prime glass

Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime, First Edition, Dark Energon and Shattered Glass, all given a piece of the Matrix….but what each of them does with it is another story.

anonymous asked:

I just had an idea..... what about highschool au but in shattered glass? :D

Oh my goodness, Anon.

  • Tarn, Overlord, Megatron, Helex, Sentinel and all those other assholes teacher are so lovely, and care so much about their students. 
  • Meanwhile, Optimus, Wheeljack and all the other Autobot teachers are fucking terrifying. Everyone hates going to their class because they bring a whole new definition to ‘asshole.’
  • They torment their students so much, give them too much homework, mark their tests unfairly, and just love to inflict terror.
  • Cyclonus and Tailgate are that asshole couple that no one likes.
  • Rodimus bullies everyone, especially the freshmen.
  • Drift used to be nice but now he’s a dick because he’s hanging out with Rodimus.
  • Overlord is the most supportive football coach. Doesn’t pressure his students at all, and is so sweet to everyone.
  • Misfire and Fulcrum are terrifying dicks.
  • Soundwave has such a warm disposition.
  • Rumble and Frenzy are so polite and well mannered. They never had anything mean to say about anyone. 
  • Starscream is such a nice teacher. Soft spoken, loves his students, can’t get enough of teaching. Encourages his students to come to him if they have any problems.