Netanyahu: Britain, Israel facing same terror threat - Prime Minister condemns London attack, says Israelis were first to face this type of terrorism - 24 March 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned the deadly terror attack in London on Wednesday, which took place within the security parameter of the British parliament.
In a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office Thursday afternoon, Netanyahu sent his condolences to the families of the three victims murdered in the combination ramming and stabbing attack.
The Prime Minister also wished the 40 wounded a speedy recovery.
Netanyahu noted the similarities between Wednesday’s attack and the wave of lone-wolf terror attacks combining stabbings with ramming attacks Israel faced from late 2015 through the first half of 2016.
“The citizens of Israel were among the first to face the challenge of vehicular ramming and stabbing attacks. We must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the citizens of Britain and the entire civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism.”
Earlier on Thursday, the ISIS-affiliated media outlet Amaq issued a statement claiming the terrorist killed during Wednesday’s rampage was a “soldier of ISIS”.
British Prime Minister Theresa May revealed Thursday morning that the perpetrator of the attack was British-born and had a record of involvement in violent Islamist extremism.
No further details on the identity of the terrorist have been released.

In the early hours of the morning, the night-time security shift at Number 10 was alerted to an intruder on the ground floor. Someone was trying to break into the Prime Minister’s office. They arrived on the scene to find that it was Gordon Brown. He had come down from the flat before sunrise to start work and made the frustrating discovery that he couldn’t get through the locked door…The habit of ringing up at all times of day and night sometimes exhausted the patience of even his most devoted followers. Ed Miliband became so worn down by the demands for twenty-four-hour attention that he once took Brown’s mobile when the boss wasn’t looking and erased his number from the phone’s memory.
—  Gordon Brown’s overworking ways nearly get him arrested.

Putra Mosque- Malaysia

Putra Mosque is the principal mosque of Putrajaya. It is located next door the the Malaysian Prime Ministers office.

It is known for its pink dome, constructed with rose tinted granite. It can accommodate 15,000 worshipers at any time. 

Premise: We’re playing a cold war era spy rpg, and my character needs to “prove himself” before he defects to russia.

DM: Alright. You are now in the prime minister’s office for your debriefing.

Me: I start to give my debrief, then about thirty seconds in, I pull out my pistol and shoot the PM’s bodyguards.

DM: Roll for surprise attacks

*rolls, succeeds*

DM: The guards are now dead, and you did it so quickly that the PM is standing up and backing towards the window.

Me: I go around the desk, grab the PM by the collar and whisper in their ear “Das Vdanya” Before throwing them out the window.

DM: You throw the Prime Minister of England out the window. She does not survive the fall. Congratulations, you have proven yourself to the Russians by assassinating Margaret Thatcher.

Our Scots player that Skypes in every session: DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!