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Daily Doux: 6 Fictional Prime Ministers

Francis Urquhart - House of Cards 

Murdered his way to Number 10, but still more popular than every real Tory Prime Minister since Churchill. 

Jim Hacker - Yes, Prime Minister 

As Prime Minister, Hacker regularly battled the true enemy of any elected official - the Civil Service. 

Harriet Jones - Doctor Who 

Everyone, even the Daleks, knows who she is. 

David - Love Actually

Danced around Number 10 to the Pointer Sisters, fell in love with his tea lady and stood up to the Americas. That last part being the most unrealistic part of the entire film. 

Michael Callow - Black Mirror 

Had sexual relations with a pig, something no British Prime Minister would ever do. Well, not while in office, that is.

Baldrick - Blackadder: Back & Forth 

At least he has a plan.