prime time players


This is so nice.

Elimination Chamber Review

Lucha Dragons didn’t win

Titus O’Neil throwing people about 

PTP didn’t win

Divas Championship Match

The piece of shit wrestling fan chanting “you can’t wrestle” to Naomi

Naomi’s reverse hurricanrana and almost kills Paige

Nikki Bella retained

Naomi was the one who got pinned

Cena vs Owens

Owens jumping and turning perfectly on the top rope to do a moonsault

Owens won

Cena moving quicker than shoppers on Black Friday

Bo Dallas vs Neville

Bo Dallas trying to reason with Neville in the the middle of the match

Commentators talking absolute shit in this match

Neville wins

Mark Henry is Rusev’s replacement

Ryback telling Barrett “I’ll eat your ass alive”

Dolph didn’t win

Ambrose vs Rollins

Getting to see Dean brawl

J&J interfere

The ref goes down

Ambrose wins

The original ref is trying to say Ambrose won through DQ

It’s made official that Ambrose won through DQ and Seth is still Champion

Dean refusing to give up the belt so the authority jump him

Reigns makes the save

Sounded like Dean called Roman baby


THANK YOU. For calling out the announce team about not focusing on matches going on and talking about irrelevant topics. Thank you for praising young wrestlers that don’t get the spotlight often. Thank you for acknowledging the achievements of these young men.

Because the announce team and WWE certainly won’t.