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this. is. wifflekeg.

ok so it’s getting nice out again in middle-america, which means that it’s wifflekeg season again.

what is wifflekeg, you ask?

  • wifflekeg is a game that combines the two best things america has to offer: baseball and beer.

how is wifflekeg played?

  • wifflekeg is played just like any game of wiffleball, with one extra addition - a keg on second base.
  • there are no gloves, and instead each player has one (1) red solo cup. every player must be in possession of their cup at all times, and when in the field, your cup must never be empty. when a player steps up to bat, they must still have their cup on them (some shove the cup in their pocket, personally i hold the cup with my teeth).
  • if the batter pops the ball up and a fielder catches it in their cup, the batter is out and they must finish the fielder’s cup. (if the fielder catches the ball with their hand and not their cup, the batter is still safe. we also play pegs and pitcher’s hand.)
  • once the runner gets to second base, they have to fill up their cup at the keg before advancing. the runner then must finish that cup before they get to home plate, or else the run will not count.

other random rules we had to add:

  • the Brandon rule: if you throw the bat, you have to do a kegstand
  • the Marissa rule (wassup) : if you foul off more than 4 pitches in any at-bat, you have to finish the pitcher’s cup

so basically it’s a bunch of people getting drunk and pretending to play baseball and I DARE YOU TO TELL ME THAT SMH DOES NOT DO THIS WHEN IT GETS NICE OUT.

Te quise como nunca a pesar de que sabía que nada es para siempre.
Te entregue partes de mi aún cuando sabía que ibas a llevártelas.
Te confesé todo de mi aún cuando sabía que con eso podrías destruirme.
Te di todo de mi a pesar de que sabía que tú no dabas todo de ti.
Te llene de tantas cosas y aún así tú te marchaste.
Te deje ir, cuando lo único que quería era que te quedaras.
Te dije adiós cuando mis labios querían decirte no te vayas.
Te ame y te amo aun cuando sé que tú ya no lo haces.


We’ve been threatening to do this for a while, but the tumblr BU crew (@hakunimaatta, @heyfabbro, @oetterbox, and myself) finally put our heads together and made a BU hockey primer so that y’all can learn to love these losers as much as we do. 

Because there are four of us and we’re intense, we couldn’t fit the whole thing into 10 slides for tumblr, so there’s more below. Enjoy!

El primer amor no es la primera persona que te gustó, sino por la que hiciste cosas que nunca imaginaste y nunca olvidarás.

Cariño sé que no siempre tendremos días rosas
sé que a veces pelearemos y alguno de los dos terminara llorando
Estoy consiente de que habrán días malos
Pero cariño prometamos que aún cuando la tormenta este cerca no soltaras mi mano, no dejarás que esos problemas derriben todo lo que ya hemos construido juntos.
Cariño promete que aún cuando estemos al borde de la deriva siempre habrá una solución hacia cualquier situación.

Promete que aún cuando tengamos miedo nos tendremos el uno al otro.
Prometamos una vida juntos cariño.

anonymous asked:

Is there any post or primer of Connor and Andre I didn't even know they interacted outside of the ice sorry I saw you put Burky as Connor first love and I got curious

ah yes! Andre played for Erie Otters in 2013-2014 season and he was close with Connor. just look.

and of course we can’t forget this pic, featuring Dyl

Como seres humanos tenemos la costumbre de cometer errores, como el de culpar al amor cuando no funciona alguna relación amorosa..
“El amor no existe” dicen muchos después de terminar con alguien, El amor SI existe, lo viviste y sentiste junto a esa persona.
“El amor duele” claro que duele, si las cosas no dolieran todo sería fácil, no habría porque luchar, porque arriesgarse
“El amor hace daño” El amor no hace daño, el daño lo hace la persona, no trates de culpar al amor por lo que te hizo esa persona, cúlpala a ella, cúlpala a ella por haberte destrozado tanto el corazón, por haberte hecho llorar todas las noches, cúlpala a ella por todo el daño que te provoco, el miedo que te dejo al no volver a confiar en otra persona, cúlpala a ella por no poder enamorarte de alguien más, pero como somos seres humanos, torpes y ciegos preferimos culpar al amor que a esa persona, pues no queremos darnos cuenta que esa persona ya no nos quiere y decimos que el amor no va con nosotros, que no servimos para eso, que mejor solos, pero eso es seguir en el mismo error. El amor existe y cuando aprendas a darte cuenta que fue esa persona y no el amor, lo entenderás.

I’ve been seeing this stuff all over the damn place lately and was 100% skeptical about using it as a primer. But earlier this week I was in the men’s shaving aisle at Target, waiting for Devin to pick out razors and this stuff caught my eye. And so for $5.54 I figured, what have I got to lose?

I’ve been wearing it under my foundation for the past three days and oh. my. gosh. The hype is so real! I usually have a problem with my foundation looking really cakey in between my eyebrows, around my nose, and on my top lip and it usually wears off on the tip of my nose after a few hours. But when I use this, not only does it make my foundation lay better and look super smooth on the skin, even in my problem areas, but it keeps it on all. day. long. It smells a little manly at first but otherwise, 10/10 do recommend, pick this stuff up next time you see it!

Hey there, friends! People ask me all the time what they should read in the Marvel Universe. I figured this was a question a lot of new comic fans might have, so I’m gonna do my best to put together a little primer.

  • Book: Er, depends on the context. Can mean a single comic, can also mean the entirety of a title.
  • Trade: a collection of several comic books in one volume, like a graphic novel. Trades usually collect 6 books in a single volume, so Black Widow Volume 1: A Finely Tangled Web is Black Widow #1-6. They’re a way to read and own comics after the weekly (or biweekly or monthly or whatever) paper comics are unavailable.
  • Event: An event in comics is a major storyline that involves multiple, usually separate, titles. Events are big and have lasting repercussions on the entirety of a comic universe. Examples of events are Civil War and the upcoming Secret Wars/”Battleworld” books.
  • Crossover: A crossover in comics is just like a crossover in fanfic; it’s when two separate titles have the same storyline or appear in each other’s books.

Okay, got that down? Awesome! Here’s some suggestions on what you should read based on your favorite character. Well, er, the six main characters, because this got MAD LONG and I can’t even imagine doing everybody else who’s relevant in Ultron. Jesus.

ANYWAY. If your favorite character is…

  • and you also love Bucky: The Heroic Age will be fun for you, featuring Commander Rogers and Captain Barnes. Try the Avengers run from this era, written by Brian Michael Bendis. The Super Solider run is kinda weird but fun, too, like virtually everything Brubaker wrote. The art in Super Soldier and Secret Avengers during the Heroic Age is significantly better than the art in Brubaker’s previous runs imo.
  • and you want to know why people ship Steve/Tony: friend, read literally any Avengers run where Iron Man and Captain America are on the same team. But if you’re specifically wondering this, it’s time. It’s time for you to read Civil War and cry.
  • You can probably skip: I’m gonna get murdered for this, but Brubaker’s Captain America and Winter Soldier runs are fun to read for understanding the MCU and if you want a more comprehensive understanding of each character’s backstory, and some weird AF arcs like Bucky fighting a bear with pecs in a gulag while shirtless. BUT. The art is so aggressively Jean Claude Van Damme 90s it’s hard to look at (for me). If you hate that style, you’re probably fine Wiki-ing.
  • and you just want to read about Natasha: As much as I want Black Widow’s title to be written by a woman, honestly, her current run – written by Nathan Edmonson, with art by Phil Noto – is one of my favorites. The art is stunning and it’s chock full of fun cameos. Highly recommend. Two trades are available pretty much anywhere you can buy graphic novels, because she’s so popular.
  • and you want to understand why people ship Nat/Bucky: Welcome to the world of Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier, but be aware that the art is (sometimes) the kind of art where even if you can’t see Natasha’s face, you know exactly where both of her nipples are at all times. Also she spends a lot of this run being kind of a fighting fucktoy and advancing Bucky’s character development. Comics historically have not been written with ladies in mind, y’all. And yet there are a lot of good reasons to adore this comic, and there’s a reason it’s a classic.
  • You can probably skip: Literally anything Greg Rucka worked on. Ugh.
  • Update! Someone has informed me that Greg Rucka did not just work on this pornified nonsense (which admittedly is a different Black Widow, but new fans might not know that) but also worked on a title with Devin Grayson and J.G. Jones that I’ve never read that is apparently amazing. So now I’m gonna read it, and maybe you’d like to also. (Also, a bunch of you have asked why I don’t like Greg Rucka. I really like Greg Rucka! I just don’t like the shit in that first link.)
  • and you want to know what all the fuss is about because Renner’s Clint is kinda eh and you don’t really get why people are so into Clint: All the fuss is about Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run with art by David Aja, which starts with a trade volume called My Life As A Weapon and also is an excellent introduction to Kate Bishop, who is also Hawkeye. People ADORE Clint largely because of Fraction’s run, honestly; there’s some other good Hawkeye stuff, but this one is the best.
  • and you want to see him make some use of himself as an Avenger: The Avengers West Coast run that started in the 80′s is pretty fun, tbh. There are two volumes of an omnibus of all West Coast Avengers stuff, and also some trade volumes. Plus you get a bunch of Wanda Maximoff!
  • Bonus: If you want something shorter and fun, try Widowmaker. It’s got Clint, Mockingbird, and Black Widow, and the art is pretty. (David Lopez, one of the pencillers, is currently working on Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel title.)
  • and you’re into something people have very divided opinions about: Planet Hulk is the kind of thing people love or hate, but it’s been rumored that the movies are going in this direction, so it might be worth checking out.
  • and you wanna see the Hulk destroy some stuff/are really into weird storylines: Yo, World War Hulk is a continuation of Planet Hulk and involves the Illuminati. It’s a crossover event as well, so there’s some fun extra X-Men stuff.
  • and you just want to get your Avengers fix: Avengers Assemble is great for anybody who wants the familiarity of the film characters, but in comic form. It’s funny, fun, and you get an intro to some other characters but it doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • and you suspect he has a drinking problem: You’re right, and the arc where he confronts it is pretty damn good. It’s called Demon in a Bottle and it ran in 1979.
  • and you want to know more about Good Guy Tony: I hate to break it to you, but as Tony is one of my fave characters I can tell you this for sure: Tony Stark is a complicated, fucked up, deeply flawed person; he’s an enormous asshole; he’s selfish and egocentric and narcissistic. But also he has a bunch of Good Guy Tony moments. They are most notable, imo, in the Heroic Age immediately following Civil War, when he beats himself up constantly for being a dick. The Stark Resilient arc, written by Matt Fraction, is super duper good, collected in Invincible Iron Man volumes 5 and 6.
  • and the thing he was trying to do with his suit in IM3 was interesting to you, like what even was that: Totally read Extremis. It’s the arc that establishes Iron Man’s modern image.
  • but you also would like to support a book about a female character: The current Thor title has lady Thor. Dude-Thor makes several appearances. Also, it’s super good.
  • and you want to read more about Thor’s face-off with Thanos: That you can find in Jurgens’ Thor run, starting in Volume 1 and ending just before the events of Civil War.
  • and you want to know how this character came to be: Read Journey Into Mystery, which started as a horror comic and is just as delightful and pulpy as could be expected.


  • and you’re even reading this section:  READ HOUSE OF M, IT WILL CHANGE YOU, feel free to Google for context everyone does it
  • and you want to see her as an Avenger: Wanda was part of the West Coast Avengers for most of her time as an Avenger; start there. If you’ve already got that down because I also suggested it under Hawkeye, please feel free to read Uncanny Avengers.
  • A-Force is an upcoming title that will be written by G. Willow Wilson and Maguerite Bennet with art by Jorge Molina, and will feature an all-female Avengers team.
  • Captain America and the Mighty Avengers is fun as HECK and has Sam Wilson as Captain America, so go revel in that.
  • Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick; Carol Danvers is a BAMF and there’s a GOTG cameo; several trade volumes are available
  • Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson; yo I love this comic so much words can’t even do it justice; two trades are available with the third coming 6/23
  • Young Avengers by Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillan; this is for you if you’re constantly asking yourself who Kate Bishop is, or want more teen superheroes in your life; there’s an omnibus available and several trades
  • She-Hulk by Charles Soule; MY QUEEEEEEN; a few trade volumes are available, and to the best of my knowledge this arc is coming to a close very soon and will be available in total in trades

That’s it! That’s all I got! Remember that there is absolutely no shame in Googling the characters you like to figure out what you want to read, and wiki-ing the rest. Anybody who tells you that you can’t is a dick. Don’t listen to them!!


Pisoteado, adolorido, cansado, decepcionado, enojado mi triste corazón.

Me reprime por las noches que lo deje descansar, que ya no me ilusione tanto y que deje de confiar.
Que está cansado de sentirse tan bipolar, que no quiere más inestabilidad.
Que lo encierre con candado y que no lo deje escapar.
Que lo mate de un disparo mejor si me vuelvo a enamorar.

Mi corazón teme a que regreses de nuevo, tu monstruo sin sentimientos y me destruyas aún más.
Mi corazón tanto como yo tiene miedo de escucharte decir “te amo” una vez más.

Primer, Paint, and Sealant


I got a lot wrong here! I don’t have time to go through and edit/rewrite/relink this right now, but until I do please look at this post from @ohicosplay

I’m really sorry! I’ve made a good amount of props, but I haven’t had as much experience with them as I have other aspects of cosplay/costuming. I did as much research as I could to make up for the lack of expertise, but…it wasn’t enough. Thank you OHI Cosplay for the corrections!


It can be overwhelming to try and select the right kind of supplies for a project, so it’s best to start small. These are some of the most commonly used primer, paints, and sealants for props:

Kinds of Paint

These are divided into two classes (primers often use the same kinds of bases as well):


This is what you should be using. Initially designed as the poor man’s oil paint, acrylic is is easy to use, durable, and has a nice finish when dry. It is, however, more expensive than water-based paint and a little harder to clean (but not by much).

When you buy a can of spray paint, the actual paint you’re spraying is usually acrylic-based.


Poster paint is water-based. It dries quickly, is easy to clean, and cheap. It doesn’t have the same smooth finish and lifespan as acrylic paints, though.


You know that scene in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where he has to whitewash the fence? That was pretty much priming. You’re completely covering up the materials you used to make your prop, blocking out any of its original color and smoothing out the surface so the paint looks the same way on the prop as it does in the bottle.


Very easy to use, provides great coverage, works for several different kinds of projects, and goes a long way. If you apply it in layers you’ll cover up any bumps in the surface of the prop. You need to sand it to make it smooth.

Paper Mache Clay

Requires a little more skill than gesso to use, but allows for molding and sculpting. It totally covers the surface of your prop. You will need to sand this as well.

Paint primer

This doesn’t cover up any bumps; it only blankets the color of the building material. Paints and primers share the same kind of bases (water, acrylic, oil, etc.). You should try to match your primer to your paint, but acrylic primer will work for most projects.


This goes on last and is essential to any project. It makes it waterproof, protecting both the paint job and the material used to build the prop. Sealants range from matte (don’t reflect light, like paper) to glossy (reflect lots of light, like glass).

Modge Podge

Also used as a glue, this sturdy and glossy sealant will become your best friend. It really is one of the best products a crafter can have.

Spray Enamel

Works surprisingly well for how cheap it is. It’s extremely easy to use but will get cloudy if you touch it before it’s dried completely.

Casting Resin

Also used to make props, resin dries very hard, helping add support to relatively weak crafting materials. It’s a favorite for paper-based projects.

With the selection narrowed down, it’s a little easier to choose what to work with. You can find all of these at any craft store.

This is not your problem. You have your own body to deal with. The lamp by the bed is broken. You are feeling things he’s no longer in touch with. And everyone is speaking softly, so as not to wake one another. The wind knocks the heads of the flowers together. Steam rises from every cup at every table at once. Things happen all the time, things happen every minute that have nothing to do with us.
—  Richard Siken, “A Primer for the Small Weird Loves”

Como olvidar la primera vez que me enamore, recuerdo sentir cosquilleo en el estómago, recuerdo el brillo de mis ojos cuando lo veía y la timidez cuando me miraba, recuerdo los nervios del primer beso y el sudor de mis manos cuando las tomaba, como olvidar cuando dijimos los dos te quiero y sonreímos porque lo dijimos al mismo tiempo, recuerdo y me recuerdo siendo feliz, recuerdo la inocencia de los dos, sin saber al enorme barco de emociones que estábamos abordando, esa extraña y hermosa sensación de querernos, extrañarnos, como olvidar y olvidarte, gracias por haberme hecho feliz en su momento, por enseñarme lo que es amar y que te amen, juntos aprendimos tanto, fuimos felices juntos, lloramos, reímos, vivimos tantas primeras veces juntos y hoy, hoy solamente somos recuerdo, somos un suspiro al pasado. Gracias por permitirme saber lo que es amar por primera vez.