How Little Brown Bear got ready for the winter by Kathie McMillan

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<br />“Child Library Readers, Book One” by William Elson and Lura Runkel.  Copyright 1924 by Scott, Foresman and Company.  Most illustrations are by L. Kate Deal and Florence L. Notter.

si tengo miedo, si soy insegura, si soy celosa por demás, si pienso demasiado. Perdón por no saber manejar mis sentimientos. Perdón por ser tan inestable. Perdón por no poder dar el primer paso, y es que, ¿vos darías un paso en un puente que está a punto de caerse?

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confieso que el amor me es esquivo, nunca he tenido pareja, no he dado mi primer beso, tengo 23 años, de verdad me siento solo, a veces lloro por las personas que alejo de mi por mi exceso de timidez y falta de confianza en mi mismo, odio las redes sociales, odio chatear porque no tengo ideas para hablar en un chat, esto realmente me consume y cada vez me estoy sintiendo peor, cada rechazo o cada vez que soy ignorado con los vistos en whatsapp o incluso los bloqueos me siento mas lejos del amor

Aquí tienes un amigo. Háblame cuando quieras por el chat y yo siempre te contestaré.


1979-1990 Anime Primer
Akira (1988)

31 years have passed since a giant explosion decimated the original Tokyo. In 2019, Neo-Tokyo stands in its place, a sprawling metropolis with a seamy underbelly. Kaneda is the leader of a bike gang comprised of unruly teens, among them his childhood friend Tetsuo, who harbors an intense inferiority complex. One fateful day the military takes Tetsuo into custody, believing he has latent psychic abilities on par with the enigmatic Akira. But their plans to mold him into a WMD blow up in their faces when Tetsuo elects to use his new powers to go on a violent rampage. Can Kaneda stop him before he wipes out the city for a second time?

is easily one of the most defining and impactful works of anime ever created, and the thematic apex of the 80s anime era. With a production budget of 10 million dollars (an industry record at the time), the film was meticulously crafted with the hyper-focused intensity signature to its director and original creator, Katsuhiro Otomo. There is no exaggerating the artistic and technical merits of this film which tower over most of the rest of the market even today, nearly 30 years after its release. The story, while decidedly less complex than the visuals, nevertheless succeeds in capturing the raw element of rebellious youth raging against a broken system, as expressed via high-octane motorcycle chases, gruesomely gory psychic warfare, and a heavy dose of atom bomb imagery.