What?  Prime….come to his ship?  Oh, scrap.  The thought of that was uncomfortable.  A Prime walking the safe peaceful halls of a Decepticon ship?  Nightmarish. 

“Well, I…”  Caught up in his thoughts he didn’t notice the Prime stepping toward him.  Not till the large servo’s weight suddenly registered on his shoulder.  He tensed, plating crawling at the touch of that servo, as he realized just how close the Prime was.  The last time a Prime had been this close to him was in an attempt to gun him down.  He could still recall clearly the Dark Prime’s gun pointed at his helm.

He nodded his understanding as he stepped back, wanting to be free of the touch and just slightly out of arms reach…..just in case this Prime had any homicidal streaks in him.  Sometimes a split second was all you needed to get out of a deadly situation.

“If I may ask, what is the matrix that it must be guarded so carefully?”

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Do you remember when I spoke about having to make split second decisions because you didn’t have the luxury of time?  Well, sometimes having the luxury of time doesn’t help either.  The only thing worse than making a decision when time isn’t on your side, can be making one when time is.

You have to carefully weigh all your options, all your choices.  Balance the consequences, both positive and negative.  And sometimes those choices aren’t ever easy.  You realize there is no singular ‘right’ answer.  No matter what you pick, someone will suffer.  No matter what you decide, bad things will come of it.  But you still have to choose.  Because choosing nothing is often the far worse alternative.  And people are still counting on you.  They’re counting on you, as their leader, as their representative, or simply because you happened to be at the right place at the right time.

And then you have to live with your decision.  Whatever path you take, you’re stuck with.  And for a while you’ll probably be left second-guessing if that really was the right decision or not.  And you can’t take it back either.  What’s done is done.  But it being done doesn’t remove the weight from your shoulders.  Even if your friends support you you’ll still have that nagging thought in the back of your head:  "Did I do the right thing?“

Whether you did or not isn’t up for me to decide.  And really, judging that isn’t anyone’s call but your own.  You did what you believed to be the correct course of action given the circumstances.  But for a long time, that decision will be stuck with you.  But that’s alright.  It’s okay to feel that way.

It means you’re someone who cares.