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             [L]ater you still entertained,
at least as hypothesis, the notion
      of a not impossible love, requited passion;
              or resolved modestly to learn
some craft, various languages.
      And all those sparks of future
             winked out behind you, forgettable. So—
the present. Its blessings
      many today:
             the fresh, ornate
blossoms of the simplest trees a sudden
      irregular pattern everywhere, audacious white,
             flamingo pink in a haze of early warmth.
But perversely it’s not
      what you crave. You want
             the past. Oh, not your own,
no reliving of anything—no, what you hanker after
      is a compost,
             a forest floor, thick, saturate,
fathoms deep, palimpsestuous, its surface a mosaic
      of infinitely fragile, lacy, tenacious
             skeleton leaves. When you put your ear
to that odorous ground you can catch the unmusical, undefeated
      belling note, as of a wounded stag escaped triumphant,
             of lives long gone.

Denise Levertov, from “The Past III,” Sands of the Well (New Directions, 1996)