chill afternoons in the sunshine are my favorite. ✨💓keeping this sweet light & simple memory in my heart because in a few days, i will be embarking on an airplane from Lisbon to London & then after two days, i will travel down to the Isle of Wight. i am going to work there for a moonth ❤✨ praying to all my guides & guardians & protectors to be here with me & give me strength to always stay centred in my heart & light and not be swept away by anxiety & stress… from the place where i am now to reach the Isle of Wight, i will have to take 13 different car rides, trains, flight, buses, subways and ferry! but i will take each step as it comes, in~joying the beauty & sacredness in each blessed moment, breathing deeply & giving thanks for this opportunity. may it be so… sending so much love to you! ✨🌸💓🌸✨