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“El significado de musa es muy usado, se utiliza en sentido figurado para describir a la mujer amada o a la que trae la inspiración sea en la pintura, en la poesía, o en otras formas de expresión cultural.

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Phew, it’s been a while since the last non-Hamilton art
Cloqui poqui, te hice un regalo random :)))) estocuentaportucumplekhé no pero en serio, los extrañaba, me acordé de las refs improvisadas que tenía guardadas y del hermoso headcanon de las musas y asjdhakjdna surgió esta fantasía sítia,poresolaconverrandomsobrelospezonesdelaParpla,aunquealfinalniseloscambiéBUAJAJAJAJA

*c va*

DRY SKIN 101- xoxo

so i thought i would do a blog post about my beauty regime & dealing with dry skin.. i get extremely sensitive and dry in my t zone area, especially around my mouth & forehead, as a skin care and makeup lover i thought i would share some of my fave products, tips & my daily skin care regime. 

so the women in my life have always told me the importance of taking care of your skin from a young age, my great grandmother was a huge lover of water.. she used to just sit and drink boiled water with lemon all day long, she said it was her top secret for her wrinkle free skin at 92 lol!. so my first tip is WATER. try and drink as much water throughout the day as possible, 8 glasses a day is always my goal! i’m not a huge fan of fizzy drinks, but i do drink a lot of coffee.. which can actually dehydrate your skin (i’m trying to cut back on that). 

my SKIN CARE REGIME consists of 1 mask a week, usually something creamy that contains coco oil. there are tons of DIY masks you can make at home too, some great ones are: banana, baking soda & honey, oatmeal, egg white & coco oil, and avocado, aloe vera & olive oil. i use a daily facial wash by clean and clear to help with my blackheads, its not harsh at all & leaves your face silky, followed by the clean and clear toner. one of my favourite toner water’s is the garnier skin naturals micellar water oil infused water (the yellow one is for dry and sensitive skin) i like to use this after removing my makeup with a cotton pad. for moisturiser i like to switch it up depending on how dry my skin is, if its super dry i like to use a cream called astral.. this was my great grandmothers holy grail & she introduced me to this cream when i was about 10 years old, its a very rich formula that locks in moisture and really keeps your skin hydrated, i recommend this to everybody as its so affordable, smells divine and great for sensitive skin. at the moment i’m using a day and night sensitive skin combo from nivea, another company i trust on my skin, the day cream is a light formula & the night cream is slightly thicker, i am really enjoying this combo at the moment its really brung back a lot of moisture to my skin. for removing my makeup i do like to use facial wipes, my face wash (twice a week) & then my night cream.

PRIMING the face before makeup is a must before applying my base, too ensure that it stays on for longer, if you are like me and have dry skin you may (or may not) be aware that the gel-like formula is not the one to be using!.. the primer will cling to your dry patches making them stand out more which we are trying to avoid at all costs. for christmas 2016 i asked for the smashbox photo finish primer water, i use this after my day cream has soaked into my skin, it’s packed with revitalizing electrolytes to wake up skin and restore moisture, it wakes you up like crazy and leaves your skin feeling extremely hydrated. when writing this i had a look at any other options that i could add onto this for you guys to try.. 1. the smashbox photo finish hydrating primer (the blue one) 2. clinique super primer face primer colour corrects redness, and 3. pixi flawless beauty primer.

BASE MAKEUP i’ve just recently found a foundation, concealer & powder combo that i really love, for foundation i am currently loving the MAC studio sculpt the lady pointed out to me when i was looking that this was for dry skin and i explained my skin and we both agreed this was a great option to try, i used a primark pro foundation brush with this which was a super cheap pick up on my trip, and i loveeeee how it works and have been using it for a few days now. my 2 favourite concealers are the anastasia beverly hills one, and the MAC studio finish i like to blend these in with a beauty blender from real techniques- i pretty much use all there brushes. for powder i use the holy grail.. laura mercier translucent setting powder, its just the best really. 

if i think of anything else to add to this i will, let me know if you want any body, hair or hygiene regimes.

xoxo - amy. X 

cuckoldcoupleswe  asked:

You said your beard could be seen even after a close shave and foundation.. have you used primer, red neutralizer and concealer? (: That works well for me and doesn't cause me to have to use a shit tonne of just foundation (:

Well it works with just foundation for me, it’s only visible if you look real close so it’s pretty much just annoying since I know it’s there haha

El siguiente post está hecho con el mero de fin de desahogo ante una inconformidad de las redes sociales.

He estado dos años y medio en esta comunidad enorme que es tumblr.
Durante mi primer año en esta red social, me parecía de lo más tranquila, y ordenada.
Donde se recibían mensajes según la temática de tu blog. Con mero interés ante tu persona, ante tu contenido, etc.
Era una página muy preciada, pues, se distinguía de la basura de Facebook, donde parece prevalece la inmoralidad y falta de respeto ante todo.

Las cosas han cambiado muchísimo. Han entrado personas con falta de educación, donde lo único que les interesa es el ciber sexo.
No digo que repudie a esas personas, pero si repudio el hecho de que, notan la temática de tu blog, y gustos, y lo único que buscan es molestar.
No puede pasar ni una estúpida semana, cuando mi bandeja de mensajes se llena de gente pendeja mandandote nudez y mensajes vulgares.

¡Soy una mujer con escrúpulos!
¡No necesito ver tu jodida polla asquerosa!

¿Por qué tumblr se ha convertido ahora también en una red social donde se esconde la gente enferma sexual?
¡Hay más blogs! ¡carajo!


How to Choose a Face Primer

Face primers are fantastic, and even though I don’t wear one every time I do my makeup , if I need my makeup to look last and look flawless all day I’ll use one. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are just another product to buy so brands can get more money, they are much more than that.

In short, primers are amazing products that you apply after you’ve cleansed and moisturised your skin, but before you apply any coverage products like foundation or concealer. Majority of primers are designed to help make your makeup last a lot longer and smooth over the surface of the skin so your makeup applies evenly.

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Huge haul- Jcp Sephora
Stila- Bronzer
Huge Lash Extreme Mascara x2
Eyes are the Window Palette x2
P4 x2
Nars- Audacious Lipsticks x4 (holy crap that’s $128)
Skincare- sephora masks x2
Dr jart mask
Kate Somerville exfoliator
Senhora brand lip balm
Taste- airbuki
Powder foundation x3
Too Faced- chocolate bar palettes x2
Coco contour
Natural matte
Natural eyes
Boudoir eyes
Born this way foundation
Lash injections
Smashbox- primer water
Redness correcting primer
Random stuff- naked on the run
Gimme brow benefit
Marc Jacobs daisy rollerball
Sephora brush set
And last but not least… Beauty Blender solid cleanser. This little fucker almost got me caught. I had it in my pants (sorry guys but on body concealment is great) and it fell out and hit the floor. It made it a huge loud noise. I hauled ass out of there.
Total: $1,055
Yay over $1000 for the second time :D and this time just makeup

after doing my favorite skin care products of 2016, i decided i might as well do one for makeup too so here it is. my favorite makeup to use on a daily basis:

primer: smashbox photo finish primer water, benefit porefessional, honest beauty everything primer (luminous base). i also use the l'oréal paris magic anti redness correcting primer on my cheeks

foundation: it cosmetics cc+, l'oréal infallible pro-glow, clinique even better, and the tarte amazonian clay is good but a little too heavy for every day but i do like it

concealer: tarte cc undereye corrector, maybelline better skin, too faced born this way

setting powder: nyx hd translucent finishing powder or the airspun loose face powder to bake if i feel like taking the time

highlight: glossier haloscope, benefit watt’s up, laura geller easy illuminating stick in gilded honey (i also like this shade in the baked gelato swirl one), mary lou manizer by the holy grail

contour/bronzer: benefit hoola, urban decay beached bronzer, too faced cocoa contour kit. sometimes i like to use cream contour so on those days i’ll resort to the clinique chubby stick or the abh stick foundation in the shade “fawn”

brows: abh brow wiz, abh clear brow gel, maybelline brow drama mascara

eyeliner: if i use eyeliner, i’ll use a liquid to line my upper lash line whether it be the milani brow tint pen or the maybelline felt tip pen. if i do a wing i like to use the nyc liquid one

mascara: i’m super picky about mascara and i rly hate high end formulas SO. i use l'oréal telescopic, butterfly sculpt and maybelline push up angel

lips: i have so many favorite lipsticks but normally i do a nude pink. lately i’ve been lining w nyx nude liner and mixing the buxom lipstick in the shade sydney with tarte’s namaste. slay by bare minerals is also a favorite bc it smells so good omfg

setting spray: makeup forever, l'oréal infallible, mario badescu rosewater

anonymous asked:

I have really rosy cheeks and an overall rosy complexion, which is great for female characters. However, I prefer crossplay and rosy cheeks just don't make the cut for most male characters. The only way I've come close to hiding my blush is nearly seven layers of foundation and concealer, but that just hurts and cracks my skin. Plus, only ivory foundation works. And my skin is more tan, so it looks unnatural and sickly. What can I do to hide my blush without overdosing on makeup?

Color-correcting concealer / primer  

A green corrective concealer / primer will neutralize red tones like a lavender one will neutralize yellow bruises or under-eye circles and a yellow/apricot color covers bluish issues like bruises and under-eye circles and mild red tones.

You will probably want to try the green one, you won’t need too much. Just enough to cancel out the rosiness. And just add your normal foundation on top of it.

“Like painters, who need a perfectly smooth, even-colored and flawless canvas, makeup artists require even-toned and smooth skin for an optimal and professional makeup result.” says Dany Sanz, founder of MAKE UP FOR EVER. Developed with a unique formula to hydrate, smooth, and help regenerate the skin, the Step 1 Skin Equalizer line works to target every texture and color concern as it preps your skin for makeup application. The collection of 10 primers can be mixed and matched or worn alone. Below, The Sephora Glossy illustrates how to decide which are right for you. BECKY PEDERSON

These primers are designed to address skin concerns, such as oil and shine, large pores, fine lines, dry skin, and redness.
1. Mattifying Primer: reduces shine by targeting oily skin
2. Smoothing Primer: addresses large pores and fine lines by evening the skin’s surface
3. Hydrating Primer: restores skin’s balance for those who have normal skin with occasional dryness
4. Nourishing Primer: moisturizes to comfort constant dry skin
5. Redness Correcting Primer: neutralizes redness often associated with rosacea

Also known as the Radiance Range, these primers are built to boost brightness for every type of skin tone.
6. Radiant Primer Blue: adds radiance to light skin
7. Radiant Primer Pink: adds radiance to light to medium skin with red undertones
8. Radiant Primer Yellow: adds radiance to light to medium skin with yellow undertones
9. Radiant Primer Peach: adds radiance to medium to tan skin
10. Radiant Primer Caramel: adds radiance to deep skin

While these primers can be used alone, you can also combine them to customize your look. If you decide to double up, use this guide for the best results.

1. Apply Redness Correcting Primer or any Radiance Range primer before applying Mattifying Primer or Smoothing Primer.
2. Apply Hydrating Primer or Nourishing Primer before applying Redness Correcting Primer or any Radiance Range primer.


anonymous asked:

what are all the different products you use for skincare?? would you mind listing them??

last question i can answer about skin for now so i can reply privately to all these people lmao but yeah. it varies…i’ve got two routines, one is more ‘natural’ and one is a bit more corrective. 


  • murad’s time-release acne cleanser with my clarisonic
  • murad oil-control mattifier spf 15 after cleansing to moisturize
  • aveda botanical kinetics toner
  • ole henriksen lemon stip flash peel/ exfolikate once a week to exfoliate
  • stila one step correct (for redness, dilated pores, unbalanced skin)

if my skin is particularly bad i then continue

corrective (on clean skin)

  • hourglass mineral primer (helps with redness, anti-aging, pore size, lines)
  • bobby brown oil free tinted moisturizer

lmao *god warrior voice* SKIN CAAREEEE



I’ve decided to FINALLY do a give away!! Ive never done one before so bear with me! There will be 3 WINNERS and I will only ship to U.S. residents (sorry!!), The giveaway will be ending February 20th  at midnight, and I’ll decide the 3 winners that night! Ill contact the winners immediately afterwards so keep your inbox’s open! But here are some of the gifts I’ll be giving away! 

1st Place 

- A mini alpaca bag!

- A set of dolly wink eyelashes

- A set of regular show socks

- Smash box makeup products that include-

Smash box bb creme

smash box photo finish primer

smash box redness reducing primer

Second place

- 10 Copic markers 

- A moleskin journal

- Alpaca erasers

 3rd place

- Regular show socks

-Alpaca erasers

Ok! now that you know about the prizes, now for the RULES! 

- you have to be following me to enter!! gomen!!

- you can only reblog ONCE, dont spam peoples dashboards is annoying

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