primary weapon system

The Helios Foundation’s Type - 1300V-C1 “Astrobuster” is the premiere powered armor of the space age. In the unforgiving environments of the outer colonies and space itself, no suit provides better protection (sporting supercomposite interwoven plating), and few boast as much firepower (2 primary onboard weapon systems with 1 suppression weapon and 1 sidearm). This platinum grade rig is powered by a hybrid solar/kinetic generator in conjunction with a 30AH Graphene battery. Space is dangerous, but you can be more so. Contact your posting’s defense league for more information. 

The Type - 1300V-C1 is not currently eligible for mass production or distributon😍😍😍Love it!!
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Can’t say enough about this thing, obsessed doesn’t cut it.

What’s on the rifle:
- ARES SCR lower (Fightlite)
- Fortis Night Rail (16" Keymod)
- Primary Weapons Systems CQB Comp
- New Frontier Billet Side Charging Upper
- 16" Ballistic Advantage Modern Series Barrel (5.56)
- ZeroBravo Handstop
- Burris MTAC with PEPR Mount (1-4X with illuminated reticle)
- Carbine length gas tube and DI low profile gas block

Big ups to @violinceofaction for making it happen!



An AR-10 model from Primary Weapon Systems, the MK216 is gas-piston operated. PWS states that its the shortest non-NFA model in their lineup that still has a removable muzzle device. When you combine gas-piston and an AR-10, you’re usually going to enter in the high end price ranges. The MK216 has an MSRP of about $2,500+. (GRH)