You, unprepared for winter, feeble and fragile: “Oh, great, Christmas, time to deal with one thousand anime girls in skimpy santa outfits…”

Me, a primeval alpha existence, powerful and wise:

Pachamama- Divine Feminine 

Pachamama is a goddess of the ancient indigenous people of the Andes. Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be “Mother World”. She was a fertility goddess who presided over planting and harvesting but who also caused earthquakes.

Dr. P. P. Flambas, - Caribbean Atlantis: A Scientific Analysis 

Image Credit - Pacha Mama by Jose Garcia Chibarro


So I know a few people have had issues with the Master List when not on a computer so hopefully this one will work for everyone!
99.99% sure this is fully updated! Love you guys! 


Tony Stark
A friend called Fluffy - Reader adopts a pup with a missing leg, Tony is against it in the beginning. Fluff
The Judge - Reader x Tony - Reader finds Tony injured during battle and takes care of his physical and mental wounds. 

Spider bruises - Reader becomes suspicious of Peter’s bruises.

Guardians of the Galaxy:

Hooked on a feeling

- Peter Quill/Star Lord x Avengers!Reader - After saving the world from Loki and his Alien Army the reader desires to explore space and Thor helps her accomplish that. But they can’t help but land themselves into trouble. 

Harry Potter:

Draco Malfoy
In my way - Draco x Reader - Reader is best friends with the Golden Trio but has the hots for Malfoy, Fred and George help them.

Sacrific- Part two of In my way


Abby Maitland:

Jurassic Halloween- Abby x Fem!Reader - Halloween Fic chill dinosaur loving girlfriends go Trick-or-Treating with the Reader’s younger brother

Suicide Squad:

Captain Boomerang
Mad Princess - Captain Boomerang/Digger Harkness x Reader with Adoptivefamily!Joker x Reader, The Joker considers the Meta-human Reader family and because of this she ends up locked up and part of the Suicide Squad with would-be mother figure Harley Quinn and friends with benefits Captain Boomerang.

Digger and Sparky: Part Two of Mad Princess

Ugly on the inside: Part Three of Mad Princess

Crazy ones : Part Four of Mad Princess

Shoot to kill : Part Five of Mad Princess

Heathens : Final Part of Mad Princess

Lil Pumpkin -Halloween side fic of Mad Princess, how the Reader/Sparky got her nickname from Harley.

Getting into the Halloween Spirit - Halloween Fic Captain Boomerang x Girl friend Reader - Reader loves Halloween and Captain Boomerang tries to get into the spirit of things.

Without you - Captain Boomerang X Reader - Reader dies protecting Boomerang - ANGST!


Worried - Balthazar x Reader - Balthazar worries about his huntress when she goes on a hunt with the Winchesters.

Dean Winchester:
Sharp Words - When stressed and angry, Dean snaps the Reader.
Pumpkin Carving - Halloween Fic - Reader is Dean’s girlfriend who tries to convince him of the fun of Halloween through carving a pumpkin.
Bright Christmas Lights - Small Fic, Dean gf!Reader decorates while Sam and Dean travel home from a hunt

Sam Winchester:
Hell House - Sam x Reader Sam patches up the reader after she gets injured in the Hell house

Daydrunkdrabble #2 Stealing Gabriel’s sweets
Swipe Right for Trickster - Gabriel x reader, Reader is upset with Gabriel and refuses to speak to him, he changes every profile on her dating app to one of him.

Daydrunkdrabble #1 Castiel vs PokemonGo
Heartbeat - Castiel starts to experience emotions and the Reader comforts him.

Little Devil - Halloween fic -The reader tries to convince Lucifer to dress up as a stereotypical Devil for Halloween

Fire and Ice Song!fic - Song by Within Temptation, Reader is an Angel with no memory of herself or her life with Lucifer. 
Frozen song!fic - Part two of Fire and Ice. Song by Within Temptation

Sons of Anarchy:

Opie Winston
Teasing the Prospect - Opie x Reader, reader is Bobby’s daughter and seeing Opie while he is still a prospect.

Juice Ortiz 
What you make of it - Reader sticks by her brother, her only family left, even though he’s an asshole. The Sons find her in trouble and take her in. Juice x Reader

Happy Lowman:
Daydrunkdrabble #3 Happy’s Halloween

Exclusive - Happy forbids you from telling the Sons you’re sleeping together and upsets you without meaning too.
Official: part two of Exclusive
Old Lady : Part three
Wife : Part four
Mama Bear :  Fifth and final part

Happy accuses his Old Lady of flirting with Juice so she does as revenge for him flirting with a sweetbutt
Happy gets a new smiley tattoo as revenge for you
Reader is Nero’s daughter and has to sneak around with Happy
Happy’s friend from his old neighbourhood is in trouble
Bar dancing drabble
Roxanne Song!fic - Chibs daughter reader x Happy
Got it bad Song!fic - Beating people up couple style

Tig Trager:
Wife’s Revenge - Reader is Tig’s Old Lady and get some much needed revenge for a ruined anniversary in this drabble.


Embry Call:
Just one look- Reader has feelings for Jacob until she meets Embry and he imprints on her
Learning to trust- part two of Just one look

Seth Clearwater
Request where Seth imprints on you and so he starts to go by the little hangout spot you always go to pick shells just to watch you?

The Walking Dead:

Daryl Dixon
Caddies and Crossbows - Zombieland x The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon x Reader Besties!Tallahassee x Reader

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draco is trying to make a drunk hermione drink water
  • Draco: Here, you need to drink this. That's an order.
  • Hermione: You're mean, you know that?
  • Draco: Yes I do know that. I'm very mean. Now drink this.
  • Hermione: I hate you.
  • Draco: No you don't.
  • Hermione: I'm sorry, you're nice really. And you've got lovely hair and a good jaw.