prime sec

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are you two considering becoming conjunx? or is it still too early to be thinking about things like that?


between making up a new government system and solving an energon crisis there is a painful lot of paperwork

OPs note: additionally, Starscream considers a some parts of the ritus unnecessary, or is aversed to them in the least

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Tfp meg after incessant pestering gets introduced to the fam by tfp prime. 1 sec after introductions all the other primes are huddled up whispering (cough trash talking) "isn't he the one doing drugs?" "unicron's blood is in him or so I've heard" "he's not too sane" "TFP deserves better than this" "ah, yes like IDW Meg? IDW is such a gentlebot" "I ship them" like a bunch of old ladies and TFP Meg's jealous streak x9000 and IDW shivers somewhere in a library.

a bunch of ops being trash talking old ladies is great omg thanks ajdgaklk