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I still can’t believe that these two dorks imported from Transformers Prime are the 2nd pair of canon robots husbands in the IDW comics. They aren’t just window dressing either! There’s a story behind the vain, high speed racer that married a guy who is considered inferior by his whole culture. I want to see it play out so badly!

Knockout and Breakdown are precious and deserve all the love. 

spending so much of my prime socializing years on this hell site, essentially letting it raise me, has had some odd effects to say the least…but going about my daily business and having phrases like “bad and naughty children get put in the pear wiggler to atone for their crimes” and “(to the tune of Our House) Corn dog. In the middle there’s some meat” pop into my head has alienated me from what I thought was my newer sense of self 


This is so nice.
Stand up, Labour – the Tories don’t have the 2020 election in the bag
Opinion has turned against austerity with a sense we’ve been taken for fools. Labour has internal problems, but May’s policies will make the country worse
By Abi Wilkinson

Theresa May is not a particularly skilled politician. She’s evasive in interviews, awkward at prime minister’s questions and visibly uncomfortable when forced to interact with members of the public. She became leader of the Conservative party through blind luck, as her rivals stabbed each other in the back and self-immolated in quick succession.

Politely, you might describe her performance in her previous role of home secretary as “controversial”. Left-leaning and liberal critics thought her policy agenda was inhumane and needlessly harsh. Those on the right were contemptuous of her inability to actually meet any of her stated goals.

As prime minister she’s proving more popular, for now. Her personal approval rating has been gradually declining from its honeymoon period high, a trend that will likely only accelerate once voters get a better sense of what she’s actually about. Westminister political discourse has become so focused on Brexit that other big debates seem to have fallen by the wayside, but this can only hold for so long. Campaigners report that, in the Copeland and Stoke byelections, the EU referendum was already old news. Many local residents consider the issue decided and were more focused on jobs, housing, and healthcare.

A couple of months ago the British Red Cross warned that the NHS faced a humanitarian crisis following the deaths of two patients forced to languish on trolleys in hospital corridors because of a shortage of beds. The news agenda might have moved on, but the problem has not been solved. Conservative and Labour MPs wrote to May urging her to find a solution to health and social care funding and accusing her of failing to grasp the scale of the “immense challenge”.

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You have inspired me to do my own commissions in hopes of improving my art. Do you have any tips for when to post my commission information? I always seem like no one sees my post..

i read somewhere that 9am/1pm/8pm (or something like that) are like prime times for social media interaction and i’ve found that to be generally true in my experience, but i’ve also never taken any marketing classes. i’d say if you’re looking to get really serious about self-marketing, definitely look into social media marketing guides–they’re a thing that exists! there’s books on it, even.

but in general, it does take a while to build an audience, so don’t let it get you down if your first post doesn’t take off flying! just keep trying. and make sure you’re posting samples, too! people want instant gratification; if your commission post doesn’t make it obvious what you have to offer, you lose out on a lot of potential customers. most people aren’t willing to go through a link to see what your work looks like.
Six people stabbed at Jerusalem Pride march
JERUSALEM, July 30 (Reuters) - An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed and wounded six participants, two of them seriously, in the annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem on Thursday, with police saying the

Yesterday in Jerusalem, six people were stabbed in the city’s annual LGBT Pride march. Two of them are in serious condition.

The suspect had recently been in prison for stabbing three people at a Jerusalem Pride event in 2005. He was released only a few weeks ago. 

The same person did this ten years ago, and did it again as soon as he was released.

It was the worst attack in years on the event in Jerusalem, a divided city where the religious population is more prominent than in other parts of Israel and highlighted the tension nationwide among disparate social groups.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it “a despicable hate crime,” and President Reuven Rivlin warned that social intolerance could spell disaster for Israel.

I don’t even have the words to describe how scary this is. Sending thoughts of peace and healing to these six and to the community. 

In the commentary for Transwarped, David Kaye made a comment along the lines of “One thing I noticed when rewatching the series is that Optimus Prime is pretty socially awkward. He is not a people person.” 

I just really like how socially awkward TFA Optimus is. He tends to function in Formal Mode (for speaking in public or with authority), Leader Mode, Dad Mode, and Really Confused Mode. Outside of that, he’s just kind of like “Here. I did the thing you needed help with. Need anything else? Okay. Bye.” 

Take, as a prime example, positioning on Social Security. For decades, a declared willingness to cut Social Security benefits, especially by raising the retirement age, has been almost a required position — a badge of seriousness — for politicians and pundits who want to sound wise and responsible.
—  Paul Krugman via The Insecure American.

If the Republicans hope to be a winning party one day, they will have to eventually drop their outdated social conservative nonsense. They will need to stop acting like same-sex marriage and abortion are major issues that most Americans spend their daily lives worrying about. In Canada, social conservatism is all but dead. Stephen Harper was probably the last socially conservative Prime Minister we will ever have, and that was mainly because he did not speak about it publicly on a regular basis, so for most conservative voters in Canada it didn’t even matter. He was against same-sex marriage, but eventually, even he stopped making an issue out of it. In Canada, even the most staunch conservatives I know are strong supporters of same-sex marriage and allowing women the freedom to choose. These are not even issues in Canada, I have no idea how they are still debated as election topics in the United States! People who are angry that gay people have the right to get married, or are pissed off that women having the right to an abortion, are part of a dying generation. Sure, there are young people who may have an issue with it and assume it is so important that they need to base their vote on it, but in all seriousness, we know that the majority of Americans realize and acknowledge that there are much more important issues. Social conservative is so archaic, oppressive, and frankly something that holds societies and entire countries back! It is dying for very good reason.



Here’s the view from our condo in Puerto Vallarta! Getting everything ready for Electro Beach 2012!! Sammis (our graphic designer) worked on a bunch of the local promo banners/signs this evening, just hours after stepping off the plane. Got to meet a lot of the local staff! Everything is looking great! So excited to host spring breakers next week!