keith was raised by the Blade of Marmora but they know nothing about childcare and keep losing him when he wanders off in the middle of potentially hostile planets.

“Small child? Smaaaaall child?”
“This is not subtle, Leader.”
“Well, how else are we supposed to find him?”
“Leader, we should use his name.”  
“That would be even less subtle.”  

And Keith has the same relationship with Kolivan that Jyn Urso has with Saw Gerera in Star Wars: Rogue One.  

“You left me on a primitive planet with a knife and an escape pod and said ‘wait here, I’ll be back’.”
“And did you wait? No!”

And no matter what he does and where he goes, people always seem to want Keith to fight the Empire. 

“Let me guess.  Voltron is destined to fight the Galra Empire.”
“Well, not so much destined as that’s what we need to do for the good of the universe…how did you guess?”
“Fighting alien overlords seems to be a recurring theme in my life.”  

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording



PARTIES: 2 (1 Guardian-type, 1 [REDACTED])



[1.1] Let’s begin. How many were you?

[2.1] Three. Two ‘slingers and one ‘stalker.

[1.2] Describe the area, if you will.

[2.2] EDZ. Southwest. Didn’t think to take a lat/long. Doesn’t matter, now. Fireteam followed my Ghost’s directives to a river valley; no signs of Golden Age civilization.

[1.3] What did your Ghost think you’d find?

[2.3] I don’t know. Pilgrims? Don’t know if it knew. Just pointed us there.

[1.4] What did you find?

[2.4] A wide, shallow riverbed. Mostly dry. A cave. That was it.

[1.5] Were there signs of habitation?


[2.5] Yes. We entered the cave, and on the wall - petroglyphs. Done by hand; Ghost figured with a knife. Primitive in style; but Ghost dated them to the last century. Water damage suggested frequent flooding.

[1.6] What did they depict?

[2.6] The Traveler. Guardians, looking up at what appeared to be a constellation: sinuous line, with a triangular head pointing down. Watching. Some kind of shadow - 

[audible intake of breath]

[2.7] You know it, Cryptarch - don’t you? Bi/tri star system, a head and a body, the two halves split by the bearer -

[1.7] Enough. Watch your tongue. Was there anything else?

[2.8] Ghost said that the petroglyphs were colored with human blood.


[2.9] Outside, we found a ring of stones surrounding a a fire-pit. Bones. Animal. Signs of recent use.



[2.1.1] We’d pitched a camp on the sand, planned to move on in the morning, to the next possible site. I was down at the river, double-checking the constellation we’d seen carved on the cave-wall when they came. Hunters. A dozen? No warning. No parlay. They came with their guns and their knives. I’ve never…the others went down quickly; not sure either of ‘em got a shot off. I ran.

I ran.


[1.8] And your Ghost?


[2.1.2] Got some questions. About what we found out there.

[1.9] They are immaterial. Where is your Ghost, Guardian?

[2.1.3] Questions about that constellation. Questions about what happened to my fireteam.

[1.1.1] That’s enough. I told you that we will not speak of this.

[2.1.4] A snake sheds its skin, Cryptarch. You know? Symbol of rebirth in antiquity. Symbol of something you can’t kill.

[1.1.2] Enough, I said! Be silent!

[2.1.5] Or what? You think this isn’t an open secret? You think we don’t know what they worship in the place of your Traveler? You think the Deep hasn’t called to us as well? How long do we ignore it?

[1.1.3] Quiet!

[2.1.7] Listen to me! Their revolution is closer than we think. You should count yourself lucky that -




[1.1.4] I…Traveler, I…Note the time, Ghost. Subject returned alone, with no Ghost of his own. Subject exhibited clear signs of derangement, possible indoctrination. Subject…subject attacked me, and I was forced to…

Subject is incapable of Ghost revival. Subject is -

Oh gods. Oh gods. Oh gods. Oh-