prime cover


So the Bounty Bots cover is done! Took a little while because I wasn’t sure on the color scheme, but hopefully this holds up. 

I will say, I’m already got ideas for a second chapter for Bounty Bots if this first one goes well. Might involve some certain Decepticon warlords and Autobots jazzy bots, and maybe a swerve here to there. :)

Stay tuned. 

My cover for IDW’s OPTIMUS PRIME #2


It had been a long month for me working on three covers while having school thesis project coming up. I’m glad I made it.

I love Arcee and wish there would be more of her being sexy and badass in the new up coming comic series :)

I am very glad I can be part of the Transformers comic artist!

And thank you for your support all the way since 2011!

There will be two more covers coming soon!


Here’s an unexpected treat I couldn’t have guessed would surface this week. Beloved UK project Bastille has recorded a cover of Green Day classic Basket Case! Apparently, it’s a contribution to the soundtrack for a new Amazon Prime series named The Tick. The punk rock hit gets a stringy lush, brassy towering makeover under the direction of Dan Smith, whose iconic voice is always welcome in my book. Basket Case has never sounded more cinematic and film-ready on this huge 180 degree flip.