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Umineko Ramblings: The Structure of The Umineko Universe

Since there’s a lot of confusion in this regard I’ve tried to come up with a graphic and an explaination on the Umineko universe. Note that there’s no clear explanation about it through all Umineko and that this is a fantasy world so, when Ryukishi created it, he made up its rules.

This is how I understand it. As usual I might be wrong so you’re free to reject my interpretation and make up your own.

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all of the clones, including Dani but especially those that did not make it, deserve some attention, I should think. People used to talk about them a lot (tho not so much about perfect clone, probably bc he was very short lived and it’s hard to say what, if anything, he could feel and was aware of, beyond perhaps animalistic instincts and emotions)

I thought that way, too, for awhile, but even if Danny’s right and all the other clones aside from Dani were mindless, I seriously doubt that Vlad’s “perfect son” would be.

Vlad wanted everything that he felt Jack had stolen from him. Specifically, Maddie and her children (Danny in particular since he was the only other half-ghost in existence, as far as we know.)

Since Danny had made it clear time and time again that he would never join Vlad, this clone was supposed to be his replacement.

Is that messed up? Yes, it absolutely is. However, Vlad would want his perfect son to be able to make him feel loved. To act like a son. This wasn’t some tool. Some half-ghost bioweapon. This was supposed to be his child.

Vlad has a messed up idea of family, sure, but considering the fact that he wanted Maddie and Danny to join him by choice and didn’t want to like…blackmail them into it or something, I doubt he’d be satisfied with a “son” that was nothing but mindless instinct.

Dani was the only one who survived out of the clones, which is likely due to her own willpower. The other clones probably didn’t have that, and I’m betting that’s why Danny figured they were mindless.

But is it really possible that Dani was a more advanced clone than the one Vlad intended to raise as his son?

I seriously don’t think so.

And that means a completely aware child who’d done nothing wrong in his life (since I doubt he was let out of that containment chamber much if at all), died horribly. Onscreen. And this one was not undone.

This is every bit as horrifying as what Vlad did to Danielle, but at least she was able to survive in the end.

And the only people who will even remember that this child existed are Danny, Dani, and Vlad, and Vlad’s probably the only one who will ever think about him. I don’t think the kids would be able to cope if they did.

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Could you pretty pretty please do an edit of the TF Prime crew as the cast of Friends? (Actually it doesn't have to be the Autobots, it could be the cons. Either works! :3)

arcee is so tired

Anyone who is mourning Sherlock and TJLC right now, I suggest watching Hannibal and Torchwood for a queer pick me up. Hannibal has a fantastic slow burn gay romance over three seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in its prime, but the creator, cast, and fans are working hard to bring it back! Torchwood is a queer wonder! Every main character is lgbt. Every. Single. One. It does fall victim to the “kill your gays” trope, but it also features an actual “unkillable gay”, so that’s awesome. Hannibal is on Amazon Prime, and Torchwood is on Netflix. Now go get yourself some love from people who appreciate, love, and listen to their LGBT audience.

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My Autobot casting for “Transformers 6”


Blake Shelton as Cliffjumper

Vehicle Form  - Ford Mustang (Red)


Gabrielle Union as Windblade

Vehicle Form - F-16 Fighting Falcon


I Might Actually Cry ~

The Bumblebee spin off movie will be directed by Travis Knight who also directed Kubo and The Two Strings – which is a FANTASTIC movie by the way – and is very creative and original.
The spin off is also said to take place in the 80’s, so that’s always awesome.

I’m surprisingly hopeful that this will turn out to be a decent Transformers movie and I hope that the writers will take this seriously and come up with a good story to tell. I desperately want a movie with the robots as the main focus instead of being side characters to the humans.

There are so many characters within the Transformers universe that have very distinct personalities, and I don’t know why the writers constantly make up new ones or not make use of the ones we already as fans love and enjoy. I’d personally like to see the following cast:
Optimus Prime
Sideswipe AND Sunstreaker
Windblade (or any other female Autobot, though she is preferred.)

And for the bad guys:

And that’s only to name a few but with a lower budget we can’t expect a huge cast of characters. The fewer the better because it gives more room to focus on the ones that are in the movie. Hopefully we’ll get to see them interact with one another other like we kinda did in the first 2007 movie, though preferably G1. And let’s make this about Bumblebee and his friends and NOT focus so much on the human characters, okay? Please? I really want this to be a good movie that’s successful and is completely different than the ones Bay keep putting out. If not then I swear I’ll get a career in animation and make the darn thing myself.

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I am the same anon about villains & the Diamonds. I enjoyed your response but feel you miss a crucial context - necessity you emphasise. I said the Diamonds are the prime beneficiaries of the castes. Every gem so far served them & faced destruction on rebelling. The system is insidious, but THEY are the ones inheriting power to order death, luxury to value only themselves. A pearl may enforce the system but consider what she risks otherwise!! The Diamonds corner themselves and others pay for it.

Anonymous said:
(The same Villains & Diamonds anon) All life is equal, as Rose Quartz valued it, as our hero Steven values it. And the Diamonds can change, sure - but what of the uncounted lives ruined, ended, and mutilited on their whims and orders. Where is the justice? Like, Pink Diamond reaped what she sowed while gems under the Diamonds faced danger either way. An instrument of evil is no less evil by virtue of not knowing better. The harm is there. Where are the reparations, the healing for those hurt?

Hello again. To rephrase your original ask, it was asking me to explain why I felt the Diamonds shouldn’t be called villains. This ask is very different. The sentiment is “why does it feel like we aren’t we punishing the Diamonds when they’ve done very bad things?”

And the short answer is something I talked about in response to this submission

Here’s the long response.


First, you’re conflating a lot of the Diamond’s behaviour with the behaviour of dictators in our status quo, when the profile has been shown to be very different. The arguments you cite are luxuries, wanton ordering of death, and valuing only themselves.

I find that’s a lot of rhetoric which doesn’t respond to how they’ve been acting in the series and it’s associated with them by virtue of their position and their position alone. It’s a logical leap to assume this is how they behave only because they’re on top of the social ladder.

Luxury: What is luxury to a being that lives forever? To someone who doesn’t need food or clothes or even air to survive? Could you argue that the Diamonds insist on being waited on hand and foot by scores and scores of Pearls and other helpers? Are they depriving the rest of Homeworld precious resources because of the way they’re living?

When we look at how the Diamonds live, it’s absolutely Spartan. As in, bare. As in, they own nothing and are attended by only one Pearl. Do they even travel around with guards? Probably not, because they’re physically powerful as it is and we’re given no indication otherwise. 

The Moon Base is empty. It’s supposed to be PD’s base of operations, and there’s nothing in her control room save for a chair and a table. And you know why the don’t have anything? Aside from never needing it, they’re also busy. They’re running an empire and are incredibly hands-on.

And more than anyone else they’re aware of the resource shortage because they’re managing those resources from a top-down perspective. That’s why Peridot was so surprised YD wasn’t listening to her argument about gem and organic life coexisting, because from all accounts, they have shown to know better. And since we’re on Peridot, let’s go to the second idea.

Mass Wanton Executions: The one time we’ve seen anything resembling a “shattering” was when BD ordered Ruby shattered, which I talked about in the previous ask. Other than that, there’s never been an indication that messing up leads one to being shattered. Again, in Message Received, Peridot confessed to crashing a ship, losing two gems, one of them a Quartz, and then only just marginally managing to check up on the Cluster. That’s such a huge failure on her part. 

YD lets it go. Yes, it’ll be filed on her record. Yes, her manager has to know about it, but YD is wiling to let her go on her next mission right away. Bosses on Earth wouldn’t let employees do that. Bosses on Earth would fire someone who did what Peridot did. 

And after Peridot calls YD a clod? Nothing. When the Ruby Squad appear, they aren’t the least bit interested in Peridot. There was never an order to have her taken down, captured, or shattered. No threats, no hint there’s ever going to be retribution. YD has dismissed her.

You know why? Because actual big people don’t have time and energy to be petty, they have a hundred other things on their plates and settling the score with one person is just not worth it.

And Homeworld is having a resource crisis. What’s the point of shattering every single gem who makes a mistake? Train them. Teach them. Make them do better. That’s a much better use of resources.

This has been said over and over and over again. Homeworld is utilitarian. The goal is to be of use. It’s not a perfect ideology, but utilitarianism was pitched here on Earth as a utopia too. 

If a Pearl were to defect, then she’d run, and the Diamonds wouldn’t be spending precious resources going after her. That’s it. We’ve already seen how that played out in Message Received, so for a moment don’t tell me that every single gem on Homeworld are unhappy slaves to a system they don’t want to be part of, which leads to the next point.

Caring only about themselves: The thing is, you’ve already conceded how the Diamonds have boxed themselves into their own positions. You’ve conceded to how it’s not a fun experience and they’re also suffering. Because in their utilitarian framework, the Diamonds have to be of use too.

Let’s talk about Peridot again. She’s an Era 2 gem. She’s physically weaker than other gems and Era 1 Peridots. But she’s doing the same job, and she’s proud of it because she’s doing her job well. That’s a lot of brownie points in a society which prides itself on productivity.

And you know how she’s able to do that? Her limb enhancers. At birth, she’s given assistive technology so that she can be at the same level of capability as everyone else, so they’d all be equal. And she’d never felt lost or inferior with them. She’d always been able to do her job. 

When do we see her struggle? After she’s lost her enhancers, she was reduced to something like a child, or a ward. She’s trying to cope, but it’s not the same thing and we can tell she’s missing them.

Before Peridot is sent to Earth, a planet that YD only wants to die, they make sure she’s safe and send the Red Eye scout. Then when Peridot reports there’s hostile behaviour on the planet, her request to have an escort is immediately granted. 

None of that is symptomatic of the Diamonds caring about no one but themselves. That they’re actively putting aside their own feelings means that they’re not living the life of endless luxury and pleasure. They’re overworked and busy and expected not to have been affected by the war when it was definitely the case.

That there are gems who saw the CGs rebel and chose to ally with Homeworld, like Lapis, who even after being trapped in a mirror by Homeworld, chose to return to them over 5,000 years later, like Jasper, like the Rubies, who are already far far away and could have just gone AWOL if they were unhappy. There’s a reason why Rose and Pearl, the ones who started the entire rebellion, still call Homeworld home

And I highly doubt it’s because “they’re all brainwashed!” Siding with Homeworld has its benefits. They have an empire that provides for them and gives them a direction in life. To some people that’s unthinkable, but that’s because some people are also used to living in an individualistic society in which we like being able to choose anything and everything. 

Also brought up in this blog, collectivist societies like those in Asia and Africa, where “everyone doing one part for the whole” is something you’re taught since childhood. And it’s a noble calling and considered vocation.

Gems had the chance to rebel, during the war, before, and even after. Those who chose not to definitely had their reasons, and I feel like for many people the only way to paint Homeworld is a withering cesspool where everything the Diamonds say, goes, and everyone else is just a bumbling henchman who gets dropped in a vat of acid once in a while.

There’s a reason Bond-type villains don’t win. Really.


You know what I will concede to? The Diamonds have almost endless power at their fingertips. There is no check and balance for a Diamond. 

And you ask, “but what of the uncounted lives ruined, ended, and mutilited on their whims and orders. Where is the justice?”

But we’ve already established, and you’ve conceded, that the Diamonds can’t just act on their whims. Because as you say, “The Diamonds corner themselves and others pay for it.”

What are others paying for it with? Because following doesn’t lead to death and mutilation. The refresher from Eyeball, Jasper, and Lapis reminds us that the Crystal Gems started the war. That’s why they hold such a grudge against Earth.

What should Homeworld, desperate for resources, with other gems to look after, have done? Let the Earth go? From a ruler’s perspective, would that have been a sound decision? Because we’re given every indication that the resources on Earth are unique. That’s why it could incubate Quartzes. From their perspective, they were absolutely doing the best for their people; they were fighting for them.

So what are they actually sacrificing to remain on Homeworld. A lot of individual choices, right? Just like how the Diamonds do the same?

But okay, like any other gem, the Diamonds have off days, and hurt others. And the scale is larger because they’re larger and have a lot of influence. 

My question is, do you want retribution or accountability? Because those things may overlap, but they’re also very different. Do you want to see the Diamonds punished because it’s satisfying to take them a few pegs down, even though, as I keep saying, all gems perpetuate the system? Or do you want to hold them accountable for their actions? That would mean understanding them, getting them to understand the other side, and then working with them for a long time as they help rebuild what they broke.

So that it’ll be consistent with what you say, “An instrument of evil is no less evil by virtue of not knowing better. The harm is there. Where are the reparations, the healing for those hurt?” Does that mean you also demand the Crystal Gems pay war reparations, because that’s definitely what happens to people who start wars on Earth. Whether or not they won or lost, and Earth won the day Homeworld evacuated. How many Homeworld gems lost comrades because of the war that they didn’t start? How many stories like Centipeetle’s do we have because a couple of gems decided that being themselves was worth the massacre that ensued?


It sounds absolutely absurd when framed that way, right? Because we support the motives of the CGs. But if we adjust our perspectives there are people on Homeworld who believe in their system for reasons too. And I mean that. Look at how Yellow Pearl wields her power over Peridot. Look at how Peridot, Lapis, and Jasper identified with Homeworld and the Diamonds for the longest time.

It’s not enough to keep flinging rhetoric and tugging at heartstrings. Individuals should definitely be held accountable, but the outcome of that is working together and putting their abilities and skills to good use not mindless bloodlust and retribution. You know what prevents accountability? The social structure and the system of stratification that I non-stop bring up when these questions are brought up. Morality in the show isn’t black and white. Rhetoric doesn’t give anyone the moral high ground if it’s unfounded.

This is the PRIME TIME TO BE IN THIS FANDOM. Like there’s so much to be excited for I mean

-Friday 10th (Saturday in America) We have the NYCC where we get a q&a with Cassie and the cast, the first footage from the series, possibly a trailer and possibly an official date for shadowhunters AND LADY MIDNIGHT COVER RELEASE

-October 20th Born to Endless Night comes out with MALEC BABY HOLY POO

-November 17th Angels twice descending is released which is the FINAL tftsa book which I’m sure will be epic!



-And then we have the last hours and the rest of the dark artifices to look wowowow ok I’m not prepared 

After the events of the Super Genesis Wave, no one truly died in the multiversal rewrite. However, everyone who was “lost” during the rewrite were instead pulled into different characters, and, in one way or another, “fused” to other characters, or variations of the same character. Zonic the Zone Cop, the entire SatAM cast, and the cast of the AoStH universe have been fused with the Prime universe’s main cast.

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Hey I have answer robots in disguise Canon to prime or not why we not mention camon or return characters from prime Jack miko bulkhead arcee Megatron and more I like see them come back.

Well I think a lot of us would like to see a few Prime characters return in Robots in Disguise, but season 2 has a few episodes left to go and - no spoilers! - it seems a few familiar names and faces will be popping up in the last few episodes, which ought to lay your question as to whether it’s canon or not to rest. If you’d like to see more of the Prime cast interacting with the RiD crew, though, check out IDW’s tie-in comic, which features the return of Arcee, Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus, and several Vehicons!