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I get a snow day tomorrow so I’m celebrating today! Here’s a quick likkle makeup look for ya 😏✨

PRIMERS | @AmazingCosmetics (Line Smoother + Primer) + @ELFcosmetics Eyelid Primer

EYES | @MakeupGeekcosmetics Shadow (CocoBear) + #MakeupGeekcosmetics Foiled Pigment (Intermission)

FACE | @UrbanDecaycosmetics All Nighter Foundation (12)

CONCEALER | @Tartecosmetics Shape Tape Concealer (Deep) 

BAKE | @CinemaSecretspro Setting Powder (Rich)

POWDER | @CoverFX Powder (N110)

CONTOUR | Makeup Geek Contour (Scandal)

LINER | Tartiest Eye Liner (Black)

MASCARA | #TarteCOSMETICS Mascara (Black)

HIGHLIGHT | Makeup Geek Highlight (Ignite) #DUOCHROME

LASHES | @Kokolashes (Amor)

LIPS | NYX Lip Liner (Expresso) + Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss (Headliner)

SETTING SPRAY | #UrbanDecay All Nighter  

Music | Hymn For The Weekend Club Mix 
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Makeup Basics

Beauty Myths

How to pretend to be pretty for strangers on tumblr

So you want to go from potato to po-great-o? Allow me to show you the way. 

Start off with your early morning potato face. We’ve got a lot going on here. Greasy hair. Chronic acne. Dryness. Eye bags. Not rebloggable. No artificial bolstering of our self-esteem here! 

Time to shower and slather our faces with products! “But SleepyWhatever!” I hear you cry. “How do you maintain your glorious rash-like complexion?” I’m glad you ask! Here is me doing my shower ritual of two masks, a cleanser, an exfoliator and a toner to look exactly the same.


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So onto the makeup. First of all, we gotta fix those eyebrows. Time to use four products and twenty minutes to draw on hairs we don’t have and cover up hairs we do have. 

Here’s a key. 

Next is pretty much the only good advice in this thing. You want that flawless wing and sharp shadow line with no cleanup necessary? Tape! Make a line with tape (pre-stuck on your hand to remove some of the sticky so as not to damage your delicate eye area). 

Then we smear a flesh-coloured primer on our eyes and set it with a flesh-coloured powder to make better looking flesh. 

Start with a neutral brown to softly define your crease. 

Next we realised we have no idea what the fuck we’re doing because we didn’t plan it out in advance. Smear on some purple on top of the work we just did and hope for the best. 

Inspired by our vague success, we bullshit on! First of all we add some blue to the purple to intensify the colour. Then we paint the eyelids gold for ~contrast~ and then we sling some of that purple/dark blue combo on the outer corners to tie the whole thing together. As long as you blend blend blend, everything will be ok.

At this point we realise two things. 

1) Our eyebrows are hideously uneven. (Leftie you bitch)
2) Pursed lips look like a butthole. 

Next is eyeliner. Pray for my soul.

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So now we start to try and fix The Face. First off, primer. I have a lot of redness so I’m going to smear Shrek’s cum on my face. 

And see what it does! 

… Jack shit. Alright. That’s ok. We can colour correct! Let’s grab our cream colour corrector kit and neutralise our complexion that way!

Ok, you know what? We can power through. 

Because I am, in cosmetics terms, a fucking vampire I used the lightest shade of Dermacol and my concealer and my white foundation mixer and it was still too dark so I caked myself in white powder and made myself ever so slightly too light. Oh well. 

I drew my undereyes on using the same purples and blues and a little bit of pink. When it came to false lashes I realised I couldn’t find my lash glue. Or any lashes. But it’s ok! We can make false false eyelashes in an app!

Lastly I threw on a deep purple matte lip. is it comfortable? no! Can I pull it off? not really! but is it super cool and in right now? you bet.

So the makeup is done. Massively heavy and uncomfortable and not something I would wear outside my house because I am not brave. But do I LOVE doing it so over the top? 

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Now your makeup is done, take 200 selfies in every room in your house to try and find that Holy Grail selfie that shows off your eye makeup as well as your lipstick and is good lighting and also a flattering expression. Also get bored and become distracted by husband and cat being doofs. 

After trawling through every selfie, asking people’s opinions and changing and changing your mind, settle on adequacy because this has taken like three hours. 

It seems alright. Skin texture minimal. Eyebrow unevenness concealed. Eyeliner showing off. Awks lip gap only showing a little bit. Shame about forgetting to do a damn thing about our hair. This is workable! We’re almost there! Home stretch. We just have to filter the shit out of it and add some fake fake eyelashes and we have something ready for tumblr and that MUA Insta.

And we’re done! You did most of that! That’s sort of what you look like. Now we can prompt strangers to make us feel better about ourselves over the internet. Go forth and harvest those sweet, sweet reblogs.

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How to make your makeup last for 8-16 hours

This is directed towards those of y'all that
Have oily skin/ sweat buckets (I have normal skin but since I usually end up doing 40-60 dances a night…I sweat horribly)
Like going ham on your makeup. If you want a light, skin like finish then please look the other way
Do double shifts or work 12+ hours
Don’t have the time to touch up their makeup

Prep your skin: use Moisturizer and primer regardless of your skin type and apply makeup on clean skin. Don’t use to much Moisturizer or primer as your makeup will just melt off . If you want your makeup to survive nuclear war, get the Mehron Skin Prep Pro. It’s a cosmetic antiperspirant that applies like a toner and will dramatically extend the life of your makeup. I use this after I wash my face and apply a primer and moisturizer right afterwards

Apply a finely milled translucent powder underneath your foundation and over your primer. Since I have normal skin, I only do this very lightly on my t zone

I use eyeshadow primer under my eyes to extend the wear of my concealer and to prevent creasing

Get a long wearing/Matte finish foundation and use less of it than you think. I’ll make a list of foundations that I love soon

After applying your foundation/concealer and blending the ever living shit out of it with a beauty blender, blot the excess product/oil with a single ply of toilet, tissue, or blotting paper

Layer your products: use a cream contour under your powder contour, a cream blush under your powder blush, a cream highlighter under your powder highlighter

Set your face with a powder puff/ damp beauty blender and use a loose setting powder

Use a setting spray and fan your face afterwards. I use the Ben Nye Fix and Seal spray and it’s pretty much industrial strength



Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and decides to let your boyfriend to your voice over.  

Yoon Jisung

  • Alright so hi my name is (Y/N) and  I love makeup–not as much as my boyfriend Jisung though
  • “I have a bunch of palettes and they’re all the same but I like buying the same thing over and over to waste money” 
  • “This looks expensive but you see all this?? I only buy it because it’s cute and I use it once before throwing it into the drawer and never see it ever again” 

Ha Sungwoon

  • “Hi, everybody! Welcome back to another tutorial —sips some water and twirls hair.”
  • “Okay so we have two eyeliners–oh you’re going to shake it and.. okay just kidding you’re going to put it on your hand.. wait what?.”
  • “Now you’re going to contour the foundation around your nose and… right under the hairline with a fat paint brush and then use the beauty blender and basically punch right under your eye..” 
  • “Now I’m going to put on pink lipstick and think of my boyfriend as I do this because he’s very handsome and I love him a lot and I love pink.”

Hwang Minhyun

  • “Hey everyone. Welcome to my tutorial and this how I do my makeup.. so I’m just putting on a lot of face foundation and what is this other tube.. eye foundation? Okay it looks the same.
  • “Now we’re taking this brown shade and we’re going to put it onto my eye ball socket… and then we’re going to be really dangerous and go underneath— basically under my eye bags” 
  • “Touches brush oh man I should listen to my amazing boyfriend and actually clean my brushes before I stab my eye and get infected.”
  • “Uh here we have more powdering and contouring and now we’re going to brush the neck area, ear and more on the neck..” 

Ong Seongwu

  • It’s ONG MUA in the HOUUUUSE! Here to do (Y/N)’s voice over because I know you love hearing my voice more than hers.”
  • “MY LIPSTICK SNAPPED OFF? JK it’s under control guys”
  • “And here’s the finished ‘I LOOK LIKE A BURNT ORANGE’ LOOK! Just kidding she’s looking super fine… Not as fine as me though—”

Kim Jaehwan

  • “Okay, so first you’re going to grab your concealer and make a triangle and blend it with this stress ball okay so DAB DAB DAAAAB” 
  • Time to fill in my non-existent brows with this brown color gel.”
  • “Then you take some of this shiny stuff IDK what this is but going for that super 3D look” 

Kang Daniel

  • “What’s up everyone! Going to do a glam tutorial look for you all today so let’s get started!”
  • “Wow, I look cute. Super cute and I know it. Hair flips and more hair flips. Anyways, we’re taking this white cream and putting it all over the face because my skin is thirsty for moisture..
  • “You see Rooney in the back everyone? Why don’t we just focus on her instead. Rooney is more important right now.” 
  • “She’s putting on a lot of lipstick.. how does it not get onto my lips when she kisses me…”

Park Jihoon

  • “Hi everyone! This is Jihoon speaking and today I’m here to do (Y/N)’s voice over so shall we get started?”
  • “Okay so take this neutral color from the first palette and then put on this eye primer protein—i mean potion”  
  • “Then you’re going to blend it together and then color your eyeshadow with Steela?? Stilla??”
  • “You’re going to pat pat pat the skin and you can use anything that’s soft like this square looking sponge. 
  • “Now we’re going to open this other tube and draw some small dots and triangles—this looks like clown makeup.. sorry baby..”

Park Woojin

  • “H-Hello this is Park Woojin..” (whispers babe.. do I look awkward on camera?) 
  • “Why do girls say they’re going to “beat” their face with makeup..”
  • “Next you have to keep on rubbing your face until your hand gets tired and now onto eyeshadow..”
  • “We’re going to take this purple color and put it on the eyes.. like an upside down Nike sign” 
  • What is that? Baby powder? Then you have to put it under your eyes and chin. What is this even for…” 

Bae Jinyoung

  • “So I’m Jinyoung.. (Y’N)’s boyfriend and yeah..we’re going to dive right into the look.”
  • “Taking a clean brush, we’re going to take this light brown color and swirl it all over the eyelid.. and then we’re going to take another brown color.. the colors look the same..” 
  • “Grabbing this black crayon.. pencil… I’m going to put it onto my eyelashes.. have to draw inside the lines like a coloring book” 
  • “The eyes look really pretty.. super”
  • “Powder the tip of your nose and the mustache area and then you’re done! Oh just kidding not yet—

Lee Daehwi

  • “Hey what’s up everyone! This is (Y/N)’s boyfriend Daehwi and we’re going to go straight into this pretty look she has going on!” 
  • “Gotta make sure your lips aren’t dry and chapped so hydrate your lips, everyone.”
  • “So first we’re going to conceal everywhere that’s problematic.. like this pimple under her chin.. what is this… Tarte Shape Tape! ”
  •  “Now gotta make sure those brows are filled in because you know.. NO BROWS NO LIFE” 
  • Oh my god she’s so fire.. even more, fire if she actually did her make up this fast though. YES, I’M CALLING YOU OUT.” 

Lai Guanlin

  • “What’s up everyone. I’m Lai Guanlin and I was forced to do this video for my girlfriend… I love you, (Y/N).” 
  • “Looks like she’s going to put on a bunch of colors now. This bottle looks like nail polish though..
  • “Put some liquid thing onto this red egg ball and punch the makeup into your pores.. wow that’s a lot..”
  • “Why is she so extra.. okay so next you’re going to overline your lips. Want to make your lips bigger than they are because big lips are in..”
  • “And this is the final look..  Wow, my girlfriend is really attractive.. and here she is being extra again.” 
Sharp as a Blade

Summary: Virgil shows up to a filming session with a little bit of something on his face, much to his embarrassment.

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: none! maybe some minor anxiety, but otherwise it’s pretty dang fluffy

Pairings: none, though everyone has their little moments with Virgil that could be read as romantic probably


@milk-withtwosugars since I know you want to be tagged in this because the sides in makeup is your ish

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ira-querelle  asked:

I have tried literally everything (sponge, brush, fingers, different concealers, powder, not using powder to finish, primers, creams) but still my undereye concealer creases&cakes, it goes in the fine little lines, blots... awful. Any tips??

Concealer is something that can go horribly wrong, I agree. If you apply too much it looks cakey, not enough and you can still see darkness and if you quickly dust a powder to set the concealer it can go patchy and uneven, if you don’t set it at all it can crease quickly and be overly shiny and if you “bake” the area with loads of powder it can look cakey, dry and unnatural.

Use an Eye Cream or Primer

If you’re applying your concealer directly ontop of foundation without prepping the eye area first this could be where you are going wrong. On the other hand if you’re applying a thick heavy eye cream under the eyes and immediately going in with concealer this could also be where you’re going wrong. Confusing? Applying an eye cream or undereye primer will help to hydrate the undereyes and give the skin a little more “slip” so product is less likely to settle, but if you don’t let it absorb for 5 minutes or so before applying your concealer, you will find the concealer immediately grabs to the eye cream and makes a bit, gross, uneven and creasing mess. I recommend: Origins Gin Zing Refreshing Eye Cream (because it’s lightweight and has light reflecting properties which brighten the undereyes) and Smashbox PhotoFinish Under Eye Primer (because it is a beautiful creamier version of their original primer which helps fill in fine lines under the eyes)

Try a Thicker Product

When I say a thicker product I don’t necessarily mean one that is full-bore high coverage, I just mean one that isn’t super thin and liquidy. Thicker, creamier products tend to sit ontop of the skin better and have a bit more playtime (great especially if you have issues with creasing) whilst thinner and more runny products often dry a lot quicker and as a result can settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Try using a product that has a creamier texture like Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer or you could even try a full-coverage stick foundation!

Use Sparingly

One of the biggest causes for concealer creasing underneath the eyes and looking cakey is simply applying too much of it! I recommend only using concealer on the areas needed and go easy with it. Just because you have a bit of darkness under the eyes doesn’t mean you should pile on heaps of concealer. You may find this post about how to properly use concealer helpful.

Set Properly

The key to setting your undereye area is to use a loose powder or a clean, fluffy blending eyeshadow brush and gently press the powder over top of the concealer before dusting/blending the excess product in with the same brush. Here is a video on how to use setting powder.

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

when i asked for skincare products y’all came to my rescue nd flooded me w/ recs so i’m asking you to do the same one more time for makeup !! what products do u swear by or do u think i should try ?? i just cleaned out my collection so i need new things !!