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Ballet AU

Okay but now I got an idea with the whole ballet au…

Germany being the hardass instructor that will only take those who have potential under his wing

Italy being a VERY talented young dancer who is determined to be award winning

Imagine Italy approaches Germany first, and tries to prove that he’s worthy of being taught as his protégée, but in the middle of his demonstration, he doesn’t land properly and falls

What if Germany helped him up and told him how to nurse his ankle so he could still dance but still ultimately said “Don’t come back until you can dance properly.” But he said to come back, and in the back of his mind was very impressed.

Imagine feliciano has a recital and Ludwig actually visited because maybe he was a bit too hard on feli….

Imagine him making his way backstage and he’s stared at by all the other dancers Feli dances with, only for him to stop at the youngest dancer there (the prime age of 20) and ask if he would like a private contract…

Imagine Feliciano excitedly accepting, jumping on Lud for a hug (of course to be curtly pushed back by Lud because it’s “unprofessional.”)

Imagine that through their lessons, Ludwig begins to not only watch Feliciano’s impressive technique, but how his lithe form smoothly takes turns and easily raises into an elegant pointe.

Imagine that Ludwig pushes Feliciano much more than his other students because he wants him to be that much better.

Imagine that at a dance contest, Felicano makes first division with a contemporary ballet, his eyes always falling back on his inspirations during the pirouettes, the same blonde he’d been chasing all his life, and as he comes back to meet with Lud, they hug in celebration, and before they pull back… they share a kiss.


Deadly attack on Quebec City mosque

Two suspects are in custody after a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City left six people dead and eight injured, officials said early Monday.

Quebec City police confirmed to ABC News that the two suspects being held are men in their 20s.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the shooting a “terrorist attack on Muslims,” and offered his condolences.

“While authorities are still investigating and details continue to be confirmed, it is heart-wrenching to see such senseless violence. Diversity is our strength, and religious tolerance is a value that we, as Canadians, hold dear,” Trudeau said.

Christine Coulombe of the Quebec Provincial Police confirmed the number of victims and said that 39 others escaped the scene without injury.

Trudeau called the attack “cowardly” in a tweet earlier in the night.

“Quebec is in shock tonight following the drama that occurred at the Center culturel Islamique de Québec,” the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, said in a statement. “My first thoughts go to the victims and their affected families as they gathered for prayer.”

“Quebec City is an open city where everyone must be able to live together in safety and respect,” the mayor added. “I invite all the people to unite and to be in solidarity. Québec is strong, Québec is proud, Québec is open to the world.” (GMA)

Photos: (from top)  REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger, REUTERS/Chris Helgren, Renaud Philippe/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images, REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger (2)

See more images of the Quebec City mosque attack on Yahoo News


“The Headmasters” Grand Galvatron vs “Unite Warriors” Grand Galvatron.


Went out flea marketing today and here’s what I got:

  • Factory sealed Metroid Prime - $20
  • Shenmue w/ Passport disc - $20
  • Elgato and AVerMedia capture cards - $2 a piece

I don’t know if the capture devices work but for $2 a piece? Holy fuck I could not pass that up. Also really stoked to have Shenmue in my collection and the sealed Metroid Prime is always nice to have

Short Guide: King, Thailand and Politics

Who was the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej?

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States in 1927, he was educated in Switzerland, and ascended the throne after his Uncle abdicated the throne, and his brother died in a mysterious death, and became King at the age of 19 years old in 1946, and had a successful marriage with Queen Sirikit in 1950, who was beloved by the people. He was known as the “People’s King”.

History of his Monarchy:

The Thai King Bhumibol would oversee more than 30 Prime Ministers, and over 20 Military Coups and Takeovers, that his presence alone became the unification symbol of his Kingdom during a time Thailand faced many different factions that had different views of how Thailand should be ruled. King Bhumibol became the Nationalistic symbol of unification, and thus resulted himself becoming worshiped as the Unifying Power of the Nation. He would rule the Kingdom of Thailand for 70 years at the age 88.

The Rise of the People’s King:

King Bhumibol was a very influential and powerful figure in not just in Thailand, but in the entire Indochina and Southeast Asia region itself. During the Indochina War in the 1950′s-1970′s, he was a very peace loving King, and allowed and accepted many refugees fleeing from the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge or the Secret War in Laos, alongside accepting Burmese, Chinese and Malaysian refugees fleeing their war torn countries.

This created Thailand as the sanctuary country for refugees, that he is beloved and regarded in high respect not just by Thai’s, but by many ethnicity groups and cultures, and is held in high regards by neighboring Kingdoms and Nations.

The Rise of Thailand in Southeast Asia:

Thailand would undergo huge economic boom in the 1980′s, creating Thailand to become an economic and political stronghold in Southeast Asia, where all it’s neighbors were war torn and drove deep into economic and political turmoil during and after the Indochina War in the 1970′s and 1980′s. Thus securing the success of Thailand and crediting King Bhumibol overseeing Thailand as a superpower in Southeast Asia.

Political Turmoil:

With Thailand still under the Military Junta that ousted the democratically elected Prime Minister, the death of the King that unified the country, the unfavourable Crown Prince to succeed the King, and an impatient population waiting for the Military to step down from their Leadership, Thailand is a ticking time bomb that can be defused, and if left unchanged, Thailand will see many political unrest and instability at the Capital City of Bangkok.

New Nintendo Selects up for preorder ⊟

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The new Nintendo Selects series is all up for preorder, all coming out August 26:

The new Wii U game and amiibo bundles are there too, also subject to that discount before (and for the first two weeks following) their September 9 launch.


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I can’t even begin to explain how much I love Hiro Takachiho and Hiro Hamada. When I first discovered Big Hero Six, I’d just gotten into comic books (it was third grade) and was going through a rough time having just lost my best friend. Hiro became a role model to me in so many ways… Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to hear Big Hero Six was being adapted into a film, especially by Disney; they’re one of the best at handling themes that not necessarily everyone goes through, but that everyone must learn and understand.

I know it pains so many that Tadashi (in the comics, Hiro’s father) past away. But we must also realize and be proud that Hiro is the stronger person despite having endured such pain. I wouldn’t be who I am now, with all my flaws and cripples and strengths and triumphs without the things that shaped me. And I’m certain the same is with you, reader. <3

No, this isn’t a relationship like the previous gifsets. But one must appreciate the beautiful kinship between these two brothers in this film, really and truly.

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