Abby on training Connor on how to speak to women makes me happy

Abby: I’m a girl in a bar, tell me I look nice.
Connor: *coughs* You look nice.
Abby: Make it more personal…
Connor: I personally think you look nice?
Abby: Compliment. Be more specific.
Connor: You’ve got lovely legs and er and fantastic -
Abby: Noooot that specific. Small talk, flirty. Just not too flirty.


Connor Temple: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (by morecuriousthanalice)

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

The Primeval Renew Project

Primeval: New World is airing on Sy-fy on June 8th. Many of it’s fans hope that this means that the show will take off here in America. Only time will tell us if that is the fact.

In the meantime, I am starting a project, based on Primeval UK and Primeval: New World. It’s called Primeval Renew. The Primeval Renew Project (or PRP) is a consortium of fans, artists, animators, screen writers and others who want to help me plan, produce, and share an animated, not-for-profit Primeval movie.

You do not have to be a fan of the show to help. You just need something to offer. Animation, screen-writing, story boarding, editing.  Even if you just have an idea.

I am telling anyone and everyone who might be interested about this effort. I don’t know how long this could take, and I don’t even know if I can get enough people on board with the idea, but it’s worth a shot, and if we get this off the ground, it’s definitely going to fun along the way.

Like I said, this will be a not-for-profit effort. Nobody, not even me, will have monetary compensation. What you will have is a part in the production of this movie.

There is no obligation to join, or to stay if you do join. I’m organizing this effort so that people can have fun, and have something that other people can enjoy. Even if you just have ideas, you could be a huge asset to the team.

If you want to join, There are three ways you can do that. You can post to the tag “Primeval Renew”, leave a message in my ask box, or tweet me at

I will get back to anybody who is interested as soon as possible. Send me a message by June 3rd, 2013, 10:00 PM pacific time. If you don’t want to help, but you still want to stay in the loop, please follow the tag “Primeval Renew”.

Your fellow ARCadian, Patrueles Fratres Omnes

Primeval was my first ever fandom as a kid and I absolutely loved it (still do) and that’s why it means so much to me. Your first fandom always stays with you. I remember watching episodes when I was younger and I got so happy and excited and yes I am older now but these little things will never leave me.
The Aftermath || a Primeval story
"Your secret is out. No matter how many cover up stories you come up with, no matter how many news reports you wipe from existence, we
will remember. You can't hide forever. One day you'll come out of
the shadows...
¬ We'll be the ones dragging you out."