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Could you do Yuri in the rink doing A2 towards Viktor that does C2??

Victor’s greatest weakness

Arms at Evo is gonna be lit ⊟ 

Make sure to turn on the audio for this one – shout-outs to Jwong and Daigo.

Arms won’t actually be at the fighting game tournament, but I was too hype over this krazy straw flubber fool to not make this video. His name is DNA Man in Japan (Helix for the West, which is a mistake), and you can see the character’s introductory trailer over here. There’s a lot of new Arms footage from the Japanese Sugo Ude tournament stream last night on this channel, too.

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Brussel Noord by Luc Mercelis
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“The Headmasters” Grand Galvatron vs “Unite Warriors” Grand Galvatron.

I finished the Gold Biotic Mastery finally…

and now we rest

because stealth grid is bugged I’m looking at combat mastery…concussive shot is the only way to get combat detonations…

I need 500 of them

tbh when we all read high school aus we probably picture one direction in their 20-something prime but really they were just

Ballet AU

Okay but now I got an idea with the whole ballet au…

Germany being the hardass instructor that will only take those who have potential under his wing

Italy being a VERY talented young dancer who is determined to be award winning

Imagine Italy approaches Germany first, and tries to prove that he’s worthy of being taught as his protégée, but in the middle of his demonstration, he doesn’t land properly and falls

What if Germany helped him up and told him how to nurse his ankle so he could still dance but still ultimately said “Don’t come back until you can dance properly.” But he said to come back, and in the back of his mind was very impressed.

Imagine feliciano has a recital and Ludwig actually visited because maybe he was a bit too hard on feli….

Imagine him making his way backstage and he’s stared at by all the other dancers Feli dances with, only for him to stop at the youngest dancer there (the prime age of 20) and ask if he would like a private contract…

Imagine Feliciano excitedly accepting, jumping on Lud for a hug (of course to be curtly pushed back by Lud because it’s “unprofessional.”)

Imagine that through their lessons, Ludwig begins to not only watch Feliciano’s impressive technique, but how his lithe form smoothly takes turns and easily raises into an elegant pointe.

Imagine that Ludwig pushes Feliciano much more than his other students because he wants him to be that much better.

Imagine that at a dance contest, Felicano makes first division with a contemporary ballet, his eyes always falling back on his inspirations during the pirouettes, the same blonde he’d been chasing all his life, and as he comes back to meet with Lud, they hug in celebration, and before they pull back… they share a kiss.
Manchester incident: Latest updates - BBC News

Theresa May: This is an appalling terrorist attack

Posted at 2:20

Prime Minister Theresa May has paid tribute to the victims and families of those involved in “what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack”.

‘Carnage at pop concert’

Posted at 2:19

The Scottish Daily Mail has updated its front page with news of the ‘terror blast’ at Manchester Arena

Again, it’s not even clear what happened tonight. But, there’s plenty of political mileage in the meantime, for the ghoulish 😒




Prompt: A demon haunts his newest victim, but said victim is oblivious to their attempt.

Being a demon had never been more frustrating as it was right now.

Now, normally Hanzo would be back in the other realm tending to things that he would take care of on a day bases.

But sometimes being a demon had its brought on the tendency to bring on a hunger that was fed by the mass amount of souls stock piled for him to pick and choose from. 

 still, there was the urge for something fresh something young. Hanzo, unlike his brother, who preferred young men and woman in their prime 20′s because of something that their souls had that others didn’t have that Genji loved. He, on the other hand wasn’t that picky when it came to who. 

He did though prefered energetic souls. 

And that was what you were. 

You had been dancing your way home late one night coming home from work. You bounced, swung your hips, and twisted you way home. Hanzo watched you with a fair amount of amusement as you may your way up the stairs to you apartment. 

He followed in transparent, undetected by you. Your delicious soul was bumping to the beat of the music, shining brighter than any soul he had seen in his extended lifetime.

from that day on Hanzo did his best to get you killed.

For some reason though, you dodged everything he had thrown at you and you were still oblivious to his presences.

Bricks, shoving you down stairs, pushing you in traffic did absolutely nothing..

and as a high ranking demon, it was embarrassing.