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April 2nd 1982: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands

On this day in 1982, Argentine forces landed on the Falkland Islands and occupied the area, which marked the beginning of the Falklands War. The war was the product of long tensions over who possessed the islands, with Argentina claiming ownership and Britain seeing the islands as British territory. Argentine forces landed on the islands and fought the British Royal Marines at Government House, leading to British surrender and thus Argentina seizing control of the Falklands. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher responded by sending a naval task force to attack the Argentinians. The conflict killed 649 Argentinians, 255 Britons and three Falkland Islanders, even though it only lasted 74 days. The war ended with Argentine surrender on 14th June, thus returning the islands to Britain.

British prime minister Margaret Thatcher meets King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (1921 - 2005) and other members of the Saudi royal family in Riyadh, circa 1985.

صورة قديمة للملك فهد خلال اجتماعه مع رئيس الوزراء البريطاني سنة ١٩٢١ هـ ، ٢٠٠٥ م..

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Top Five Dan Stevens Roles

Oh my you do ask ‘em! They’ve changed (perhaps) significantly over this year (and there’s still two movies to go…)

This is a personal favorite list rather than some accumulation of critical reviews. I’ll try to do a variety and not just the most recent roles…

All roles that demonstrate  this quotation: “He’s a terrific actor, one of the best of his generation. I’ve seen him in several things and I’m always amazed by his versatility. And he can play characters who seem to have a rich inner life–you always think you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.” [Moises Kaufman, director The Heiress Sunday Times magazine 9.9.12]

And since it’s more fun I”ll rank them 5 to 1

**honorable mentions --David Cameron /Hilde. He speaks fluent German and is charismatic as hell. I love every minute he’s in Hilde. And James Harvey/The Ticket. So damned good.

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5. Morris Townsend/The Heiress – Dan’s performance tried to give MT some depth of character (at least in the latter stages of the play) rather than a one note mustache twirling villain or petty minded egotist who never learns his lesson. I do realize (Jessica Chastain) Catherine’s empowerment–but it’s that much more poignant to me in how (in this 2012-13)  Broadway production it comes at the potential cost of love. I liked that. And besides his perfect period American accent! That scene with Aunt Lavinia with the brandy decanter..! His inability to understand Catherine’s rejection at the end as he’s pounding on the door. I saw it in person. I will always remember it. 

4. Nick Guest/The Line of Beauty–  The raw vulnerability in Nick from the very first time you see him on screen drew me in and hasn’t let go. He’s very observant of the world but gullible. He’s far from perfect but yet despite his yearnings and his innocence, he knows who he is and what he wants–even if what he wants is impossible to attain. It’s that combination I find fascinating.

In E1 The Love Chord. The scenes with Catherine discussing “what’s it like being gay?” The awkward but thrilling meeting with Leo. The scene in the antique shop. The end of that relationship… I love it.

“I could have had her on the floor…” Nick, wasted and bitter, reliving the glorious moment he escorted the Lady herself (Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) onto the dance floor when she wouldn’t given anyone else the time of day. It was –for a moment– a thing of beauty.

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3.  Pre-curse Prince/the Beast/post-curse Prince/ Beauty and the Beast
The movie is about seeing past the exterior and that also counts for the Prince. He’s the same underneath as he was as the Beast– bookish and in love with Belle. So love the Beast yes…but also love the man he grew back into. And love the relish with which Dan plays the pre curse Prince. And admire his commitment and tenacity to do all the motion/facial capture for the Beast. And the singing… don’t ever forget the singing. 

2. Matthew Crawley/ Downton Abbey. My soul mate. Every time I think he’s not as important to me I see something on tumblr that reminds me and I fall even more in love. I love Matthew. He’s fictional but I don’t care. He’s sweet and kind yes but he doesn’t suffer fools and he’s the only one Mary will listen to and restrain her insufferable tendencies.His face is a reflection of his soul. And it is beautiful. Dan creates a full blooded person out of what could have been an average bland romantic lead. And for this I love him 

1. David Haller/Legion. But now comes the time to admit that maybe…just maybe… David Haller is my favorite role. I’ve resisted saying this because I love Matthew so much. But David is just fucking fantastic. He’s scared of who he is…who he might be… what he might become.

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He’sin love with Syd but I suspect that will be tested in ways they cannot even begin to imagine…

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He is complex.  He works with the Shadow King in Ep5– he’s not taken over by it.He’s the one who fights to free himself from it. I needed that to happen. I love that we don’t know everything yet.

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But that’s also why I’m waiting to see with David. I’m waiting for S2 to see just what new crazy shit is brought down on David and how he handles it.  Every gif, every picture, every time I sit down and rewatch Legion I see new things. I get drawn in all over again. Dan is so excited and turned on by this role. By it’s promise to give him free reign to create a vulnerable, sweet, cunning, confused man full of superhuman mutant badassery. 

Bring it!

so there you have it… a classic long rambly love letter to Dan Stevens… :) 

And yes I realize The Guest exists… believe me I do. I was trying to be different… 

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HEY there’s an updated version of this here!

Part 2 here.

Lots of people tell me that politics is boring and irrelevant. This makes me sad. Voting turnout in the UK has gone down massively and lots of my friends (who will be old enough to vote before the next General Election) tell me that they don’t care about politics or that they’re basically clueless. They scarcely know who the Prime Minister is in some cases. I’ve decided to try tackling this with a quick whiz around the best bits of the British political system!

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Ok then, explain: what's so wild about Liverpool?

Ah, I have tread lightly here, as Scousers are very defensive about Liverpool, (stereotypically). Also I’m not the best historian or anything like that, most of this is either from Google, or what I’ve been told in school.

Basically, in the late seventies, we had this prime minister called Margaret Thatcher. She shut down all the mines and ports up in the north, and put funding into the technology research in the south. Therefore, all the miners and sailors lost their jobs and no one had any money and they all had to go on the dole.

Fun fact about Liverpool, it’s an important place for boats, a port, if you will. Like, so famous, the Titanic had ‘Liverpool’ written on it. THE Titanic. One in ten of the people who built it came from the Merseyside area.

See where I’m going with this?

So jobs disappeared. Some turned to crime and such, people lost houses and were moved into council estates, etc. And nowadays, according to the Daily Mail, Liverpool has five of the most deprived areas in the country.

That being said, Liverpool is a amazing city, with beautiful architecture and it’s home to the most outgoing, friendly people you’ll ever meet.

So, even though Liverpool is, as Mama Tea would put it, ‘as rough as a badger’s arse,’ it’s still a lovely place.

And, hey, it was home to the Beatles.

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Lord Buckethead: Strong, not entirely stable, leadership

My name is Lord Buckethead. I am a space lord, and I am running to be the independent Member of Parliament for Maidenhead in the 2017 UK General Election. I enjoy planet-conquering, dominating inferior species, and Lovejoy.

I am the only candidate standing at this election who has personally stood against two Conservative Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher in Finchley (1987) and John Major in Huntingdon (1992). News has reached me that your country is crying out for effective opposition. And so, 25 years after my last visit I have returned to take on Theresa May in Maidenhead and thus complete a historic hat-trick. If Mrs May cannot even defend her own social care policies just days after they are launched, how can she possibly cope against a Space Lord?

My manifesto is an ambitious and progressive programme not only for the good Earthlings of a certain Berkshire conurbation but for the entirety of your nation. It is a suite of policies that have been fully costed and which marries fiscal responsibility with an interest in lasers.

I call upon my Maidenhead rival Theresa May, and that funny Islington chap with the beard, to debate me in public. Failure to do so will be treated as cowardice and a tacit endorsement of my superiority.

America needs its own Lord Buckethead

Happy Birthday Dorothy Hodgkin (May 12)

Dorothy Hodgkin was a Nobel Prize winner who developed the technique of protein crystallography, confirmed the structure of penicillin and vitamin B12, was generally the pioneering figure in the field of X-ray crystallography of biological molecules. Even cooler, she taught Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (who had a BS in Chemistry from Oxford).

((at least 3 important science & medicine people born on May 12))


“Sherlock waits to see where Moriarty will make his posthumous move. One mysterious case in particular baffles Scotland Yard – but Sherlock is more interested in a seemingly trivial detail. Why is someone destroying images of the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? Is there a madman on the loose? Or is there a much darker purpose at work? Something with its roots deep in Mary Watson’s past…”


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Give me a character & I'll answer: Because I know you love him Nick Guest from The Line of Beauty 😉

Oh! Thanks!!  I do …probably too much than is good for me. I will give the caveat that while I’ve watched the mini-series multiple times I’ve never actually read every page of the book (Sorry Alan Hollinghurst–you’re brilliant and your prose requires strict attention and I don’t have that much time any more–) I’ve read parts all the way through so I know how the book differs from Andrew Davies interpretation in the mini-series. Nick is (as far as I can see) more easily sympathized with in the TV adaptation. I want to slap book Nick upside the head far more often for being so willing to go along and bend his morals and intelligence in the essentially impossible search for eternal beauty in every single aspect of his life.

Sigh…  So TV Nick (Dan’s Nick Guest–Be my Guest) is the one I’ll be answering.

Give me a character and I will answer:

Why I like him– there’s just this raw vulnerability in Nick from the very first time you see him on screen that drew me in and hasn’t let go. He’s very observant of the world but gullible to how he wants to see it. He’s far from perfect but yet despite his yearnings and his innocence, he knows who he is and what he wants. It’s that combination I find fascinating. 

Why I don’t– he’s too trusting of those around him. And the results are devastating.

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Favorite episode: E1 The Love Chord. The scenes with Catherine discussing “what’s it like being gay?” The awkward but thrilling meeting with Leo. The scene in the antique shop. The end of that relationship… I love it.
Favorite scene– “I could have had her on the floor…” Nick, wasted and bitter, reliving the glorious moment he escorted the Lady herself (Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) onto the dance floor when she wouldn’t given anyone else the time of day. It was –for a moment– a thing of beauty.

Favorite line–Sally Tipper: They’re going to have to learn, aren’t they? The homosexuals, I mean.Nick Guest: Actually, we are learning to be safe.[silence]Nick Guest: These days we use protection, and there are other things one can do: oral sex, for example, is much less dangerous.
I love the outrageously open way Nick says those lines.  She’s horrifically homophobic –but since she’s in the company (so she believes) of those ‘like minded’ she thought she could say what she wanted. Nick – rather naively believing the Feddens wouldn’t mind– just looks right at her and casually informs her of his gay lifestyle. He knows what he’s doing and he makes his point…she’s flustered and changes the subject… but everyone remembers and it will hurt Nick in the end in ways he can’t even imagine. 

Favorite outfit: ah the ‘80s clothes… 

OTP: Leo

Brotp: Catherine

Head Canon: he lives to see a world where –if not truly as beautiful as his imaginings –then at least one where he could more easily live and find love.
Unpopular opinion: I think this is one of Dan’s finest performance to date. Yes we can discuss lol.
A wish: the ending is open to interpretation. I have my own.
An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: what other folks think the last page means… or the last images in the mini series.
5 words to best describe him:  he’s the most beautiful man
My nickname for him: sweet Nick

here endeth my ramblings on Nick Guest. 

Be Dan’s guest and watch The Line of Beauty.

On this day 29th Jan
  • Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was first performed (1595)
  • Edgar Allen Poe’s “Raven” first published
  • 285 German bombers attacked London (1944)
  • Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty released (1959)
  • The Great Smog hits London, many died (1959)
  • Oxford University refuses to award Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree (1985)
  • Anton Chekhov was born (1860)

The universe is seriously lazy.