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TFP Megatron and Arcee headcanons?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eeeey my first Transformers Prime request! I’ll be doing only SFW headcanons for the two since it’s not specified if NSFW was desired. If you want, just shoot in another ask and I’ll get to work on that. )


✦ Does the human want to know why they’re the constant target of attempted kidnappings? It’s because Megatron has a thing for them. Clearly that means the best solution to this is to get his servos on the human.

✦ What draws him to this organic, this little being whose entire lifespan will be a mere footnote compared to his? He isn’t sure and that’s what vexes him. Something about the human’s smile and the way their eyes light up whenever they laugh causes his vents to hitch and his spark to ache. It’s a weakness, they are a weakness. A weakness he’s willing to embrace. Provided he gets the human and keeps them to himself forever and ever.

✦ If Optimus becomes the guardian of the human since someone needs to look out for them, considering the attempts to capture them and all, expect the Decepticons’ efforts to get them to double. Megatron is a petty, jealous ‘con when it comes to Optimus and will not take well to the news of the Prime getting closer to his human.

✦ He confesses his feelings in the most overdramatic, villainous way possible. When a competent Decpeticon finally captures the human - Soundwave, most likely - Optimus leads the team in getting the human back. Megatron and Optimus duke it out and are generally yelling at each other, exchanging barbs before Megatron starts talking about how he’s lost so much to Optimus already, there’s no way he’ll allow him to take away his human.

✦ So the cat’s out of the bag and the human is out of the cage after Optimus is able to knock down Megatron long enough to get them and have them escape. Naturally the human is unsure of how to feel about this situation. Not every day you get a warlord to fall in love with you but they also have a warlord in love with them. Team Prime and the human are going to have a long chat about this when they finally escape and Megatron goes back to plotting.


✦ At first the human will think that Arcee doesn’t like them at all with how she’s aloof around them and doesn’t want to even speak with them. Every time they try to approach her for something, she waves them off or hands them over to Bumblebee or Smokescreen. (Sometimes literally. She. Just picks them up and hands them to a confused ‘bot as she walks to somewhere else. At least she’s very careful when handling them.) It worries the human a lot because… Did they do something wrong? They were only trying to help her out like polish her armour and get her energon and little things like that. Maybe she thought they were being condescending or something…?

✦ It’ll take Jack pulling the human aside to explain hahahaha no. That isn’t the case at all. Arcee likes them a lot but is scared of opening herself up again considering what happened to her last two partners. Hearing this will help strengthen to become closer with Arcee, now refusing to let her push them away. She gets frustrated by their efforts, at first, before they start to worm their way into their spark. She doesn’t realise it until one day she sees the human laughing with Raf and paling around with Miko and finds the sound of their laughter beautiful and their smile mesmerising and. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no she caught feelings.

✦ Confessing will have to be done on the human’s part and they need to be serious about it. No joking around, no attempts to pull ‘haha kidding and haha no for real I have feelings for you’ - They gotta show Arcee that they want to be with her despite their differences in a lot of things, that they’re willing to make this work because they love her and want to give her the world since her smile is one of the most dazzling things they’ve ever seen.

✦ Very protective after they officially become a couple. She doesn’t want her human to get hurt and she has Jack to watch out for. Will run herself ragged to protect both of them and it’ll take both humans to get her to not do that. Her human will do what they can to help her unwind and relax when she returns to the base after she’s been out on a mission. Which includes kissing her faceplates and cuddling sessions. Very important stuff.

✦ Loves to flirt and tease their human as their relationship strengthens and grows. Witty banter and a flirty back-and-forth is expected now, to the point Jack groans and leaves the room since the couple don’t seem interested in getting a room anytime soon but no one is really complaining about the change in relationship Arcee has with the human. If anything they’re happy for her. She starts to open up again, starts to loosen up again and Optimus can’t help but watch the lively conversation Arcee has with her human with a small smile on his faceplates. It’s been a long time since anyone has heard her genuinely laugh.

Imagines: Chris Evans - Deal-breaker

A/N: Another angsty imagine, which started when a lovely reader sent me a GIF.  And then I got inspired by the super talented @emilyevanston from her headcanon here, which also reminded me of a scene that I’m currently writing for a book so…I put everything in a blender and here we are :)

What’s going on?

How have you come to…this?

You’re still in your high heels, he’s still in his purple dress shirt.  You can still catch a whiff of your own perfume even though you haven’t refreshed it during the entire evening.  You never got a chance to, simply because it has been such a great date.  Or rather, it was a great date.

It’s your 10th…11th date?  You can’t remember because you stopped counting after your third.  You really, really, really like this guy.  You haven’t told anybody yet, but you’ve secretly wondered if he’s going to be the one.  Time flies by whenever it’s spent with him.  Topics never run out when you talk.  Laughter fills the air every time you meet.

This evening was the same, until…yes, you can pinpoint precisely the moment when your bubble burst.

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Anon Asked:  Hiya! I love you blog! I was wondering if you could do some HCs for (TFP) Optimus, Arcee and Knockout with a dancer!S/O? Like maybe them learning human dances or something?

Optimus Prime

-Humans were amazing beings in his eyes, and you were one of the reasons he felt that way, as to watch you sway and move was to be mesmerized by beauty that was unrivaled by anything else he has seen in his long life. Human movement wasn’t all that different from Cybertronian movement, but you seemed to be much more flexible and beautiful when you swayed like that.

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Ur post abt Jensen irl is delusional he's a dick to fans at cons he acts like he doesn't even wanna be there n hardly talks to people he barely looked at me Jared n misha r the nice ones who actually like their fans Jensen probably only said 2 words to u n u say he's the greatest cus ur an obsessed Dean fan

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So this is a little (a lot) late, but THANK YOU  for two thousand followers. I have no idea how this happened, but I’m so glad I joined this fandom, and so grateful to all the wonderful people who follow me. I have no idea why you do, but thank you all the same. 

Now here’s another love letter to my favourite blogs, starting with:

My Friends

These are the people who make my day brighter not just with their posts, but with their company, hilarity, and kindness. And maybe the odd bit of screaming capslocked insults (looking at you, Shay). First off, my wonderful trashy family:

aubvi - Aubs!! What can I say that I haven’t yet screamed from the rooftops about this wonderful, kind, selfless, hilarious human being? Not only is my trashy mother a badass fic writer (like, seriously bad-ass), but she also reblogs with hilarious tags, posts funny texts and will seriously light up your dashboard (plus she rec’s me all the smutty fics like the good parent she is). Get on that follow button! She’s incredibly supportive when it comes to my own posts, and life in general - I genuinely could not have gotten through the past few weeks without the help of this prime human being, and the two wonderful people below. 

sharingmyworld - I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met such a driven, creative and passionate individual as K here. She knows where she’s going and what she needs to do to get there, and she’ll be damned if she’s going to let anything stop her. I am in awe of her talent as a theorizer, writer, vidder and much, much more. If you aren’t following K, then this needs to be rectified right this instant, because daayum, if the dictionary ever starts using photos, I’ll be mailing K’s in under “talented”, or “insightful” or “creative” or, or..oh you get the picture. A beautiful person, and a wonderful friend. Thanks for being there, K.

arrows-and-fairytales - So I believe this entire affair began when I messaged Gabby here, fangirling about this little beauty of a fic right here, and she came back with the sweetest reply. This girl, as you all may know, is an adorable cupcake of a fic writer, as well as a great friend, selfless individual and unbelievably talented human being. Seriously, what can’t she do? The gifsets are beautiful, the fics unmatched, the theories enthralling and damn but she’s good at photoshop and she can bloody sing as well. Seriously, Gabs, stop this nonsense; you’re putting us all to shame.

ugh-olicity - Oh, Shay, my fellow tumblr-child. You are such a hilarious friend - I have so much fun in our capslock sessions, even if we are throwing insults back and forth like we’re on Jeremy Kyle. Thank you for being great fun, and a wonderful person. Never stop being you, because that person is so brilliant and individual and just awesome.

dust2dust34 - Bre!! Okay, I’m not going to have enough space here to sum up how much I adore Bre’s writing, so I’ll try (and fail) to be brief. Every damn time I see an update in my activity, I fucking sprint to my laptop so I can view the thing in full HD in the hopes of maybe absorbing some of her beautiful words into my own brain and forever keeping them there to be read and reread over and over. Every word that spills from her fingertips is perfectly placed, every piece of smut, fluff, angst or all three just tears itself from the page and rips straight into you like a ten tonne truck…or some other metaphor (it’s Tuesday, okay?) This girl is so brilliant, and a blast to talk to. Get following her!

olicitykisses - Nora, Nora, Nora. My photoshop goddess, my all-knowing, all-wise and all-trashy saviour. Where have you been all my life, hm? So talented and such a great laugh, Nora makes beautiful gifsets which I’m sure you’ve seen at the top of the Olicity tag, as well as reads and recs fanfiction in the most lovely of ways. I’m sure you’re all following her already, so this was really just an excuse to throw some love at this girl, cause she deserves it.

mangez–moi  - Rita!! Where you at, girl? My wonderful, hilarious, foul mouthed Aussie friend. I miss you! We have great chats about Arrow, school and just life in general. So glad I met this prime individual - she’s going places, I tell ya.

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Why I am Pro-Life

There’s a reason we say that rights are life, liberty, and property, and in that order. The reason being, you have to have 1 and 2 to have 3. You can’t have 2 or 3 at all, without number 1.

The right to bodily autonomy falls under Liberty. In order for a woman to have had liberty in the first place, she needs the right to life. She was not aborted as a baby, and therefore had the opportunities she has had today.

Now, when you have two people and one is concerned with their liberty and the other concerned with their life, so long as you have life you can have liberty. When posed with the choice life or liberty, life comes first. Liberty comes second.

Nine months of liberty is the price you pay to create another life. That life then has their own opportunity for their own liberty, and thus can achieve property.

You cannot deny the 1st right, or you deny them all.

A person may have the liberty to choose if they want to kill someone such as in the case of murder, but my rights end where yours begin and vice versa, and therefore your right to liberty CANNOT infringe on another’s right to life.

Or else all the other rights fall from there.

Now in the case of abortion, speaking without emotional bearing, and strictly to the values of the three basic human rights, every human being has a right to protect their life. If one’s liberty is used to harm another in threat of their LIFE, the one whose life is threatened may then defend their life; up to, and including, the death of the life that placed them in mortal jeopardy. 

Now, if you are pregnant, and have a healthy pregnancy, your right to life has not been jeopardized and you have no right to end the life of the unborn as that is using your liberty to threaten their life. They are human beings, and therefore have equal rights to the rest of humanity. This includes self-defense under the law, and through the law.

Any other reasoning to end the life of an unborn is the outright denial that all human beings have a right to life. If not all human beings have a right to life, then they have no right to anything else at all.

Allowing the governing parties an open hole for dispute among which human beings have rights, and which don’t, allows them to use their power to their advantage as it always has been in human history. Prime example being the first legal case of slavery in the United States. (slavery is not being compared to abortion, what is being compared is the way a governing body has, in the past, used our dispute for equal rights against us to infringe upon those rights)

If you are pro-choice, it is completely illogical then to say you believe in equality or in the three basic human rights, unless you believe, against scientific proof, that the unborn are not human. Again, “bodily autonomy” falls under the right to liberty, and any mention of this in support of abortion will have you referred back to paragraph 6 and 7. (Stand alone sentences not counted as paragraphs) Because if a grown woman wants to kill her unborn for any reason, and you support it regardless of threat to her life, then you believe a grown human has more rights than a human in an earlier stage of life. Therefore, you do not, and can never honestly say that you believe in equal human rights. Any denial of this will bring into question whether you believe the unborn are human beings, and if you do, I want a logical reasoning behind why not every human being deserves equal rights; which still leads to the fact that you do not believe in equality.

You cannot believe that every human being has these 3 basic rights to life, liberty and property, and call yourself pro-choice, except in the event that the mother’s life is in danger.

Due to repeated and near identical rhetoric being spammed in my inbox and chatbox, any and all responses to this post in disagreement will be replied to with the paragraphs in which the opposing statement applies. 

I am done with the attempts to sway my core values in life founded on the scientific evidence available, and firm belief in the basic human rights, to assure that the most freedom possible is guaranteed to each and every individual human being without violating the rights of life to another. Remember, life comes first, or no other rights can apply. My rights end where your rights begin, so my life and your life are equal at every stage.

I’m not beating this horse anymore, and I hate chewing my cabbage twice. So this is IT.