Tell Your Congress Members that Trumpcare is Wrong for America

URGENT!!!! Please call this morning! The House leadership just released their draft of the Affordable Health Care repeal/replace bill and it will increase costs for older Americans, and hurts poor and middle class Americans. Millions will lose coverage. It will make healthcare less affordable. It includes a tax break for insurance companies that pay their CEO more than $500,000. It freezes the Medicaid expansion and caps federal funding in order to cut taxes for the rich. It defunds Planned Parenthood. It also requires that insurance plans not cover abortion.

Please call your senators and representative and ask them to oppose this plan.

The LA Times has released a primer for your review

We have also prepared a script for you to use in calling your Representatives:

Script: Hi, my name is [name] and I am calling to ask Senator/Representative [name] to oppose the newly release ACA repeal plan. This bill would lead to millions losing coverage and those with coverage paying more for less comprehensive coverage. It will also hurt millions of poor Americans. Thank you.

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review

The Innisfree No Sebum line were the first of many of my favourite Innisfree products. The products from this line have been popular for so long and it is easy to see why! The No Sebum line contains a mineral primer, a mineral powder and a mineral pact. I did also purchase other products from the line, so make sure you check them out as well!
                -Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Primer (review here!)
                -Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact (review coming soon!)

This oil absorption powder creates soft and gorgeous skin that lass all day long. The powder has a double sebum control system helps to absorbs excessive sebum on skin. It contains Jeju natural mineral and mint ingredients to create healthy skin, control oil and maintain moisture of skin. It is completely paraben free, talc free, artificial pigment free, animal material free, mineral oil free and artificial scent free!
Innisfree conveniently provides us with a picture describing the multiple uses of the No Sebum Mineral Powder. 

In true Innisfree style, the No Sebum Mineral Powder comes in a nice a box made with recycled paper with soy ink print. The powder comes in a refreshing mint colour tub with twist lid. The powder comes with a little puff for application of the product. 

The Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder has very quickly become one of my absolute favourite Innisfree product. This is the perfect product for setting my makeup in the morning. The powder is lightweight and does not leave the skin looking cakey. It mattifies the skin and leaves it feeling incredibly fresh. The powder keeps oilier areas of my face completely shine free throughout the day and has the ability to extend the longevity of my makeup. This powder really is a life saver, especially on warm days when I am more prone to shine. It is also great to keep around with me during the day when I’m out and about for whenever I need any touch ups. Another thing is that the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is rather inexpensive. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this product over and over again. I really don’t have any complaints about it!

-does not appear cakey
-mattifies the skin
-long lasting sebum control
-helps to extend longevity of makeup

Cons: NONE!

Overall Rating: 5/5



SMASHBOX Shaping foundation + Iconic primer stick review FULL FACE

just a thought

idk what i was thinking the first time i lifted from ulta but… i asked an employee if a certain eyelash primer had good reviews, then she suggested a different brand and me, being a novice, LIFTED THE ONE SHE SUGGESTED. wow cant believe i made a rookie mistake like that. oh well it was so long ago lol

bottom line is dont talk about the product you want bc they will prob remember you

Worbla Tutorial Part 1: Primer

This is part 1 of 3 of my worbla painting tutorial! Part 1 here is about primer! I’m looking at 5 different primers here and reviewing them! TBH I’m not actually very experienced with worbla, but I have spent the past month or so extensively testing out different primers/paints/topcoats and figured i would share my results!

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Milani Prime Shield Face Primer Review

Mattifying + Pore Minimizing

As of lately I have been trying face primers and setting sprays. I saw Milani had a primer and I figure why not. This is, I think the second Milani product I have tried and I’m happy I picked this up. This is one of the best primers I have tried so far. It controls my oils so well without having me look so dry. I have oily combination skin and I try different mattifying primers. My nose is the first thing to get shiny. This primer kept the shine on my nose to a minimum to the point I feel like I barely need to blot. My face has such a smooth radiant finish with this primer. I know it’s suppose to mattify but I like that my skin is not so matte to the point I look powdery. It controls my oils and balances out my face. I highly recommend this primer. They also have a Hydrating + Pore-Minimizing primer for dry skin types. I love that this primer is affordable as well. This primer works great with my drugstore and high-end foundations.

Rate: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

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Nars Eyeshadow Primer Review

This eyeshadow primer runs for $24 and it is worth every single penny. I have extremely oily eyelids and I have tried basically every eyeshadow primer I can get my hands on in hopes of stopping creasing. This primer has a white color but blends clear. Your eyeshadow will appear more vibrant and it will not budge until you remove your makeup. I managed to go 8 hours without my eyeshadow losing its vibrancy or crease and that has NEVER happened to me. I am astonished and will never go back to anything else.