Cave paintings found in southern Turkey date back to the prehistoric era

Archaeologists announced the discovery of 10 cave paintings in the southern city of Mersin on Friday and said they dated back about 8,000 years ago.

The paintings discovered in a cave in the city’s Gülnar district were almost fully intact, scientists said at a press conference.

The discovery sheds light on the prehistoric period of the region formerly known as Cilicia. Professor Murat Durukan of Mersin University and Associate Professor Serdar Girginer of Çukurova University, two archeologists that worked in the excavation, told reporters the primitive cave paintings were the continuation of findings of similar rock art on the ancient Latmos Mountains in western Turkey, and showed that the parietal art was confined to Latmos or other places in western and southwestern Turkey. Read more.
Watch Pepper Master ‘Ball in a Cup’ Game - Robotics Trends
Pepper the humanoid robot masters the game
By Steve Crowe

The video …, released by the AI Lab of SoftBank Robotics, shows Pepper learning how to play the game with trial-and-error learning. A human initially shows, albeit unsuccessfully, Pepper how to play the game. After that, the robot is on its own.

After 100 attempts, Pepper finally catches the ball in the cup. In fact, it does so 10 straight times on camera. According to Softbank, the “movement is represented as a so-called dynamic movement primitive and optimized using an evolutionary algorithm.”

Softbank says this implementation uses the free software library dmpbbo.

eugeggi  asked:

Hello!(I am soo in love with this blog, I'm so glad JnD fandom exists♡) What do you think about Daxter's past? I've never heard or read something about it, I mean, his life in Sandover, his parents or something like that! Srry for the weird question!

not a weird question at all!

Daxter originally came from one of the other villages in their world, someplace without a sage or transport ring system, so it was even more isolated and primitive than Sandover. He ran away from home around age 6, probably coming to Sandover by stowing away on a trade vessel. He never had a ‘home’ in Sandover and took shelter under the bridges and walkways when necessary; the region rarely got cold enough that sleeping outside wasn’t a viable option.

After arriving in Sandover, Daxter never told anyone where he came from or why he left. The adults assumed that he was just some random orphan who had come there by chance, and he was mostly treated as an annoyance and a burden, if not outright ignored (and Daxter didn’t exactly go out of his way to make himself more likeable). Even Jak never knew the truth about his origins, since he preferred to tell Jak stories where his 'parents’ were brave adventuring types. Jak came to understand these were just stories as he grew older, but he figured it was Daxter’s way of coping and they both preferred to focus on their friendship and not dwell on the past or their Parent Issues.

Daxter ran away from home shortly after his mother died. She had always been physically weak and prone to illness, and their family was poor and had no access to healers or medicine. Daxter’s birth father was physically and emotionally abusive, often blaming Daxter for her weakness and their lack of money; as a young kid Daxter had to learn to read situations quickly and be fast enough to get away during his father’s rages, and this is a big part of why he’s so anxious as a teen/adult.

Daxter’s open dislike of authority figures is also deeply rooted in his past, as he never had any positive influences as a kid. Daxter is very slow to actually trust people, but once someone has gained that trust he’s unflinchingly loyal and will go through hell for them.

the thing is, it seems to me some sort of inevitability that beyond a certain point in life, the evolution of mind heads for collision course with one of its own most primitive (and thus most powerful) structures, that is, with the commandment don’t be different!

it’s also true, the question whether is sane, reasonably (and, after all, effective) to kick away the ladder with which one has climbed, well, this question should not be only a minor concern…


a never-ending bead glass game


Humans surprise me.
Even with all of the advancements that we have made and how far we have come we still remain very primitive. Emotionally I do not see tremendous growth either, like people who get overly emotional over a biological fact or even over a flag.
Humans still have far to go if we wish to breed out the idiots and strive for a utopian society.

A Light From the Shadows part 4

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Summary: In an AU where Ahsoka is the one to raise Leia, the two of them crash land on a primitive planet a year after the Empire forms. Bilbo Baggins is really confused about this strange wizard woman with swords of light.

Word Count: 1555

Characters: Ahsoka Tano, OC: Trip, Gandalf, Elrond

Ahsoka’s head felt like it was overflowing, words in many different languages pounding at the edge of her mind. She needed some time spent alone to reorganize her mind with the new information the filthier Force sensitive had shoved into her head.

Unfortunately, there were numerous Dark beings approaching, many wargs and a few others, ones that she suspected were the masters Trip had spoken about. She would have to make time for mental organization later, once she had taken care of these threats.

Ahsoka didn’t want to hurt any of the wargs, not after befriending Trip and learning that they were Dark but not evil, but if they did turn out to be a threat to either herself or Leia then she would deal with them.

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