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8. A First Kiss (from this list)

(not compliant with dark cupid)

i’ve always sort of thought of mari as being the one with experience when they get older, but the opposite is also an interesting concept, tbqh :3c

“H-hey, Chat?”


“You’ve… you’ve kissed people before, right?”

It was such an odd question that Chat stopped and stared. “I mean… I guess so? Why?”

Ladybug puffed her cheeks at him, embarrassed, and tightened her grip on the string of her yo-yo where it was secured to the next rooftop. “Just curious.”

“Oh… ‘kay?”

He extended his staff and primed his next jump, but apparently Ladybug wasn’t quite done yet.

“Can…” Chat glanced over and was surprised to find her fidgeting. “Can I ask when your first kiss was?”

He shrugged, watching her wind and unwind the string around her fingers in not-quite-concern. “Sixteen?”

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trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Halls of the Mathematician
What you need to know:

A great wizard mathematician is studying the defenses of his tower and is paying adventurers to test his trial in return for prizes.

How it begins:

All throughout the countryside banners and criers are announcing a tournament. A great wizard is opening her/his tower to adventurers: “Come test the defenses of my keep”, the banners and criers state. “I will pay per room and give a final treasure to any adventurer who makes it to the end.”

The wizard can be found in the local town inn. She/he will talk with players if they are interested, revealing only that they wish to test the towers defenses but gives nothing else, wanting the contents inside to be a secret.

– 1 –
The tower is outside of town in the middle of the woods surrounded by three perfect rings of tree lines. It is a black iron building in the shape of a dodecahedron or D20.

  • A - the front gate is an iron door guarded by two iron golems, each holding a piece of parchment.
    Note: the door is magically sealed and cannot be opened by any means.
  • Once one of the players touches the door, the golems speak. They tell the players, in order to enter, they must answer two math questions by writing their answers on the parchment.
    Note: at this point you can give the players real math questions with a timer to answer or have them roll intelligence or a math based skill.
  • Each golem will ask one question, getting both right opens the door. Getting one wrong sends out an electric shock for X D6 lightning damage. Players can answer more than once until they give a right answer, but every wrong answer is an additional shock.

– 2 –
Players enter into a chamber of red marble. In the center of the chamber stand two red marble pedestals, each with a boulder sized scrambled rubix cube. At the base of the pedestal is a plaque with the words, “Defeat my puzzle to continue.” There is an iron door in the back of the room.
Note: the door is magically sealed and cannot be opened by any means.

  • A - once the last player enters the chamber, the door to the outside seals closed.
  • Note: the door is magically sealed and cannot be opened by any means.
  • B - once the door seals, the rubix cubes hover off the pedestals and attack.
  • Every round they scramble with 1-6 sides aligning in color. For each side aligned in color, there is an effect.
  • Roll percentile to determine how many sides become aligned and then roll D6 to determine the color.
    1-35 –  1 side Red – X D6 fire
    36-60 – 2 sides Green – X D6 acid
    61-85 – 3 sides Blue – X D6 ice
    86-95 – 4 sides Yellow – X D6 lighting
    96 – 99 – 5 sides White - blind
    100 – 6 sides Orange – save or turn to stone.
    Note 1
    : give the cubes a set number of hit points and golem traits.
    Note 2: Once both rubix cubes are defeated, the iron door in the back opens to part 3.

– 3 –
Players enter into a circular chamber of blue marble. The room is divided into hundreds of tiles each, having a number from 0-9. There is a plaque by the door that reads, “Finding your way across is as easy as pie.” There is an iron door at the other end of the room.
Note: the first tile by the door entrance will start with 3, from there, there should be a path that winds around the room following the sequence of pi. The path should be at least 15-20 tiles in length.

  • A - Any player stepping or passing over the tiles with the a number of the sequence of pi is safe, any other space delivers an electric chock for X D6 damage.
    Note: do not let players looks up pi, but they are allowed to use their memories.
  • Players must roll intelligence or a math related skills to determine the next number in the sequence of pi.
  • Player rolls will increase in difficulty the further down the sequence they arrive.
  • B - the door at the end is unlocked and will open into part 4.

– 4 –
Players enter into a long hall of yellow marble. The hall is built of a hundred or more tiles, each with a random number carved onto them. There is a plaque by the door that reads, “This is a prime example of my traps.” There is an iron door at the end of the hall.

  • A - the tiles start off with random low numbers carved on them. 2, 3, 4, 7, 15, then increase in size to 100s, 1000s, even up to millions – find prime number tables on the internet, go wild with it.
    Note 1: players must only step on prime tiles. Jumping over any others, stepping on any other tile that is not prime will result in a shock, dealing X D6 damage.
    Note 2: do not let players look up primes, but they are allowed to use their memories.
  • Players must roll intelligence or math related skills to determine if a number is prime.
  • Player rolls will increase in difficulty as the number grows in length.
  • B - the door at the end is unlocked and will open into part 5.

– 5 –
Players enter into a room of purple marble. 6 purple marble pillars stand in the center of the room and upon each one is a fist sized stone shaped into a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, each complete with the corresponding numbers carved onto their sides.
On the back on the wall is a plaque that states, “Roll and accept your fate, but to the greater risk is the greater reward.” There is a metal chute built in the ceiling, no wider than 10-15 centimeters, leading into darkness.

  • A - players must roll the stone dice to receive shocks from the stone and treasure from the chute, which acts as a bag of holding.
  • Whatever number comes up on the dice is how many shocks that player receives. Each shocks deals X lightning damage.
  • D4 - gives X copper coins.
    D6 - gives X silver coins.
    D8 - gives X gold coins.
    D10 - gives X platinum coins.
    D12 - give X gems.
    D20 - gives X magic items.


Once the players reach the treasure room, the adventure is over. The wizard comes out from a hidden door to greet and congratulate the players, rewarding them for their success as promised. He asks for tips on how to improve his tower.
Maybe he will improve his tower, adding more rooms over time, asking the players to return and try again.
Maybe the wizard places puzzles and traps at inns, campsites and roads continually testing the players against her/his traps.
Maybe the wizard begins to go mad with this obsession as the traps become larger and more complex almost to a Saw-like level.
Maybe the wizard turns an entire town into a killing floor, hoping to create the most elaborate dungeon in the world.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

The important thing to remember about this though: don’t antagonize others. The more it goes on, the more it becomes about flinging mud and insults. We’re not here for that.

In all honesty, a tag isn’t that big of a deal. We’re giving ourselves other reasons, that TFP is the last series-specific TF tag, that it’s unfair to make a large section of a larger fandom create another tag…

No, it’s about the disrespect. We’ve been told to scram from a tag we’ve used for 6 years, going on 7. As a friend said before, the Star Wars fandom didn’t kick us out, it just happened. The franchise itself is also, y’know, 7 years older than Transformers and is a much, much larger cultural, worldwide phenomenon.

What the Sherlock fandom did differently is directly shunt us out of the tag. Or at least, try to. They gave no hints of trying to limit the postings in that tag (save for one individual I can recall) and really didn’t appear to empathize with us. Whereas you know if some other fandom tried to take a Sherlock episode tag, there’d be rioting.

The core of the matter is about respect. The response to “oh there’s a lot of robots here huh?” wasn’t why, but “nah let’s trample over it, it doesn’t really matter and they’re smaller.”

I’m not asking anyone who doesn’t want to participate to participate. But this is the semantics and my response is to have fun. Not to insult, not to degrade, but explain the thoughts we - and I - may not have recognized at first and to spread some fun. Can’t laugh and be pissed off at the same time, right?

To everyone in the TFP fandom: do not send hate. Do not get nasty about this. Do not antagonize, do not provoke, do not be condescending. We are here to show our love of a series, show how it impacted us, and prove that we are relevant.

anonymous asked:

Can I get the TFP gang in the Hunger Games universe and reacting to finding out their s/o has been chosen as tribute?

What the heckie is The Capitol gonna do against giant robots, fuck you Snow 

Optimus Prime TFP

He would immediately jump in to pull you and the other competitors out, he’s not gonna stand by while a bunch of teenagers murder each other for the upper class’s entertainment 

Ratchet TFP


Bumblebee TFP

He would round up the team to go bring down the capitol, after pulling you out though 

Bulkhead TFP

He would be horrified, and would pull you and the other competitors out asap, no one is gonna die 

Arcee TFP

She’ll take on the capitol herself, no one is messing with her s/o

Smokescreen TFP


Wheeljack TFP

Snow is dead, the recruiters are dead, the other fighters are dead, no one is touching you 

Ultra Magnus TFP

He would go pull you out, and then organize some sort of plan to fight the capitol 

wrecker001  asked:

Verity looked around then snuck into primes office thinking it was side swipes. she bought out of her subspace a giant version of a whoops cussion and sat it on his chair, "paint me pink while I'm sleeping." she whipped herself then took off with her jets hiding under the desk snickering,

     Optimus walks into the room a few moments later. He has been taking stock for the past hour. With a sigh he walks to the other side of his desk to sit down. He thinks about how glad he is back to be in his office just as he sits.


     The Prime jumps out of his seat and falls on the floor, cursing as it happens. He stares at the chair wide-eyed. What in the name of Cybertron just happened?

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

It’s hard to put the experience into words. I guess the most apt way to describe it is that it felt like Stana was standing in your living room in your own home, playing for and with you. It was a small theater, and she has such a presence that the moment she stepped on that stage, she filled the entire space with her personality. I was, quite simply, enraptured!

She was a little nervous, at first, but she found her stride really fast, and she had such fun!! You could feel her enjoyment of acting, and her energy palpable in the room. The play was very funny, and Stana gave all she had to bring the joy and jokes across to us, but it had real depth, an underlying storyline and scenes that really made you think - a “playful, enigmatic and haunting solo show” (New York Times review).

Without giving much away, it tackles concepts such as authoritarianism, constrictions of freedom of expression, and social conditioning to obey or to punish (this has all been written in reviews such as in the New York Times and thus are not spoilers.) The play perpetually contrasts at times goofy performances or witty humor with quiet, thought-provoking monologs, and in my opinion, Stana did a fantastic job playing these facets of the play. At one point she was so touched by the scene that she was crying (and then so was I.)

She was amazing, you guys! I mean, just incredible. Playful, sparkling, indomitable. It was very unique, very fun, very moving experience that will stay with me for a long time!

Favorite moments:

The producers opening intro stating that “for these two gay guys, meeting Stana was love at first sight!” - and can’t we all relate to that?!

Her bright laughter when she walked out on stage seeing all of us cheer her on.

Her joy with acting.

When she broke off script for a moment to check with us if we were getting it.

She had to repeat a certain section on a ‘deadline’ of 30 seconds and that was one of my very favorite sections of the performance.

When the words “police” and “murder” came up and she repeated it, for emphasis! (you can envision it. go ahead. ;))

Not so favorite - not being the right number, or close enough, to make it up to the stage with her! ;) I had read up on it before that there would be audience participation so I was primed and ready to jump from my seat!! Alas, it was not to be. :)

The above photo of Stana is one of those that perfectly encapsulates the performance for me. See that touch of mischief in her look? Yeah, like that. :)
(I apologize, I do not know the credits for this photo.)

Bawww now im 2-2 in Spatfests.

The only things I gained are 18 sea snails and a hatred against Krakens LOL;

Still, GG Decepticons, you really whooped our butts good.
Amazon Prime price jumping to $99 in the US

Amazon is about to raise the price of its Prime membership service for the first time ever in the US, bringing the cost up to $99 per year, $20 above where it’s been for nearly a decade. The price change goes into effect on April 17th, and those signing up or renewing their service before then will still be able to pay the original, less-expensive price for a final year.

I suspect, that this has everything to do with streaming and nothing to do with shipping. I just worry that soon we’ll hear that Amazon is paying Comcast and AT&T so their streaming goes uninterrupted, just like Netflix. And we all made that possible.