Primitive Technology: Horno + Cerámica

Casi 4 millones de suscriptores y no ha dicho ni una palabra en ningún vídeo :D

The rebellion members, paladins and symbolism

I can’t believe my first post EVER is going to be an analysis inspired by an edit.

(sorry in advance for any grammar errors, this isn’t my first language)

So, has anyone noticed how each alien race that joined the resistance so far kind of represent each paladin minus Shiro?

  • Galra (rebel)s: Keith
  • Mermaids: Lance
  • Balmeras: Hunk
  • Olkarins: Pidge

(Idk if Arusians are actually countable since they’re really primitives)

And then there’s Shiro. That poor guy doesn’t even have an alien race who represents him.

…or does he?

Before we go further, let’s point out how each of those alien races represent not only The paladins, but also their elements (and their Lions, kinda):

  • Galras, who are connected to Keith were in posses of the Red lion in ep1, and I can’t remember where, but I’m sure at one point in an episode there were both fire and the Galra empire in the same place, I think it was when they destroyed Altea I guess?
  • Mermaids, Lance, Water, Blue being op in the water and unlocking her power-up there. Need something else?
  • Balmeras, again, Hunk, earth, maybe no power-up here but he unlocked it when he was saving those guys in s2 trying to hold the earth in its place while they were waiting for emo and princess
  • Olkarins, Pidge, forest, unlocked power. I think you understood the point

Shiro Is The Black Paladin, whom we Can all agree that represents space, and he’s without doubts the team leader (S2 final doesn’t fool me, I know he’ll be back), and which is that one race whose only survivors are travelling across space and are the leaders of the rebellion?

Yep. You got it. Alteans.

And it fits, doesn’t it? The leader of the team who use the only weapon that Can defeat the Galra Empire being represented by the alien race leader of the rebellion.Besides, a parallelism:

Both Shiro and Altea were “destroyed” by Galras, and now they’re both fighting against it (Altea intended as Coran, Allura and the Castle), recovering from their loss, but still kind of connected trought something to those purple furries (Shiro and his arm, Alteans and Zarkon as exBPaladin and Haggar or Lotor maybe? I hope they get a good background). Besides, it’s not really new this symbolism kinda thing on Voltron (S1e6 bg, Shiro’s right arm being Galra and Keith being the right arm of Voltron, and so goes on. I know these are seen more like jokes, but someone can wish)

One more thing: I’ve seen an Altean!Shiro / Druid!Shiro theory and I’m 90% sure that I reblogged it (I’ll put the link later but right now I can’t due to pc problems but it was made by @smolsarcasticraspberry) so this ramble sort of connects to that? Kinda? Because if him, who we said that represents Altea, whom is permanently damaged by Galras but is fighting back, turns out as Altean, then his heritage, his arm and his PTSD and his fight against it would form a giant-ass physical representation of the twisted story of these poor humanoid, pointy-ears and shapeshifting aliens.

(Besides, this could mean more Shallura so everyone’s happy)

Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, but english isn’t my first language and I’m not that old to be super-fluent, but I wanted to express my thoughts on this since I’ve never seen a post mentioning this.

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Aah, hey!! I'm doing a SU rewrite comic, and I'm making Connie more of the focus than Steven. I was wondering if you had any advice for incorporating Indian culture without it coming across as racist? Thank you so much!! I love your blog lmao...

hey there! this got pretty long so i’m gonna put it under the cut.  there’s a lot to say in regards to this, so apologies if it seems jumbled or anything! here goes nothing:

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NOG: It says here that humans didn’t even have currency until five thousand years ago. Let alone banking, speculative investments or a unified global economy.
QUARK: They’re a primitive, backward people, Nog. Pity them.
NOG: But think about it, uncle. That means they went from being savages with a simple barter system to leaders of a vast interstellar Federation in only five thousand years!  It took us twice as long to establish the Ferengi Alliance, and we had to buy warp technology from the–
QUARK: Five thousand, ten thousand, what’s the difference? The speed of technological advancement isn’t nearly as important as short-term quarterly gains.

literally no one asked

but i wanna talk about fish.

1. What was the first fish you ever owned?

These painted platys:

2. What is your dream tank? 

A huge C-shaped freshwater planted community tank that fills an entire room filled with hundreds of directional schoolers and bottom dwellers.

3. What is your favorite fish?

Tie between pea puffers, banded khuli loaches, and otocinclus. I’m kind of obsessed with scarlet badis right now. I have a soft spot for bichir and other primitive fish, but I have no experience keeping them because I don’t have the money or space. 

4. What was/is your most troublesome tank? 

I haven’t had anything exceptionally troublesome happen to me in this hobby. Breaking down my planted 30 gallon to move it 3 hours north was incredibly stressful tho. 

5. In your opinion, what is the best beginner fish?

Mollies, platys, guppies, endler’s livebearers.

6. What is your favorite fishblr blog?

I mostly use facebook for fish stuff. 

7. Are there any fish that you dislike? 

I’m personally not a fan of platys, mollies, tetras, guppies, or any livebearer in general. I don’t understand the appeal of fancy goldfish. I fucking HATE siamese algae eaters. 

8. Planted tank or reef tank?


9. Favorite type of betta?

Don’t have one yet. Haven’t gotten into keeping them, but I would like to eventually. 

10. Favorite type of goldfish? 

Koi, in a pond please.

11. In your opinion, what fish should not be recommended for beginners (but often is)?

Goldfish, otocinclus, clown loaches, any plecostomus, bettas, corydoras. 

12. Favorite species of shark?

All sharks are pure and good but I love wobbegongs so much. 

13. What is the best brand/type of food? 

Hikari’s frozen and freeze dried foods but NOT their flakes, pellets, or wafers. Omega One’s flakes, pellets, and wafers generally have much better ingredients than Hikari. Repashy started making gel foods for fish/shrimp recently and I love them (so do my shrimp.) Blanched veggies!

14. Favorite invertebrate?


15. What would you do if you suddenly had an extra 200 gallon (757L) tank?

Assuming it came with all the necessary filtration, lighting, substrate, etc, I would actually turn that into a paludarium. 

16. What would you do if you suddenly had an extra 10 gallon (37L) tank?

Either a quarantine/hospital tank, a cull tank for my cherry shrimp, or a betta tank. 

17. If you could remove any product from the shelves of a petstore (ex. Bettacube, ecosphere, fish bowls, etc.), what would it be and why?

Automatic fish feeders because they break and fish keeping should never be treated like a passive hands-off hobby, literally every single product that is marketed specifically toward bettas, those little tanks that you can grow herbs out of because they claim the plants take the place of a filter, vacation food blocks because they’re absurd, rainbow gravel because um look at it, low quality foods that claim to enhance coloration, probably a million other things. I would burn petsmart and petco to the ground honestly. 

18. Have you ever bred fish?

Once on accident and the adults immediately ate their babies. 

19. Gravel or sand? 

Because i only do planted tanks, i’m going to say neither are ideal. Sand can make a nice accent area in a planted aquarium, but it’s not really a suitable substrate for growing plants. 

20. Favorite non-fish animal? 


21. Favorite fish fact? 

Bathylychnops exilis has evolved a second pair of eyes that point downward. One possible explanation for this trait is it gives the fish the ability to detect predators that approach from underneath . A virtually identical adaptation has occurred in at least 4 totally unrelated species of fish. This is one of my favorite examples of convergent evolution. I have a cross section of the B. exilis eye structure tattooed on my leg:

22. What common myth about fish do you wish you could dispel? (Ex. Can live in bowls, 7 second memory, low maintenance, boring pet, throwaway pet, etc.) 

Literally 99% of what people say about how to keep bettas. The nonsensical “1 inch per gallon” rule. Having plants means you don’t need a filter. Things that eat algae will solve all your algae problems. Anecdotal evidence=scientifically proven. Malaysian trumpet snails are a pest. Activated carbon in your filters is a necessity. Smaller tanks are easier to care for than larger tanks. Newbies should start with a 200 gallon tank. The more expensive the equipment is, the better it is. 

23. Favorite type of filter? (Sponge, HOB, canister, etc.)

I currently run HOB filters and they’re great (yay aquaclear) but if I had the money I would get a good canister filter. Ideally, I would be running a DIY sump. Every type of filter has its pros and cons. 

24. Do you start a siphon with a pump or with your mouth?

I actually use a pond pump with a length of tubing attached to it to perform water changes which is the best decision I ever made. But if I have to create a siphon for any other reason I use my mouth. 

25. What do you think is the most beautiful fish?

Right now, scarlet badis. Underrated. 

26. What do you think is the most dangerous fish?

Invasive species introduced to a non-native habitat. 

27. Best way to deal with an algae problem?

Consistent and stable water parameters, not overfeeding, and if you’re running a high tech tank with high output lights you have to utilize pressurized co2 and not overdo it on the fertilizers. If you don’t correct the underlying cause, no amount of cleanup crew, “algae eaters”, or chemical algaecides are going to solve your algae problem. 

28. Natural or artificial decorations?

Natural please. 

29. Saltwater, freshwater, or brackish?

Freshwater, imo. 

30. How did you get into the aquarium hobby?

I have always been a plant nerd. I originally got into the aquarium hobby just to keep aquatic plants, and it kind of spiraled out of control from there. 

I can’t help but think that Jason is ridiculously strong. The kid was eleven and jacking tires. Not only that, but when he swung the tire jack at Bruce, Bruce doubled over. All the while, Jay is severely malnourished. 

This boy has the strength of a lion while living on the streets. Makes me wonder what he was like when he was healthy. He could probably push down pillars like a regular Samson.

Sometimes I think of the pioneers of the Trek fandom, painstakingly putting together zines, copying their fanfiction over and over and over again on unforgiving typewriters and spreading their love for this show and these characters through secret clubs, through the mail, distributing their books and artwork by hand to people they knew they could trust. 

Whenever I think things are hard as a content creator now, I remember them and just thank every star in the sky that they were willing to put in the hard work so that the passion they felt for this show would carry on. Without them, we wouldn’t have a fandom. We wouldn’t have spaces like this where we can share our fanworks with thousands of people. Instantly. Where we can openly and proudly talk about the things we love with those same thousands of people. Without leaving our couches.

So, thanks Trek parents, for all your hard work. <3