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Brand new statues from Prime 1 Studio!!!

This is the Macross-line and they look absolutely amazing…mind blowing next level stuff. P1 did it once again! They never stop and they never compromise. I have no freaking idea what Macross is (apart from it being a cartoon/anime) but these statues make me wanna look into it. Depending on their price tag I might actually buy these just because they look so awesome!


Photos credit: CheeThai Chuah

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what was stranger still
was how something so small
could keep you alive

Rose: Sorey what are we doing? Why are we stalking Mikleo?

Sorey: Rose look! The way the light accentuates his features as he gazes off into the distance. The wind gently ruffling his hair while his cape billows behind him… His small graceful figure being complimented by the resplendent view of Ladylake behind him… This is Mikleo with his guard down! In his most natural state!! He’s so beautiful Rose look!!!!

Rose: Sigh… This is my life now…