January 16, 2016


We caught a small case today. It was just outside of Lebanon, so it didn’t require a motel stay or even a costume change. Sam came in with a story about the townspeople talking about cows being found mutilated one town over, so we decided to investigate. 

Which is how I found the existence of county fairs. 

I have seen county fairs before, but usually they contained very dreary and tired animals that I would set free. This one was different; it was strictly full of amusement park rides, a strange sweet named cotton candy, and children of all ages enjoying themselves. I must confess I felt out of my element in the fray of people, couples holding hands, children running around. This was chaos. This was life in its prime.

We had managed to track the mutilations to a local witch hiding in the fair, which meant that we had to stay to find the hex bag in the mirror attraction. I have never seen so many odd forms staring back at me, some low to the ground, others tall and snake-like, completely distorting my frame. If it weren’t for the fact that we were on a hunt I would have stayed to see how the mirror worked, but Dean pushed me along until we found the bag towards the back behind another mirror. Our crisis had been averted without causing an uproar. On our way out, a little girl ran up to me and Dean much to the protest of her mother trailing behind her.

“Can you be my best friends?” She had such an innocent voice, speaking to us as if we were her uncles at a family get-together. I was perpetually confused at her words, unsure of how to react. There was no way she could know she was talking to hunters. Why would she want us as best friends?

Dean reacted first, dropping to his knees to meet her at eye level. He patiently told her that we had to leave, but he gave her a dollar to buy cotton candy. Watching the entire exchange, it was “very out of our wheelhouse,” as Dean would say. However it was a nice change of even if we still had yet to find the witch…

Which turned out being the mother.

We are back in the bunker now, having managed to corral the witch without being hexed in any damaging way. The little girl was snapped out of the trance she had been in, so we had to escort her to her very distraught mother at child services. I am very glad that we were able to reunite them.

I did end up trying cotton candy. What a strange sensation to have the substance instantly melt in one’s mouth.



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