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“We saw them, despite their differences, drawing closer and closer together. To the point where they were each the only person that the other could trust.

There was something very romantic about this platonic - mostly platonic *grins* - duo.”

- - Gillian Anderson on the Mulder & Scully relationship, America in PrimeTime, Nov 2011
'The Night Manager' director Susanne Bier on her show earning 12 Emmy nominations
By Los Angeles Times

What are you doing to celebrate?

It’s the kind of thing you just walk around being happy and proud and honored. I don’t need to do anything specific. I might open a bottle of champagne. It’s more just really gratifying.

Would you direct another six-hour series? Or even something longer?

I think I might need a little break before I do it again, but I would love to. It’s so interesting because you get into details that, coming from feature films, you can’t allow yourself that level of detailing for minor characters. When you do six hours, there is space to be detailed about that.

You are in Cuba today. Were you watching the nominations online?

I was watching online. I was trying not to get too involved in it. There’s an element of self-preservation where you try to not be too anxious or excited, and then you can’t help yourself anyway.

Directors have traditionally played second fiddle to writers in TV. Does it feel like that’s changing?

I definitely think it’s changing. When you do something that’s six hours, there’s a definitely a directorial vision which you have to have. Otherwise you can’t do a job like that. I also think that the audiences are becoming way more aware of the visuals, the music, all those kinds of things which are also part of the direction.

There’s so much choice [in TV], it needs to be brilliant, it needs to be seductive. I think [the idea of] playing second fiddle to the writers, was more real or truthful at a time when television was more just people talking. At this point in time, I find television just as interesting and stimulating as anything else.