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Who knew the life of a politician could look this glamorous?

While President Barrack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama defended their title as the most fashionable political couple in the game at the White House’s Canada State Dinner Thursday, newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau certainly gave them a run for their money. Check out the full gallery to see who else showed up to the star studded Canada State Dinner.

searching-for-fantasy  asked:

How much dirt do they have on each other? As in embarrassing stories and blackmail material? C:

Noctis: He has the most dirt on Prompto just because of how often they hung out in high school. Probably the worst incident was when Noctis crashed at his place for the night and asked Prompto if he had any spare towels. Thinking nothing of it, Prompto points him to the closet, where Noctis grabs the most stiff and crusty towel he’s ever laid his hands upon.

Prompto: Prompto takes so many photos of everyone he’s bound to have a few unflattering ones, but for some reason he frequently catches Noctis off guard. As a result, he has tons of photos of Noctis he’s kept secret for prime blackmail material. One photo that especially shouldn’t see the light of day is of Noctis fresh out the shower. Hair: messy, dick: out.

Gladio: Gladio and Ignis both have tons of dirt on Noctis and Prompto, but choose not to make light of it just because of how devastating it would be for the two of them. Gladio is also the only one that knows about Ignis’ unexpected taste in music; he comes back early from an excursion to find Ignis alone in the tent, blasting nightcore from a tiny radio.

Ignis: Ignis has dirt on pretty much all the guys, but Noctis in particular he could ruin if he had the desire to. He consistently cleaned Noctis’s apartment, and that means Ignis has seen every embarrassing magazine and comic Noctis owns. It was one fateful day Ignis decided to go the extra mile and clean under Noctis’s bed when he discovered some… unsavory material. Ignis put the “paraphernalia” back in it’s place and continued about his day best he could.