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Primeval AU  Stephen returns ~ Series 3

With Danny settling in as the new team leader, things at the ARC are finally finding a rhythm again after Nick’s murder. Just as everything seems back to “normal”, an anomaly appears in Lester’s office and a dishevelled Stephen falls through. Having miraculously survived his generous sacrifice through escaping into an anomaly, Stephen had finally found his way back to the ARC to continue his work alongside Cutter. Once Danny and Becker meet their lost team mate, they have to deliver the devastating news that despite Stephen’s efforts, Helen had still found a way to rid the world of her husband.

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brambledboneyards  asked:

I think there would be quite a few times when his "bumbling" ended up "accidentally" saving the day or leading to events that ended up saving the day too many times for it just to be a coincidence. However he'd have best interests at heart, even if his department didn't view things the same way.

Yes, good, yes, the plot wheels are spinning. :D “Accidentally” saving their asses and earning their gratitude only to have to betray them for his job later…?

Maybe in the season finale, when they find out he’s a government agent, they kidnap him as a hostage to keep the department from doing something truly bad but then his department show their true colours and leave him to die. He could be all conflicted and they’d end up trucing and teaming up to save the day in the nick of time!

Then they’d probably all be outlaws. A band of outlaws. There could be lots of wonderful gruff frenemy/ex-rivals/trust issues trials in season 2 while they’re on the run trying to reach and close all these anomalies before the government gets to them. 

Yes, that’s right, we already got renewed for season two. I can feel myself getting invested now dslfadsjkfh

The Guardians - A Connor Temple short

Connor Temple was a young boy, aged eight when he met them. He could still recall everything to this day. It started with a sledding incident and it ended with a hug and never ending belief. Of course, it sounded silly for a twenty eight year old to say he believed in Santa Claus, that he believed in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, to even believe in Jack Frost and the Sandman…and if he hadn’t known better, he would’ve stopped believing too. But it was hard to stop believing when he had gone on the greatest adventure with them. You see, fighting dinosaurs wasn’t the only way he had saved the world…

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