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...Did they just say that hunter-gatherers have less technology because they eat fewer plants than people in developed countries? ಠ_ಠ (I really can't tell for sure, they're incoherent.)

Yes. They literally claim that hunter-gatherer cultures are ‘primitive’ and ‘less developed’ because they lack plant nutrients and that if they were vegan they’d all be ‘enlightened’. Packed up in some more woo but that’s the gist of it. Hence me going ‘HOLY SHIT THAT’S RACIST’
#DefundDAPL | Move Your Money
Cut off the money, cut off the pipeline! Tell your bank, "Water IS Life"

The fight is not over. Dakota Access will not pull the pipeline until profits are pulled. And this is why NOW more than ever we need to pressure banks.

Do not forget that the fight against Dakota Access is not only about oil, but the anti Native sentiments from the state of North Dakota and all energy extraction companies. This is because in order for resource extraction to be justified, the idea that Native/Indigenous peoples are disposable in the name of profit must be normalized and upheld. This is why companies like “ethical oil” once started the Indian Ignorant Hashtag. They want to fool the public into subscribing to anti Native tropes, to believe that somehow prioritizing the health of our children and basic resources like water, is primitive, or “ignorant”.  All BANKS and institutions that fund Dakota Access, share the Anti Native sentiments of Dakota Access and the state of North Dakota, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Stop making excuses for them and arguing that this is about economics. Any paradigm that says that human beings are disposable for the profit or (economic hoarding morelike) of the privileged upperclass, is violent. Any paradigm that says that money matters more than concern for the health and wellfare of future generations, is violent. Lets keep up the momentum and use this movement as impetus to recenter the wellbeing of the people and our collective future. Divesting money from colonial institutions is a win for us all. 

338 - Expression

There’s nothing to paint anymore.
We’ve seen everything from the classical to the absurd.
There’s nothing to write anymore.
As many books are shredded as read.
There’s nothing to sing anymore.
The once avant-garde is now background music.

In a world where expression seems futile, it is hard to maintain creativity. But creativity is a primal impulse. Cave people painted on walls; everyone’s house has some image on display. Primitive scribes wrote records of their experiences; people still keep diaries. Early shamans sang; we still live with music. We cannot abandon creative expression in our daily lives, though it seems hard to come up with something new.

The only way to have fresh expression is to go deep within. In a sense, today’s extreme pluralism eliminates the obligation to do the same as others. At one time, artists, priests, writers, musicians, and craftsmen were obligated to their feudal lords. Today we are not constrained by hierarchical standards. We are free to commune directly with our inner callings.

By coincidence, this mirrors a more sophisticated understanding of the divine. We are no longer in a position of supplication with what is divine. Rather, divinity is a quality from within ourselves.

- Deng Ming-Dao

Manifestations of the Outer Gods

Manifestations of the Outer Gods
(Primitive Knot)

“Manifestations Of The Outer Gods” explores and oscillates between Lovecraftian and ritual magickal dimensions; where harmony between these two dimensions is obtained, a new form of ritual invocation manifests itself.

2 piece from Manchester, UK, formed in 2014.

Ritual Drones
Shamanic Utterances
Ceremonial Flourishes
Punk Spirit
Black Metal Heart
Esoteric Mind
We are the Ur-Sound, We are primitive knot

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Hermetic Library Anthology Album – Magick Music and Ritual 12

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Bella Swan One Shot

“Bella, I can only advise you and I hope you head my warning. These mating bonds, treaties, covens and civilisations…they’re in the original vampire make-up. They are taught, devised by ancient vampires who wanted change for survival. A huge threat is coming to vampire kind Bella and these qualities and conformities can and will be thrown out the window. Push a vampire and soon…you’ll see how primitive they can get.”
Bella lowered her head.
“Bella” The woman said. “If you don’t get away…you’ll die and I can’t promise it wont be by the hands of your mate or his family along with any others.”

(( I don’t know what this is…just kinda popped into my head :L))

Discomfort; that was the only word he could feasibly use to describe the churning awkwardness as the gaggle of children swayed around the gym floor. Beneath the shimmering lights and low music that was intended to be soothing and romantic ( but due to the inexperience of gangly preteens only served to make the atmosphere MORE incredibly awkward ), Zim watched from the punch table as idiotic children felt out their first school dance with nothing short of incredible discomfort.

It hardly held a candle to the military balls he’d attended back on Irk; then again, how could it have? He could hardly blame the humans for their own primitive…ness. The closeness of certain teenagers as they huddled close on the dance floor nearly had Zim retching into the bowl of punch at his back– especially when he saw that big headed Dib monstrosity carting an uncomfortable looking Tak out onto the floor.

In spite of his own disgust, he found himself watching curiously as the human took up her hand with a contented smile and turned her out, taking her through several calculated steps– foolishness, he thought. Total hideous garbage, this entire tradition.

–that was, until Dib caught sight of the brooding alien and flashed him most SMUG, self-righteous grin. It was an expression that made Zim bristle visibly– was he MOCKING the great invader?? Zim could best him at this horrible human “dance” without question! In his outrage, he snatched up the corsaged wrist of the very nearest Earth female in resolve to outdo the ignorant hippo-headed beat– the only girl who thought this practice was just as pointless as Zim had and had therefor found herself lurking in the corner alongside him, head characteristically bent over her video game.

–namely, Gaz Membrane.

1. in a neverending discourse of “culture X is better than culture Y” and “culture Z is actually primitive, V is superior” i propose the ultimate solution: every culture is Bad, all those things don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, it’s all made up, fuck it all

2. one day i’ll find a better way to cope with Shit than by writing self-indulgent sad fanfics about young girls falling in one-sided love with adults who ultimately end up using them for their own gain, but alas, today is not the day


Before and After Colonisation

The British, referred to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Congolese people as ‘Primitive’ because they respected the land they lived on and understand the harmony that mankind and nature must abide by. In cultivating Palm trees, they only took what was needed for themselves to feed their families, and constructed a simple but efficient system of refining palms into oil and other products for many different purposes.

The British observed  and studied their technique, in their greed they decided to make it into a mass production enterprise, one explorer stated “buried in their jungle, they were too backward to realise the vast inheritance it had to offer, the untapped resources of their vast continent…wealth lay wasting”

It is by this same so called ‘primitive’ invention that they sought out to make profit from Palm (Palm Trees only grow in Tropical climates so the English knew nothing on how to cultivate and process it) they took the  invention of the Congolese and  enforced their system of capitalism in their country to fund their industrial ‘revolution’, producing more than was necessary, raping the land, causing major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and for the vast majority if not all of the profits to be enjoyed in their own countries.

They then spread propaganda worldwide; ‘the savages lived in darkness’ 'we found them swinging from trees’ 'we saved them from  themselves’, 'we civilised them’ and etc

They made it larger scale, a little tweak there, a little alteration here, and the white man has the audacity to herald himself as an inventor.

Making alterations to a pre-existing system/product whilst keeping the core technique does not make you an inventor. Its called Plagiarism.