A message from Adrian Hodges
A group of us recently got together to write to certain people connected with the show on behalf of the Primeval community regarding the show and we thought we’d share the lovely response we received from Mr Hodges with all of our followers:   “First of all let me say that throughout our experience of making Primeval Tim and I always relished contact with our amazing fans and we are so grateful for your support and love for the show. Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans aren’t like any other - they care more, they love the shows more, and they contribute in all sorts of ways. I love that passion and am truly grateful for it.  I can’t answer all your points but will try to give you a response to a few of them. First of all, the decision to end Primeval wasn’t taken by me or Tim and had we had the choice we would have carried on. We loved the show and would like to have picked up the story where we left it. The fact is that ITV, who were our main broadcaster, felt that we didn’t get sufficient ratings to justify them carrying on investing in the show, and so that’s why we finished. That said, there were many reasons why the ratings might have declined and I think you are right in some of your views about the time slot, the day and so on. Being up against Doctor Who didn’t help and neither did the fact that our time slot was never fixed and often varied by a couple of hours or more. It was very frustrating.  Unfortunately direct to DVD or Kickstarter and other non-broadcast ways of making the show aren’t really viable as we just couldn’t raise enough money that way for what is a pretty expensive show to make - good sfx, which we pride ourselves in, don’t come cheap sadly and neither do good actors. So although we have never given up hope of reviving the show, at the moment there are no easy ways to do it. But please don’t think we don’t want to, because we certainly do. I can tell you we still have hopes of making a feature film one day, and that’s still a strong possibility. I do think most of the cast would return if we asked them as I know they too loved the show. And if we did do that, I would certainly be looking to bring back one or two cast members from the earlier days, such as Claudia Brown and perhaps Danny as well, alongside the regulars in the last series.  I understand you might want to know the answer to some plot questions but just in case we do come back one day or make the film, I hope you’ll understand why I think it’s best not to answer them in detail, though I can tell you we did have answers prepared for all the questions you ask, which would have featured in season 6. But I can tell you that although I wasn’t personally involved in Primeval New World, it was, as far as I know, Tim’s intention that it should be set at the time of the original arc under Nick Cutter, and therefore before the events of Seasons 3, 4, and 5.  I should also say that I’ve visited the Tumblr page and think it’s fantastic. The level of love and care for the show is truly incredible and it makes me very proud to have written something which means so much to people. So thank you very much for that, and rest assured that if the chance ever comes to continue the Primeval story, Tim and I will be there in a heartbeat. And you will be the first to know. Thanks again for your support and your lovely letter. It means an awful lot to us. All best wishes Adrian Hodges”   If by any chance you see this, Mr Hodges, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to us and thank you, again, for being part of the wonderful team that brought us Primeval.

… And as if we needed another one, I’d happy count this as a reason the show should be brought back: Because it matters as much to those who created it as it does to us.

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Happy 8th Birthday, Primeval!

Or Happy Primeversary, as we dubbed it last year!

Eight years ago today, on 10th February 2007, the first episode of Primeval was aired on ITV.

It says a lot about a show that, eight years on, still has a loyal fan base and a steady stream of newcomers - especially when the last new episode of that show aired four years ago (three, for those watching on terrestrial TV in the UK.)

Primeval is more than a show about dinosaurs, time travel and anomalies, though the Sci-Fi aspect is certainly something that appears to many of its fans. A large part of its enduring nature is due to the characters that drove the show, those who we loved and lost and who managed to stay alive until the end (as it currently stands), and the dynamics between them.

It’s these characters we fell in love with, their stories we wanted to know more of - and still do.

Through our love of these characters and the stories they share, the Primeval fandom - the Primevamily to some, ARCadians to others - has established itself as one of the nicest fandoms I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of. We may be small in comparison to some, but there’s plenty of us around and - thankfully - none of the bickering or in-fighting that plagues many of the other fandoms actively around today.

We support each other as much as we support the show; we each have our favourite characters and relationships but we don’t argue with those whose view differs from our own.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the cast and crew, and powers that be, for creating a show that is still very much loved today, on behalf of the primeval fandom. I’d also like to say an equally big thank you for my fellow fans, for being the loveliest, hugely talented and creative group I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. 

I am proud to count myself as a Primeval fan because of you all, and always will be.

ANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN; | a jecker fanmix for andrewteapotts {} // all you never say is that you love me so, all i’ll never know is if you want me oh

i. crazy for you / adele · ii. all you never say / birdy · iii. hardest of hearts / florence + the machine · iv. angel with a shotgun / the cab · v. soldier / the backstreet boys · vi. stay awake / london grammar · vii. personal soldier / the wanted · viii. back to life / lawson · ix. i’m yours / the script · x. first time / lighthouse