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Could Keith’s knife(dagger) be the key to finding out who he really is?

Something that’s bugging me slightly about Keith and his knife.

While we only see it in the first episode it seems rather different than most of the other tech from the Galaxy Garrison. The whole thing seems older, as if it’s been around for a while and far more primitive in style and design.

Why would Keith have that in the first place? Neither Lance, nor Hunk, nor Pidge, nor Shiro has a knife of similar design. The closest things we see are the blades of the Galra Empire’s minions and even then it’s different.

We don’t see the guard of the knife, as it’s wrapped up, but we do get the top of the handle or hilt and like other Galran weapon’s it’s got a rounded head. Now this could be nothing as daggers have various designs on them and a rounded blunt top of a hilt would be better for using as a blunt force item to knock someone in the gut before slashing. It’s also a better item for protection.

What’s interesting to me in regard to this weapon is the fact that its design shows up again and again in the series. Specifically when it comes to Keith and his weapon.

The similarities between the sword that Keith Manifests and the blade that he owns is not so surprising if you go on the idea that each weapon comes out of the person’s desires. If that’s the case then the thing that’s important to note is that Keith must have a very close affinity with that blade.

@allura-princessofaltea​ mentioned a number of interesting points about how organic Keith is to finding the signal and locating Shiro. But that brings up an interesting point, why did he want to join the Galaxy Garrison in the first place? We can safely assume that Lance probably joined because of his larger family and wanting to prove himself to various people, and Hunk probably joined because it was something that would let him be good at something that he liked, that being science, and we know why Pidge (Katie) joined, so that leaves Shiro and Keith. Shiro, I’m going to hazard a guess, just wanted to go into space and explore the universe, but Keith…Keith may have had a personal reason.

Remember what was said in his profile, that he was an orphan, no mom or dad.

So let’s go to that knife again before we go on with that thought, just keep it in the back of your mind.

When we first see the knife it’s when Keith kidnaps…er rescues Shiro from the Garrison’s group. We first get a good look at the blade and it’s a double sided blade. So this thing is not like the Galran’s swords or daggers where the weapon has only one edge, grind and spine (those being the cutting surface of the knife extending from the point to the heel= edge, the cross section shape of the blade, it’s what makes up the majority of the blade and looks flat = grind, and the thickest section of the blade; on a single-edged knife, the side opposite the edge; on a two-edged knife, more toward the middle= spine) Keith’s has two, making the spine in the middle.

This is interesting as no other weapons are shown to have that particular design. 

Even Zarkon’s weapons are not the same

save for the weird sword that’s a lot like Ivy’s from Soul Caliber, and even then it’s just the tip of the sword that has the double edge. All other weapons are one sided, save for Pidge’s which also double as a grappling hook.

Also the weapon is not made from energy like the other Galran weapons, nor is it purple in nature. Meaning that the weapon wasn’t made by Galran metals.

Second time we really see that blade is when the alarm goes off. Keith is studying the blade in his sheath.

The thing to note is the look on his face. He’s studying it, as if trying to read something on it that we can’t see. Now you might say, well if he’s reading something on it why haven’t we seen that writing? And I have to answer, because of two reasons.

Reason number one: We haven’t seen both sides of the blade. When Keith drew it we only saw one side of the blade, and the writing could be on the others side.

Reason number two: The writing only appeared when they wound up in the Castle of the Lions. Why that could be is that the blade could be Altean by nature rather than Galran in nature.

Other than that, it could be that Keith is just studying the blade, but whatever the case it’s clear that it’s something important to him as he keeps it on him when not in uniform a good portion of the time.

We see it when he rescues Shiro

We see it when he’s resting after the alarm.

We see it when he’s waiting for the others for Lance to wake up

While they’re watching things with Sendak

We even see it when he’s training.

That blade never leaves his side, ever. This to me indicates that that blade is something very special to him and something that connects him to his past. A past that, he probably doesn’t know a lot about.

Now remember that comment I made way above about Keith being an orphan. We’re all assuming he’s a hundred percent Galran in nature, but what if we’re wrong and he’s only half. Or that he might not be Galran at all, but something rather unnaturally made.

So how does this knife fit into all of this? Well let’s take the idea of the first part into account, about the knife’s look and appearance. We know that Altena is a very natural place, and we’ve seen via Allura that there are flowers and a whole like earth like set up as per various episodes where we see her with her father. King Alfor is shown to be with her in various places and we see grass, and flowers and a number of natural earth like items.

What’s interesting is that Alfor’s armor is like that of Voltron’s, a more plastic style of outfit. However it could very well be that at an earlier time, the clothing could have been metal, as we see that there are mountains in the background and we know that the ship has metal components, so that at least indicates that Altean’s use metal.

So could the knife be from an Altean blood line? We’ve seen blades like that before in Avatar and they were connected to Mai, who was from a noble family.

 If metal is something that the wealthy own, then could that be that the knife is connected to Keith’s birthright?

So assuming that Keith is Altean in nature, and possible Galran as well where does that leave us? We know that Allura has been sleeping for 10,000 years and she believes that she and Coran are the last of their kind alive. But we know that the war was happening after everything and that that she was left behind by her father. We know that Voltron had to be hidden, so what does that leave us with? A few options although I’m playing loose on at least two of them.

The weaker options to me is the idea that Keith may be Prince Avok or Prince Bandor from the Planet Pollux. My reasoning comes from the idea that we know that the war has been going on for 10,000 years to this point in time. During that time it wouldn’t be hard to believe that Allura had more of a family then just her Mother, Father, and herself. Given that the old show introduced the rivalry between the two families, it could be just as easy to assume that Keith’s mother or father was the King’s or queen’s sibling and may have been the blue Lion’s pilot, taking off to earth and raising a young Keith there at some point during the war.

It would be an easier explanation then him being Allura’s sibling, and given the time frame it could have easily been that Keith wasn’t born until later in the war. However there’s a few other options.

We know that the blue lion was found on earth, meaning that the Voltron pilot of the Blue lion had landed there and left it there. We don’t know how long Altean’s naturally live, so assuming that the Blue Lion Pilot made it there in one piece, well that would be a plus. So there’s two ways that this could go. First way is that Lance is a descendant of the Blue Lion –which is a theory I can go into later on, or it could be that Keith is. If the Blue Lion was Altean by nature then this person could have been a parent with Keith with a human and thus we have Keith from that birth. (Think Hoenhime and his wife from FMA.) However the hole in this is the line about him fighting like a Galran and the injury.

So that leaves us down to my main guess on this. And again this is just a theory I’m working on. Keith might be Prince Lotor, who is Zarkon’s grandson. Not his son in this case, but his grandchild. We assume that Keith is part Galran because of the markings and his abilities that we’ve seen. However there is one issue with this, Glaran’s can’t shape shift, but Altean’s can. So how might this work.

(I should note here the problem with making Keith Zarkon’s son is that Voltron LD doesn’t seem to have indications of time travel. We know that the war has been going on for 10,000 years and unless Zarkon made time to capture someone and have a child with them I don’t see him being Keith’s Daddy.)

Assuming that Alfor

 and Zarkon were contemporaries, we could have easily had this sort of story where Zarkon had a child. Now, we know that Galran’s can pilot the lions as indicated by the fact that Zarknon has the bayard for the black paladin. With that knowledge it could very well be that Zarkon’s child may have been a member of the Voltron unit, if not then the person could have allied themselves with Alfor and against their father. We know that the fleet was destroyed and that the Paladin’s were in the castle, as per Allura mentioning that they needed to form Voltron and asking where the blue lion’s pilot was. The problem here is the time line for every things so in order to get everything in, well order, we have to look at the facts.

We can assume that Keith has had that dagger for a while now, and that it’s important to him. As I said before we know why the others want to get to space, roughly, or at least can make some logical guesses given their personalities. Keith is the odd ball out, but in all likelihood that dagger is the reason he joined the Garrison in the first place. He wants to know where he’s from and probably who he is, or what the dagger really is.

So what are the facts we can go on:

Well we know that the knife can cut through leather straps easily as we saw in the first episodes.

We know that Keith carries that thing around him everywhere, save for when he’s in his Uniform.

We know that Allura and Corran have been sleeping for 10,000 years.

We also know that Altean tech is advanced enough that one can be frozen for that long and then wake up from a deep slumber.

We know that she’s shocked to learn that Zarkon is still alive, meaning that his race normally doesn’t live that long (connecting back to the old series where they ate a type of flower to live longer).

We know that Keith is an orphan and that he clearly knows Shiro quiet well.

We know that he had a connection to the Blue lion in that he knew where to find it, indicating an organic connection to the lion.

We know that the lion landed on earth thousands of years ago and that it was active enough that cave paintings indicate some form of worship to it.

We know that Keith’s blade is different than any other weapon we’ve seen thus far in the series.

We also know that when he got hit by magic he showed purple skin and that the Quintessons healed him.

We can say that he’s a natural pilot and that he has a berserker rage much like other Galran’s seem to in battle.

We can also point out that Zarkon noted the whole, “Fights like a Galran soldier.”

We also know that Altan’s can shape shift to various sizes and looks within a humanoid fashion.

Keith’s hand has also shown to be able to unlock things like Shiro.

So again these are my two theories on the connection to the knife and who the heck Keith is. Either Keith was once an Altean child that had been changed through experimentation via the Galran Empire, as we know that Haggar mentioned that Shiro was going to become a weapon, so too may have Keith, and he was taken by the Voltron Paladins. In this theory the idea is that the Blue lion Paladin took him to earth and keep him on freeze for a long period of time, only, like Superman –if you will- he was eventually taken in by Shiro’s family due to the Paladin having to leave earth for some reason as he or she was being chased.

Or, and this one is the more likely candidate but it’s still a bit on the odd side of things. A Galran, either Zarkon’s family line or someone else, and an Altean have a child. That child becomes the Paladin of the Blue Lion. During the War they are sent out to hide the lion and wind up on earth thousands of years ago. For a while they lived away from humans, but over time they became curious and eventually years later they met a human, fell in love, and had a child, that being Keith. Keith was born looking human but has the ability to shift into another form, ie the purple look probably with ears like Allura’s. His parent leaves him with the blade, and Keith grows up not knowing who his parents are (the other parent died early or something) and he winds up living with Shiro’s family but has no clue about the past, and Shiro talks him into joining the Garrison with Keith hoping that he can find a way to get some answers about that knife.

An Alternate to this is that Keith actually is Zarkon’s son Lotor and was again, frozen like Allura when he was very young and found by someone. Eventually he comes to be in Shiro’s family and they take care of him. As said above he doesn’t know who his family is and joined up to find out, only to lose Shiro, and get kicked out.

Ultimately I suspect that the Blue Lion’s Paladin and the blade that Keith has are connected to Keith’s Past and are the keys to figuring out who he actually is.


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Located in the heart of the Las Cienegas NCA, the historic Empire Ranch includes a 22-room adobe and wood-frame building which dates to 1870 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The setting makes it a favorite of classic western film fans. Red River, Duel in the Sun, Hombre, Winchester 73, The Big Country, and many others were filmed on or near the Empire Ranch – still a working cattle ranch to this day.

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D’Esperey Begs Nivelle To Let Him Attack Withdrawing Germans

A design of one type of tank ordered by Nivelle on March 9; the tanks available for Franchet D’Esperey’s rejected attack were of a far more primitive design, with no turret to speak of.

March 9 1917, Beauvais–By early March it had become obvious to many on the front that the Germans were withdrawing on a large scale.  In addition to small-scale retreats in their most vulnerable positions, attacks by the British had met with little resistance.  This convinced General Franchet D’Esperey, commanding French forces on the Somme, that they should attack immediately, allowing them to easily break through the weakened German lines, cause extensive chaos, and capture whatever artillery had not yet been withdrawn.  He also (incorrectly) believed that this would throw off German plans for an upcoming (nonexistent) offensive in Lorraine.  

From March 4th onwards, Franchet D’Esperey begged Nivelle for permission to attack.  On March 9th, he pleaded with Nivelle for the few tanks the French had, knowing that they could be deployed quickly, cause havoc, and, as the German artillery was withdrawing, be far less vulnerable than normal.  This request was denied by Nivelle, who was stubbornly attached to his current plan and refused to change it in any fashion or be drawn into another attack on the Somme.  He had written two days earlier, in response to a previous request by Franchet D’Esperey:

There is no material indication which allows one to conclude that the voluntary withdrawal of the Germans will extend to this region.  There seems little likelihood that the enemy will abandon without fighting, and indeed without resisting to the utmost…the line nearest Paris….In any case it is impossible to base a decision on a hypothesis.

Despite this, Nivelle, realizing that his planned offensive might not end the war immediately, ordered on March 9th 1000 light tanks of a new design to be constructed by Renault.  These light tanks would hopefully not run into the same difficulties that the British tanks had had on the Somme

Today in 1916: Pancho Villa Raids Columbus, New Mexico
Today in 1915: British Officers Forbidden From Attending Nightclubs in Uniform

Sources include: E.L. Spears, Prelude to Victory

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