primefairy asked:

hey lol

send me “hey and I’ll do this

1. first impression: holy sh i t a really cute guy followed me omg

2. truth is: i still feel bad abt calling you sweetie when it made you uncomfortable and hhh ilu i’m still v v sorry„„

3. how old do you look: 17?????

4. have you ever made me laugh: YES

5. have you even made me mad: hell nah

6. best feature: everything??? cute face???? amazing personality????

7. have I ever had a crush on you: nah bro platonic love

8. you’re my: friendo!!!

9. name in my phone: i don’t have your number„, ;^;

10. should you post this too: yea!!!!!!!

primefairy asked:

Ohhhh like you could do better! How about you stop running this blog and think about what you're doing to these people. It's not right and I don't see why you wanted to do this in the first place. Because it sure as hell isn't making you look good

  1. It’s just a custome.
  2. If they want to get better at cosplaying they have to know their mistakes to grow up as cosplayers.
  3. Ya feel me?