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Breath of the Wild Recipe Guide

The game’s still pretty new so I’m assuming there isn’t a good database for recipes so I’m sharing just a few that have been practically life saving:

Steamed Meat - heals 13 hearts - Palm Fruit, Hylian Shroom, Hyrule Herb, Raw Prime Meat, Bird Egg

Meaty Rice Balls - heals 16 hearts - Endura Shroom, Endura Carrot, Silent Princess, Raw Gourmet Meat, Hylian Rice

Hearty Fried Wild Greens - full recovery, +12 bonus hearts - 4 Hearty Radish, Hyrule Herb

Hearty Mushroom Skewer - full recovery, +8 bonus hearts - Hylian Shroom, Hearty Truffle, Hyrule Herb, 2 Hearty Radish

Enduring Salt-Grilled Greens - full stamina recovery, +1 full bonus wheel - 2 Endura Shroom, Endura Carrot, Goat Butter, Rock Salt

Energizing Seafood Rice Balls - refills 1 ¾ stamina, heals 9 hearts - Stamella Shroom, Hylian Rice, Courser Bee Honey, Rock Salt, Staminoka Bass

Electro Fried Egg and Rice - mid level electric resistance boost 10min, heals 7 hearts - 2 Voltfruit, Zapshroom, Hylian Rice, Bird Egg

Mighty Mushroom Skewer - high level attack boost 4:10min, heals 5 hearts - 5 Razorshroom

Mighty Fish and Shroom Skewer - high level attack boost 4:10min, heals 6 hearts - 4 Razorshroom, Mighty Carp

Tough Shroom Skewer - high level defense boost 9:10min, heals 5 hearts - 5 Ironshroom

Sneaky Shroom Skewer - high level stealth boost 10min, heals 5 hearts - 5 Silent Shroom

Ultimate BOTW Food Guide

Making this list (mostly for my forgetful ass) in hopes that this will help people in their culinary side of the adventure, and as a way to help keep track of what to use in certain recipes. If there is any recipe that I missed, please let me know so I can add it. WARNING: This list is going to be HELLA fucking long. 

Veggies & Fruit;

Apple Pie: Apple, Goat Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat.

Baked Apple: Apple shot w/fire arrow.

Baked Fortified Pumpkin: Fortified Pumpkin shot w/fire arrow. 

Baked Palm Fruit: Palm Fruit shot w/fire arrow.

Carrot Cake: Any Carrot, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat.

Carrot Stew: Any Carrot, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat.

Charred Pepper: Spicy pepper shot w/fire arrow. 

Chilly Simmered Fruit: Hydromelon.

Copious Fried Wild Greens: Any for different Herbs, Veggies, or Flowers.

Copious Mushroom Skewers: Any four different Mushrooms.

Copious Simmered Fruit: Four different Fruits.

Creamy Heart Soup: Any Radish, Hydromelon, Voltfruit, Fresh Milk.

Cream of Mushroom: Any Mushroom, Any other Veggie, Fresh Milk, Rock Salt.

Cream of Vegetable Soup: Any herb OR Veggie, Fresh Milk, Rock Salt.

Curry Pilaf: Hylian Rice, Goron Spice, Goat Butter.

Enduring Carrot Cake: Endura Carrot, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar.

Energizing Honeyed Apple: Apple, Courser Bee Honey.

Fragrant Mushroom Saute: Any Mushroom, Goron Spice.

Fried Bananas: Mighty Bananas, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat.

Fried Wild Greens: Any Veggie, Flower, or Herb combo.

Fruit & Mushroom Mix: Apple, Hylain Shroom.

Fruitcake: Wildberry OR Apple, Any other fruit, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat.

Fruit Pie: Any fruit Excluding apple and pumpkin, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat. 

Glazed Mushrooms: Any Mushroom, Courser Bee Honey.

Glazed Veggies: Any Vegetable, Courser Bee Honey.

Hasty Fried Wild Greens: Swift Carrot.

Hasty Simmered Fruit: Apple, Fleet-Lotus Seeds.

Hearty Fried Wild Greens: Hearty Radish.

Hearty Mushroom Skewer: Hearty Truffle.

Hearty Simmered Fruit: Hearty Durian.

Herb Saute: Any Veggie, Goron Spice.

Honeyed Apple: Apple, Courser Bee Honey.

Honeyed Fruits: Any fruit Excluding Apples, Courser Bee Honey.

Hot Buttered Apple: Goat Butter, Apple.

Mighty Simmered Fruit: Might Bananas

Mushroom Omelet: Any Mushroom, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Rock Salt.

Mushroom Rice Balls: Hylian Rice, Any Mushroom.

Mushroom Risotto: Any Mushroom, Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt.

Mushroom Skewer: Any Mushroom.

Nutcake: Any nut, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat. 

Pumpkin Stew: Fortified Pumpkin, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat.

Pumpkin Pie: Fortified Pumpkin, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat.

Roasted Acorn: Acorn shot w/fire arrow.

Roasted Big Radish: Big Radish shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Endura Carrot: Endura Carrot shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Hearty Durian: Hearty Durian shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Hydromelon: Hydromelon shot w/fire arrow.

Roasted Lotus Seeds: Lotus Seeds shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Mighty Bananas: Mighty Bananas shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Radish: Hearty Radish shot w/fire arrow.

Roasted Swift Carrot: Swift Carrot shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Tree Nut: Chickaloo Tree Nut shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Voltfruit: Voltfruit shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Wildberry: Wildberry shot w/fire arrow. 

Salt-Grilled Greens: Rock Salt, any Veggie.

Salt Grilled-Mushrooms: Any Mushroom, Rock Salt.

Sauteed Nuts: Any Nut.

Sauteed Peppers; Spicy Peppers.

Simmered Fruit: Apple.

Sneaky Fried Wild Greens: Blue Nightshade.

Spicy Simmered Fruit: Apple, Spicy Pepper.

Steamed Fruit: Any Fruit, Any Veggie, Flower, or Herb.

Steamed Mushrooms: Apple, Stamella Shroom, Blue Nightshade.

Toasted Big Hearty Truffle: Big Hearty Truffle shot w/fire arrow. 

Toasted Hearty Truffle: Hearty Truffle shot w/fire arrow.

Toasty Chillshroom: Chillshroom shot w/fire arrow.

Toasty Endura Shroom: Endura Shroom shot w/fire arrow.

Toasty Hylian Shroom: Hylain Shroom shot w/fire arrow,

Toasty Ironshroom: Ironshroom shot w/fire arrow.

Toasty Razorshroom: Razorshroom shot w/fire arrow. 

Toasty Rushroom: Rushroom shot w/fire arrow. 

Toasty Silent Shroom: Silent Shroom shot w/fire arrow.

Toasty Stamella Shroom: Stamella Shroom shot w/fire arrow. 

Toasty Sunshroom: Sunshroom shot w/fire arrow.

Toasty Zapshroom: Zapshroom shot w/fire arrow. 

Tough Fried Wild Greens: Fortified Pumpkin.

Tough Mushroom Skewer: Ironshroom.

Tough Salt-Grilled Mushrooms: Ironshroom, Rock Salt.

Vegetable Curry: Any Carrot OR Pumpkin, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice.

Vegetable Omelet: Any Veggie, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Hylian Rice, Rock Salt.

Vegetable Rice Balls: Hylian Rice, any Veggie or Herb.

Veggie Risotto: Any carrot or pumpkin, goat butter, hylian rice, rock salt.

Wildberry Crepe: Wildberry, Fresh Milk, Cane Sugar, Bird Egg, Tabantha Wheat.


Blackened Crab: Any Crab shot w/fire arrow. 

Blueshell Escargot: Hearty Blueshell Snail w/fire arrow. 

Clam Chowder: Hearty Blueshell Snail, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat.

Crab Omelet w/Rice: Any Crab, Bird Egg, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice.

Crab Risotto: Any Crab, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice, Goat Butter.

Crab Stir-Fry: Any Crab, Goron Spice.

Creamy Seafood Soup: Any Seafood, any Herb, Rock Salt, Fresh Milk.

Copious Fish Skewers: Any four different Fish.

Energizing Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Stamella Shroom, Hyrule Bass.

Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Zapshroom, Staminoka Bass.

Fish Skewer: Hryule Bass.

Fish Pie: Any Seafood, Rock Salt, Goat Butter, Tabantha Rice.

Frozen Bass: Hyrule Bass shot w/ice arrow.

Frozen Carp: Any Carp shot w/ice arrow. 

Frozen Crab: Any Crab shot w/ice arrow.

Frozen Hearty Bass: Hearty Bass shot w/ice arrow. 

Frozen Hearty Salmon: Any Salmon shot w/ice arrow. 

Frozen Porgy: Any Porgy shot w/ice arrow.

Frozen River Snail: Any Snail shot w/ice arrow.

Frozen Trout: Any Trout shot w/fire arrow. 

Glazed Seafood: Courser Bee Honey, any Seafood.

Hasty Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Hylian Shroom, Hyrule Bass.

Icy Hearty Blueshell Snail: Hearty Blueshell Snail shot w/ice arrow. 

Mighty Crab Risotto: Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, Razorclaw Crab.

Pepper Seafood: Mighty Carp, Spicy Pepper, Hyrule Herb, Hylian Shroom. 

Porgy Meuniere: Any Porgy, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Roasted Bass: Hyrule Bass shot w/fire arrow.

Roasted Carp: Any Carp shot w/fire arrow.

Roasted Hearty Bass: Any Bass except Hyrule Bass, shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Hearty Salmon: Salmon shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Porgy: Any Porgy shot w/fire arrow.

Roasted Trout: Any Trout shot w/fire arrow.

Salmon Meuniere: Hearty Salmon, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Salmon Risotto: Hearty Salmon, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice, Goat Butter.

Salt-Grilled Crab: Any Crab, Rock Salt.

Salt-Grilled Fish: Spicy Pepper, Rushroom, Rock Salt, Armored Carp.

Seafood Curry: Hearty Blueshell Snail or any Porgy, Hylian Rice, Goron Spice.

Seafood Meuniere: Any Seafood Excluding Hearty Salmon or Porgy, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Seafood Fried Rice: Hearty Blueshell Snail or any Porgy, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice.

Seafood Paella: Any Porgy, Hearty Blueshell Snail, Rock Salt, Goat Butter, Hylian Rice.

Seafood Rice Balls: Ironshroom, Swift Carrot, Hylian Rice, Staminoka Bass.

Seafood Skewer: Any Snail or Crab.

Sneaky River Escargot: Sneaky River Snail shot w/fire arrow. 

Spicy Pepper Seafood: Hyrule Bass, Spicy Pepper.

Steamed Fish: Apple, Hyrule Herb, Hyrule Bass.

Tough Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Hylian Shroom, Armored Carp.

Poultry & Meat

Copious Meat Skewers: Any four different Meats.

Creamy Meat Soup: Any Meat, any Herb or Veggie, Fresh Milk, Rock Salt.

Enduring Steamed Meat: Endura Carrot, Raw Meat. 

Energizing Glazed Meat: Raw Meat, Courser Bee Honey.

Energizing Meat & Seafood Fry: Raw Meat, Bright-Eyed Crab.

Energizing Meaty Rice Balls: Raw Meat, Hylian Rice, Courser Bee Honey.

Frozen Bird Drumstick: Raw Bird Drumstick shot w/ice arrow.

Frozen Bird Thigh: Raw Bird Thigh shot w/ice arrow. 

Frozen Whole Bird: Raw Whole Bird shot w/ice arrow.

Glazed Meat: Hearty Truffle, Raw Meat, Courser Bee Honey.

Gourmet Meat Curry: Raw Gourmet Meat, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice.

Gourmet Meat & Rice Bowl: Raw Gourmet Meat, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice.

Gourmet Meat & Seafood Fry: Raw Gourmet Meat, any Seafood. 

Gourmet Meat Stew: Raw Gourmet Meat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Gourmet Poultry Curry: Raw Whole Bird, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice.

Gourmet Poultry Pilaf: Raw Whole Bird, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Hylian Rice. 

Gourmet Spiced Meat Skewer: Raw Gourmet Meat, Goron Spice. 

Hearty Meat Skewer: Hearty Durian, Raw Meat.

Icy Gourmet Meat: Raw Gourmet Meat shot w/fire arrow. 

Icy Meat: Raw Meat shot w/ice arrow.

Icy Prime Meat: Raw Prime Meat shot w/ice arrow. 

Meat Curry: Raw Meat, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice. 

Meat & Mushroom Skewer: Hylian Shroom, Raw Meat.

Meat & Seafood Fry: Raw Meat, any Seafood.

Meat Pie: Any Meat, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, Tabantha Wheat.

Meat Skewer: Raw Bird Drumstick.

Meat Stew: Raw Meat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Meat-Stuffed Pumpkins: Any Meat, Fortified Pumpkins.

Meat & Rice Bowl: Raw Meat, Rock Salt, Hylian Rice. 

Meaty Rice Balls: Raw Meat, Hylian Rice. 

Pepper Steak: Spicy Pepper, Mighty Thistle, Raw Bird Drumstick. 

Prime Meat Curry: Raw Prime Meat, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice.

Prime Meat & Rice Bowl: Raw Prime Meat, Goron Spice. 

Prime Meat & Seafood Fry: Raw Bird Thigh, any Seafood.

Prime Meat Stew: Raw Prime Meat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat. 

Prime Poultry Curry: Raw Bird Thigh, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice. 

Prime Poultry Pilaf: Raw Bird Thigh, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Hylian Rice. 

Prime Spiced Meat Skewer: Raw Prime Meat, Goron Spice. 

Poultry Curry: Raw Bird Drumstick, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice. 

Poultry Pilaf: Raw Bird Drumstick, Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Hylian Rice. 

Roasted Bird Drumstick:  Raw Bird Drumstick shot w/fire arrow. 

Roasted Bird Thigh: Raw Bird Thigh shot w/fire arrow. 

Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat: Raw Gourmet Meat, Rock Salt.

Salt-Grilled Meat: Raw Meat, Rock Salt.

Salt-Grilled Prime Meat: Raw Prime Meat, Rock Salt.

Seared Gourmet Steak: Raw Gourmet Meat.

Seared Prime Steak: Raw Prime Meat.

Seared Steak: Raw Meat.

Spiced Meat Skewer: Raw Meat, Goron Spice.

Spicy Meat & Mushroom Skewer: Sunshroom, Raw Meat.

Spicy Pepper Steak: Spicy Pepper, Raw Bird Drumstick.

Spicy Meat & Seafood Fry: Hyrule Bass, Raw Meat, Spicy Pepper.

Spicy Salt-Grilled Prime Meat: Spicy Pepper, Raw Prime Meat, Rock Salt.

Spicy Meat & Seafood Fry: Hyrule Bass, Raw Meat, Spicy Pepper. 

Spicy Pepper Steak: Spicy Pepper, Raw Bird Drumstick.

Spicy Salt-Grilled Meat: Spicy Pepper, Raw Prime Meat, Rock Salt.

Spicy Salt-Grilled Prime Meat: Spicy Pepper, Raw Prime Meat, Rock Salt.

Steamed Meat: Any Meat, any Veggie or Herb.

Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin: Fortified Pumpkin, Raw Bird Drumstick.

Tough Meaty Rice Balls: Ironshroom, Raw Meat, Hylian Rice.

Tough Prime Meat and Rice Bowl: Ironshroom, Raw Prime Meat, Hylian Rice, Rock Salt.

Tough Steamed Meat: Armoranth, Raw Meat


Campfire Egg: Bird Egg shot w/fire arrow. 

Egg Pudding: Bird Egg, Fresh Milk, Cane Sugar.

Egg Tart: Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat.

Fried Egg & Rice: Hylian Rice, Bird Egg.

Hard Boiled Egg: Egg. Use hot springs.

Hearty Omelet: Hearty Truffle, Bird Egg.

Mighty Fried Egg & Rice: Hylian Rice, Bird Egg, Mighty Porgy.

Omelet: Bird Egg.


Plain Crepe: Tabantha Wheat, Fresh Milk, Bird Egg, Cane Sugar.

Honey Crepe: Courser Bee Honey, Cane Sugar, Fresh Milk, Bird Egg, Tabantha Wheat.

Honey Candy: Courser Bee Honey.


Dubious Food: Anything inedible, incompatible, monster parts or two+ items with different effects.

Enduring Milk: Enduring Carrot, Fresh Milk.

Fairy Tonic: Fairy, any Gem or Monster Part. 

Monster Cake: Monster Extract, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat.

Monster Curry: Monster Extract, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice. 

Monster Rice Balls: Monster Extract, Hylian Rice, Rock Salt.

Monster Soup: Monster Extract, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat.

Monster Stew: Monster Extract, any Meat, any Seafood.

Rock-Hard Food: Gems, Wood.

Warm Milk: Fresh Milk.

Wheat Bread: Tabantha Wheat, Rock Salt.

Breath of the Wild - Tips and Odd balls.

- In the Hebra region, Icy Lizstalfos can’t run into a hot spring, and if the fall into one they go poof and gone.

- Moblins throwing bokoblins. Be aware

- The lizstalfos will lick you if you wear the mask to see if your legit

- Avoid sleeping in conquered enemy camps.  If the blood moon comes along you’re surrounded.

- Best places to shield surf are in Hebra and The Gerudo Desert

- Get Robbie’s quests done before you go too far into Central Hyrule. You’ll want to pack a few ancient arrows and weapons to take on a walking Guardian.

- Don’t waste ancient arrows on the decayed guardians, parry the lasers. One and done

-Speaking of parrying, sharpen your skills and it will definitely help against Lynels (just make sure to fully stock your weapons)

-Even if you run out of stamina and drown in a hot spring, you just recover the lost heart anyway.

- I recommend going to the Rito dungeon. Revali’s Gale helps to get along

- Partially start the gerudo quest and don’t infiltrate the Yiga clan if you don’t enjoy the minions coming out of nowhere while on foot.

- You need to get 9 more hearts coming off the plateau to even safely pull the master sword out.

- The master sword doubles its power in the Divine Beasts as well as Hyrule Castle, and helps take down the blights and Ganon.

- Wait to get the Giant Horse till you get 2 full stamina wheels, or get a lot of energizing dishes and elixers, its got maxed strength, but it can’t gallop.

- Climb the bigger trees for eggs, nuts or the occasional Korok

- Using octorok balloons you can make your raft fly, or tie it too some tnt barrels or even bombs.

- Cucco revenge squad can nail you inside a building.

- Cut grass for bugs, rice, wheat, lizards, and the rare fairy

- You can only hold 7 fairies, and having them help with cooking can produce good tonics, but you can’t sell them for a lot of rupees.

- Save the gourmet meat for one of the guys at one of the stables. He pays 100 rupees per chunk up to 3 per day.

-Cook prime meat into skewers to sell for about 200 rupees a piece.

- Beetles can be traded into Beedle for a random elixir, or make you’re own and sell for more.

- Collect wood whenever you can. You’re going to need it when you want to start the quest for your house and also for when you help Hudson build Tarry Town.

- Fang and Bone is useful. Buy all the masks and the Dark Link outfit from him, and occasionally take his stock of monster extracts from him.

- If used correctly, monster extract can give you a low level buff for approx. 30 mins. If you goof up you’ll get the usual food, but it only heals half a heart

- Read people’s journals/ diaries. Lots of gossip and backstory on some NPCs and Zelda too *hint, hint* Also check back to see if they updated it.

- Sparrows give nuts, squirrels drop acorns

- Finding the climbing gear in the shrines will save your insanity while climbing tall, steep cliffs

- Ancient arrows are more expensive than even bomb arrows 

- Some of the Zora guards will kick you if you swing your weapon near them.

- Most gorons are shocked when you break a vase in front of them, The shopkeeper isn’t one of them.

- Save your flint. There is a few quests givers that want flint and will pay you well for it.

-Don’t sell your guardian scraps. You’ll want to have them when you get around to upgrading the runes, and for the ancient oven.

- Link giggles when he jumps on the water bed. 

- The Rito down bed you hear a puff and he sighs then drifts off in seconds. That… takes skill.

- No matter where you are, after about midnight or so, Link will do the bob and weave cause its late.

- Best fauna to farm for prime meat is the wolves, rinos and moose up in the Hebra region, git good with the head shots and run for it before it freezes.

- Wood farming is the best at the Rito stable. Lots of fallen logs, and a entire pine forest for you to chop down.

- Wood and rocks will get you rock hard food, Veggies and monster parts will get you dubious food.

- Purifying Naydra? Pack tons of arrows. You’re gonna need them.

- If you have apples and carrots with other veggies, your horse is able to pick them out from the others.

- Wait to cook your hearty dishes till the night of the blood moon. You get more temporary hearts. 

I’m going to be thinking about Perry Crofte for a while. That he’s an Asian (Canadian) who is not a nerd, was high on the high school pecking order because of his jock status, and is confident.

My initial thought was: they blind casted this character and this generic role that would have gone to a white actor 99% of the time happened to be filled by this Asian guy.

And you know what that did?

It resulted in a Western media show depicting a white woman attracted to an Asian man.

We live a social climate willing to joke about and laugh at jokes that rely on the idea that Asian men aren’t attractive, particularly to those who don’t share their ethnicity.

This is why I kept gaping at Perry.

There’s Mercedes pointing out Perry as some prime fling meat.

There’s Perry without his shirt.

There’s Wynonna putting on lipstick to go see Perry.

There’s Wynonna saying he’s hot.

There’s Wynonna saying he’s getting hotter with his suspicious, mysterious behavior.

There’s Wynonna inappropriately lusting.

There’s Doc acknowledging that Perry might have a chance–and thus acknowledging Perry is absolutely a prospect.

There’s Wynonna kissing Perry goodbye.

Every new step had me smiling. Part of me kept questioning if each stage was genuine because I’ve been programmed on some level to have that skepticism, but Wynonna Earp took us the whole way.

Thanks, Wynonna Earp, for such a pleasant surprise.

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So I have some zora OCs and I'm trying to decide on what their favorite BoTW dish would be. ((I hc that zoras are mostly carnivores (but can eat certain non meats like dogs (which are also mostly carnivore) for example), feasting primarily on fish and other seafoods. Though they have the ability to eat fish raw, I'd like to think some choose to cook if they wanted.)) anyway can you help me out by giving me a list of BoTW recipes w/ fish or some other type of seafood in it? Thanks!

Since I don’t have the game, I did a little research! After a long time compiling, here is the list of seafood/fish and their dishes <: (some have the same name but different ingredients)


Armored Carp

Armored Porgy

Bright-eyed Crab

Chillfin Trout

Hearty Bass

Hearty Blueshell Snail

Hearty Salmon

Hyrule Bass

Ironshell Crab

Mighty Carp

Mighty Porgy

Razorclaw Crab

Sizzlefin Trout

Snake Carp

Sneaky River Snail

Staminoka Bass

Stealthfin Trout

Voltfin Trout


Porgy Meunière - Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Armored Porgy, Mighty Porgy x2

Seafood Paella - Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, Mighty Porgy, Hearty Blueshell, Snail

Fish Skewer - Hyrule Bass

Fish & Mushroom Skewer - Hylian Shroom, Hyrule Bass

Steamed Fish - Hyrule Herb, Hyrule Bass

Salt-Grilled Fish - Rock Salt, Hyrule Bass

Seafood Rice Balls - Hylian Rice, Hyrule Bass

Roasted Bass - Hyrule Bass

Energizing Seafood Skewer - Bright-eyed Crab x5

Energizing Fish and Mushroom Skewer - Stamella Shroom,
Hyrule Bass

Energizing Fish Skewer - Fresh fish

Energizing Fish Skewer - Staminoka Bass

Energizing Seafood Rice Balls - Stamella Shroom, Staminoka Bass,
Hylian Rice

Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry - Hyrule Bass, Raw Meat, Spicy Pepper

Spicy Pepper Seafood - Hyrule Bass, Spicy Pepper

Chilly Steamed Fish - Hylian Shroom, Cool Safflina, Hyrule Bass

Electro Fruit and Mushroom Mix - Voltfruit x4, Zapshroom

Electro Meat and Seafood Fry - Voltfin Trout x3, Raw Meat x2

Hasty Fish and Mushroom Skewer - Fleet-Lotus, Seeds, Hylian Shroom
Hyrule Bass

Hearty Clam Chowder - Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Hearty Blueshell, Snail

Hearty Seafood Rice Balls - Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Hearty Blueshell, Snail

Hearty Seafood Rice Balls - Hylian Rice, Hearty Salmon x4

Hearty Seafood Skewer - Hearty Blueshell, Snail

Hearty Salmon Meuniére - Hearty Salmon, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter

Hearty Steamed Fish - Palm Fruit x2, Hearty Radish x2, Hyrule Bass

Hearty Steamed Fish - Hearty Blueshell, Snail, Big Hearty Radish, Hearty Truffle

Hearty Steamed Fish - Hearty Durian x2, Big Hearty Radish, Hearty Blueshell, Snail x2

Hearty Seafood Fried Rice - Hylian Rice, Rock Salt, Hearty Blueshell, Snail x2

Hearty Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry - Hearty Durian, Big Hearty Radish, Raw Gourmet Meat, Hearty Bass, Hearty Blueshell, Snail

Hearty Fish Skewer - Hearty Bass

Tough Fish and Mushroom Skewer - Hylian Shroom, Armored Carp

Tough Seafood Skewer - Ironshell Crab x5

Tough Porgy Meunière - Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Armored Porgy x3

Tough Fried Wild Greens - Armoranth, Fortified Pumpkin, Ironshroom, Armored Carp, Ironshell Crab

Tough Prime Meat and Seafood Fry - Ironshroom, Armoranth, Raw Prime Meat, Armored Porgy, Ironshell Crab

Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin - Ironshroom, Armoranth, Fortified Pumpkin, Raw Prime Meat, Ironshell Crab

Mighty Crab Risotto - Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, Razorclaw Crab

Mighty Crab Stir-Fry - Razorclaw Crab, Goron Spice

Mighty Porgy Meunière - Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Mighty Porgy x3

Mighty Seafood Skewer - Bird Egg, Razorclaw Crab

Mighty Seafood Skewer - Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle, Mighty Carp,
Razorclaw Crab

Mighty Steamed Fish - Bird Egg, Hyrule Herb, Razorclaw Crab

Mighty Seafood Rice Balls - Hylian Rice, Razorclaw Crab x4

Mighty Meat and Seafood Fry - Mighty Bananas x3, Mighty Carp, Raw Meat

Mighty Prime Meat and Seafood Fry - Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle, Raw Prime Meat, Mighty Porgy, Razorclaw Crab

Mighty Meaty Rice Balls - Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle, Raw Prime Meat, Mighty Porgy, Hylian Rice

Sneaky Seafood Skewer - Sneaky River Snail

Sneaky Seafood Meuniere - Sneaky River Snail, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Fresh Milk

Sneaky Steamed Fish - Silent Shroom, Blue Nightshade, Sneaky River Snail

Sneaky Steamed Fish - Silent Princess, Silent Shroom x2, Sneaky River Snail x2

I hope this helped you decide! ^^


Platonic Winchesters x Reader

1700 Words

A/N: An Anon Request:  Hey. Can you write a oneshot where the reader is about to be killed and needs help, but both Sam and dean save her and are protective over her? They comfort her and stuff? Thanks.

With a grunt, you stared down at your belly, at your gray shirt that was quickly turning black and sticky. Blood poured from the knife wound rapidly, and you could already feel yourself growing weak. Pressing a shaky hand to the wound, you leaned against the wall, sliding down it as your legs gave out from underneath you.

“This isn’t good.” You whispered, not wanting to draw any attention to yourself and the Demon’s that were still in this horrible, rotten barn. Pressing your head back against the wall, you tried thinking of your options, knowing you didn’t have much time before you were in serious trouble. Cas was out of the question. He was human now, and probably couldn’t hear you if you prayed to him. Sam and Dean were in the barn with you, and would be your best help.

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Tell us about the first time Qui-gon brought back a pathetic life form to his shared quarters with his master.

Dooku discovers his padawan’s penchant for bringing home juvenile fauna when they return from a brief sojourn to the temples of Jedha.

In retrospect, Dooku may have strode down the ramp with a little haste, eager to return to quarters for a much-awaited shower; and in doing so, completely missed the fact that his twelve-year-old padawan’s standard-issue pack was doing some very non-standard wriggling.

Qui-Gon, for that matter, seemed all too eager to run into his small room to unpack.

It is only after Dooku emerges from the ‘fresher, hair slicked back to its normal order, tunics and tabards once more elegantly pressed, does he sense it.

A small, predatory pinprick in the Force, mixed with an unhealthy dose of curiosity.

Dooku very deliberately slides open his padawan’s bedroom door.

Jedha, like many desert planets, is home to a variety of natural fauna; but there is only one species that has firmly spread beyond its homeworld of Tatooine and rooted itself in almost every desert planet across the galaxy.

The krayt dragon.

Qui-Gon is so engrossed in feeding the baby krayt a handful of mincemeat that he does not even look up when his master enters.

Dooku resists the urge to place his forehead in his hands. He is descended from a noble line of Serenno. He is above such things as this.

And then he remembers that this particular cut of meat in Qui-Gon’s hand is - stars and galaxies - horrendously expensive Alderaanian prime nerf meat, given to him as a gift after a particularly difficult Senate mediation - and he gives in.

Qui-Gon’s squeak, when he looks up and sees his master standing framed in his doorway, face hidden behind elegant fencer’s hands, is echoed by the krayt dragon’s surprised, croaky roar.

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