prime directive bullshit

Now all I want is for an Asgardian history/anthropology nerd to come to Midgard and look at all of the shiny new Stark tech and the bleeding edge S.H.I.E.L.D. OS and they’re practically cooing over all of it.

“I haven’t seen this sort of file system used in centuries!  Why, the last time I found anything even remotely like it, was in an abandoned peasant’s shack in Vanaheim and that had nearly crumbled to dust by the time I saw it!  And yours is so remarkably well-preserved!”

Meanwhile, Tony Stark is in the corner rolling his eyes so far back into his head he can practically see his brain at their most recent updates being called “antiquated” and “charming”.  (It’d be a lot less annoying if they shared some tips, but they’re very strict about No Helping The Mortals Before Their Time and all that other Prime Directive bullshit.)