primers for eyes

Soy su primer amor.
Primer ardor.
Tengo todo lo bello de él.
La rosa ya no está sola en su jardín.
Ahora llueve sobre mí.
El sentimiento es mutuo.
Soy su primer amor; y sigo siendo, su primer amor…
—  Sad Eyes, Mi Mosho

sippngwaterfalls said: do you have tips for under eye concealer and creasing? I’ve tried multiple primers, using a setting powder, etc but it still seems to crease :(

Creasing is one of (in my opinion) the worst traits in makeup, and there’s nothing more annoying than perfectly applying eyeshadow only to find that it’s a hot mess within a few hours or covering your dark circles so they’re nowhere to be seen, only to end up with what looks like intense wrinkles underneath your eyes. Creasing is a pain, but some of these products & techniques could be your saving grace.

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UNDER HYPED: Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Smashbox is my favourite brand when it comes to primers, they’ve got everything from colour correcting to oily controlling and line reducing versions  and even one for the under eye area. An under-eye primer may seem like just “another” product to buy and another unnecessary product to add into your beauty routine, but the results are oh so worth it. Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer has been a favourite product of mine for many years now and it really doesn’t get enough hype or recognition. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup (or someone who wears a lot) has severe dark circles or just a little discoloration underneath the eyes this product works a full on treat and is well worth the price. It’s super hydrating, but thanks to the silicone like texture it doesn’t cause concealer to crease, in fact it actually helps improve its staying power so you don’t have to worry about your concealer slipping around all over the place. It’s also packed with light reflecting pigments and has a peachy pink base to it, meaning that it helps counteract darkness and blue tones in the skin which in turn makes dark circles appear less obvious and reduces the need for a large amount of concealer. All in all I love this product. If you’re someone with severe dark circles or has problems with concealer creasing it’s definitely worth checking this product out. It’s also great for wearing alone on no-makeup days and for mixing in with concealer to make it more blendable.

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Finding a new hobby after heartbreak is truly the way to go. I’ve never been good at makeup or cared enough to put anything other than eyeliner on. Y'all… I gave up on watching YouTube makeup tutorials with expensive products (don’t compare, put what looks right on you, on your face). Now instead of moping around everyday, I force myself to get dolled up just to stay in the house. Long sea salt baths, face masks, face primer, concealer under my eyes around the eyebrows, eyeshadow, BLENDING. False lashes. Baking my face with powder. Finishing spray. I never would’ve thought that’d be me. All this to say, I don’t have time to be in my feelings and cry leaving tear streaks on my hard work. I blast my music and get to work, admiring and loving myself. Do something you enjoy, get you a hobby!



💜Lorac matte pro palette $28
💜Nyx contour kit $14.99
💜Smashbox primer $42
💜Smashbox cc cream $42
💜Better than sex mascara $23
💜Tarte gifted mascara $21
💜Too face baby love blush $26
💜Tarte smooth operator powder $34
💜Tarte blush x2 $56
💜Urban decay eye primer $20
💜Lipstick queen lipstick x2 $50

😈 Total ~ 356.99 !!! This is the most I’ve ever done at ulta in one go!!

How To: 'Don't Fuck With Me' Eyes

Hey friends. So I filmed myself doing this makeup look this morning, so I’ll be editing that this weekend and posting it sometime next week, but if you don’t have time for videos, here’s a quick rundown of how I achieved this look. 

For my base, I used the Rimmel Pro Fix & Perfect primer all over my face, and then the Wet n Wild Take on the Day eye primer all over and around my eyes. I then applied the Tarte Amazonian BB Cream all over my face. To start off the eyes, I used a bronze shade and a dark brown from the L'Oreal Rose Nude Color Riche eye quad to create a very simple light smokey eye with the bronze all over and the dark brown in the crease. I then used an angled brush and a black shadow to created the wings on my eyeliner. This is the trick I always use now, I hate using liquid eyeliner so much. I’d rather use tar and a paintbrush than liquid eyeliner. Anyways, I create the wing with shadow, and then I went in to draw the rest of the line in with the Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner. This is a good product, it’s very black and creamy, but it definitely transfers on my lid, which is really annoying. I then added a highlight from the L'Oreal quad and some Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara. Finally, I added a warm taupe shade under my lower lash line to even out the heaviness on my eyelids.

You can see that the shadow isn’t as black as the eyeliner, but no one would be able to tell unless they were about to make out with you and decided to instead check out your eyeliner, which is, in my opinion, an unlikely situation.

You can see how the eyeliner has transferred onto my lid, which is really annoying. To prevent this try setting your eyeliner with a black eyeshadow. I’ve never really found a way to completely get rid of this problem, so I’ve just been touching up with q tips throughout the day. 

On my brows I used the NYX eyebrow gel, on my cheeks I’m wearing the Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels, and my lipstick is the Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in East End Snob and the Bite Beauty Matte Creme lip crayon in Glace. I then set everything with the Coty Airspun powder.

If you want to actually watch me apply this stay tuned for the video! I really love this look. It makes me feel really badass, and it’s not too difficult to do.




This weekend’s haul.
Ramen noodles x2: 0.75 each
Cashew nuts: 1.49
Pack of candles: 1.00
Scented oils x2: 2.50 each
Headphones: 5.99
Lush Toothy Tabs: 5.95
Lush Cup O'Coffee: 13.50
Lush shower gel: 11.95
7th Heaven face mask x2: 5.99 each
Pores be pure face mask: 10.00
Quick fix face mask: 3.50
Veet Wax Strips: 6.49
Smashbox photo finish primer: 28.00
Cooling eye masks: 4.00
Exfoliating cleanser pads: 4.00
Benefit “That Gal” Primer: 5.00
Benefit eye cream x2: 5.00 each
Eos Lip balm: 6.50
Meet Matt(E) Trimony: 39.00
Mario Badescu night cream: 21.00
Mario Badescu exfoliating scrub: 25.00
Silver string lights: 8.99
Supercat skinny eyeliner: 6.50
Kick ass super blur: 6.00
H&M pins: 5.99
H&M concealer brush x2: 6.99 each
Claire’s sterling silver earrings: 8.00
Claire’s sterling silver earrings: 9.00
Toothbrush: 3.50
Body loofah: 1.00
It’s kind of a funny story book: 9.99
Optimists die first book: 12.99
Nerds sweets: 1.49
Hi-Chew: 2.00
Gum x2: 2.50 each
Oreo bar x2: 1.99 each
Bazooka Gum: 2.25
Total: £321.51


~Small haul~ Sallys beauty- Tinted sunscreen:$5 -Bath and body works- Georgia peach candle:$10 Lilac candle:$4.50 Rose salve:$5.50 -Lush- Superbalm:$20 -Ulta- Face mask:$2 Urban decay eye primer:$20 Fitme foundation:$9 Concealer brush:$22 L'Oréal lipstick:$7 Total:105!!!